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horrorStruckFWIW, no problem here with 1.13.001:57
juegood morning02:14
jueRomster: are we in hurry?02:15
jueRomster: I think we are not, I'd like to hear a comment from jaeger first02:18
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frinnstjoy new firefox02:34
jueRomster: didn't we have a port for the mesa demos somewhere?02:39
Romsterglxgears was in mesa3d port last tilman did put it in there.02:41
Romsteri'm afk most of this weekend. later02:41
juetake care02:43
frinnsti'd like to move the the sothern03:09
frinnstsouthern hemisphere03:09
frinnstsummer is over :(03:09
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jaegerIs there some info about 1.13? Is it part of the stable branch?07:09
jaegerthe announce was kinda sparse07:10
juejaeger: the source tarball is located in the same directory as 1.12.x, but sorry, I dunno how they define the 'stable branch'07:21
mike_k_I wish more people adopt
jaegeryeah, that would be nice08:03
jaegerok, xorg-server 1.13.0 crashes every time I open certain pages in chrome08:28
jaegernot sure what the cause is but it's consistent08:28
jaegerAlright, I got that fixed. Had to rebuild xorg-server and make sure the "dri" module wasn't being explicitly requested in xorg.conf since it doesn't exist now08:58
jaegerI'll see how it behaves today08:59
horrorStrucki guess this is because of util-linux update, did i miss something? TIA10:07
jaegeryou should probably ask #util-linux, no idea here10:09
horrorStruckok thanks10:09
horrorStruck30% are CRUXers in #util-linux :O10:22
jaegerNot a big channel, I take it10:24
horrorStruckBTW, alsa-{lib,utils}-1.0.26 released. a simple version bump is enough. also it would be great to remove python as alsa-lib dep, it pulls python, sqlite3. it's totally optional and it's totally not CRUXy to do that if i may :)10:29
jaegerI'll take a look at them, thanks10:32
jaegerI should get my ck4up fixed10:32
horrorStruckthanks jaeger10:32
horrorStruckfusermount works as root10:41
horrorStruckmtab permissions have changed?10:41
jaegerNo idea on that, I find the whole mtab thing to be incomprehensible10:42
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juehorrorStruck: confirm your problem, looks like the new mount is missing some stuff, here's what I see from configure of fuse ->
jueI tend to build util-linux with --enable-deprecated-mount, at least for 2.7 :(12:38
juetesting if if works with fuse ...12:38
horrorStruckthanks jue . i've asked in #util-linux but it's rather quiet over there12:39
jueyeah, it works12:44
* horrorStruck stops trying then12:44
juethe difference between the mtab entries is the following ->
juelooks like the 'new' mount doesn't write the user= entry12:47
horrorStruckfix confirmed with --enable-deprecated-mount12:47
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horrorStruckdo you think it's a bug or a feature?12:50
jueI'd say it's a bug12:51
horrorStruckok thanks. i'll report your findings on #u-l12:52
juehorrorStruck: great, thanks :)12:52
horrorStrucknp, thanks to you in fact12:53
jaegerI wonder if gcc 4.7.2 is coming any time soon13:50
jaegerxorg-server 1.13 seems to not have any problems since I fixed the config and rebuilt it13:50
juejaeger: same here, 1.13 works fine for me, tested with intel,nvidia and nouveau video driver14:43
jaegerI tested with nvidia and vesa14:44
jaegerThe announce maybe should contain something about removing the "dri" load from xorg.conf if it's there14:44
jaegeror the commit14:44
jaegeryou get the idea :)14:44
juehorrorStruck: as long as real /etc/mtab is official supported, that's a regression IMO14:45
juejaeger: indeed :)14:46
juejaeger: to avoid further annoyance with util-linux, it might be an option to use the old mount for 2.7 (--enable-deprecated-mount) and do the symlink approach with 2.8?14:50
jaegerI don't think the symlink option is viable until upstream fixes things but I've got no objections to the deprecated mount option14:50
jueok, so as a first step I'll make a new release for 2.7 tomorrow14:53
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