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frinnstare there any issues with running the binary nvidia installer under 2.8?03:20
frinnstlots of binary apps breaks with the toolchan, atleast under x86_64 (libreoffice, virtualbox)03:21
Romsteri thougth the snashot or 4.7.1 was meant to fix that03:47
juefrinnst: will try it later with x8603:59
jueRomster: tried mupdf?04:00
Romsternope i got home not that long ago and epdfview works04:02
jueyeah, epdfview is nice, but you've asked for something with less dependencies ;)04:03
jueRomster: any issues with xorg-server 1.13?04:07
frinnstRomster: it's glibc related04:08
frinnst.. i think04:23
juefrinnst: the nvidia driver works, nvidia-settings as well04:30
jue(the later is a gtk program)04:30
frinnsthm, I wonder where the incompabilities start04:32
frinnstI remember that i switched between the gcc versions quite effortlessly on my desktop04:32
frinnstbut also that i couldnt use the crux-iso and run the binaries that resided on my hd04:33
jueFTR, gl-select is broken with xorg-server 1.13, because dri is no longer a module and gl-select fails to move/symlink the libdri.so04:33
jueeven though the nvidia-driver works fine04:34
juefrinnst: that sounds very strange04:36
frinnstyeah, might be something wierd on my desktop04:37
frinnstgod knows i've messed with it :D04:37
frinnstmaybe someone running 2.8 on 64bit could test libreoffice/vbox?04:38
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Romsterjue, before i didn't know of epdfview, i had the other libs other than poppler-glib installed already.06:18
Romsterxorg-server 1.13.0 is working with current nvidia binary driver, little concerned about a few missing libs though libdri but i think it's built in now than as a extra library06:19
Romsterbut then there is some font paths and one $CC var in configure that wasn't evaluated and printed as is $CC than as gcc06:20
jueRomster: yeah, most of the former modules are now built in06:20
Romsteri did gl-select use xorg ; gl-select use nvidia ; depmod -a ; startx and it's all working but yeah it probably wont work well with intel or something..06:21
Romsterwith the config errors i was thinking of waiting for xorg-server 0.13.106:21
juehmm, you should have seen the gl-select error?06:22
Romsteri had xorg-server crash once when i pasued a movie in xine dunno what happend there, no more crashes since that06:22
Romstersudo gl-select use xorg ; sudo gl-select use nvidia06:24
Romster* xorg gl/glx selected06:24
Romster* nvidia gl/glx selected06:24
Romsterno error displayed but i probably have dangiling symlinks for dri06:24
Romsterto xorg-server06:24
Romsterbut since i'm using nvidia bianry blob that don't matter to me.06:24
Romsteri had issues with gl-select with i converted form 32bit to multilib too.06:25
Romsterhad to manually rm the backup file, but that was along time ago now.06:25
Romsteri probably still have them libs backed up with gl-select from xorg-server 0.12.406:26
Romsterthis being able to use multiple gpu's has me excited ig ot two identical gpu cards in this pc.06:27
Romsterbe some time yet before it'll be usable though06:27
jueas I said above, the problme is that gl-select tries to move/symling which doesn't exist with xorg-server 1.1306:28
Romsteri haven't got any intel to test here with xorg-sever with gl-select06:29
Romsterso why am i not seeing an error06:29
frinnstwhut? jue's on nvidia :)06:30
frinnstand what function would gl-select have with intel?06:31
juenothing, there's only xorg, nvidia and ati06:31
Romsteri have backed up files like is aid earlier from xorg-server 0.12.4 /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/ libdri_so libglx_so /usr/lib/ libGL_so_1_2 libGL_so_1_2_nvidia06:32
jueyou've to use 'gl-select use xorg' for intel06:32
Romsters/is aid/i said06:32
frinnstso, you are moving old files about then06:32
jueRomster: yeah, that's the reason06:32
frinnstwould generate jue's error if it was a fresh install, i guess06:32
juefrinnst: for sure06:33
Romsteryep that's what i was trying to explain, sorry if i'm not clear enough.06:34
Romsteri haven't poked at why configure does not parse some vars.06:34
Romsterchecking for default font path... ${FONTROOTDIR}/misc/,${FONTROOTDIR}/TTF/,${FONTROOTDIR}/OTF/,${FONTROOTDIR}/Type1/,${FONTROOTDIR}/100dpi/,${FONTROOTDIR}/75dpi/06:34
Romsterwould gl-select and intel nvidia stuff work if oyu just nuked the lines doing libdri ?06:36
juefrinnst: mostly nouveau, but I'm still the nvidia maintainer ...06:38
jueRomster: gl-select still works, but the error message isn't that nice06:39
Romsteri'd like to use nouveau but i dunno how good it is now last time i tried it over 6 months i failed miserably.06:39
Romsterwouldn't even support any cards above 9000 series06:39
Romstercheck xorg-server version and do operate stuff based on if under or over said version?06:40
jueyes, that would work06:40
Romsterbut might be ugly, i know you like to not complicate matters.06:42
Romsterthough i'm not keen to push this xorg-server personally until them configure bugs are fixed. but i'm happy to run it locally and do more testing06:43
Romsteralso a few headers new/missing might break other ports not tested any of that yet either.06:43
juewell, the gl-select issue isn't trivial to solve, if someone has selected nvidia or ati at update time to 1.13 the old libdri_so from 1.12 is hanging around06:45
jueso you have to switch to xorg first, do the update and reselect nvidia/ati after that06:46
Romsterconverting from 32bit to 64bit is also problematic with gl-select as well.06:47
Romsterisn't alot that can be done but to rm the backup files and reinstall them affected drivers and xorg-server afaik, or that's how i fixed my problems when i converted to multilib.06:48
Romsterhad me stumped for a bit until i did file .... oh crap 32bit. .. winner.. need 64bit. wont copy it as 32bit file already existed.06:48
Romsterif two birds can be killed with 1 stone to solve both problems at the same time, would be neat.06:49
Romsteri haven't dug in that to see what could be done about it.06:49
Romsterthat makes sense but i didn't do that when i updated. probably my mistake there.06:55
frinnstyuck, ugly package-hacks to install virtualbox from source06:56
frinnstlosts of broken dependencies on 2.8/x86_6406:56
Romsterhmm might be past KISS but you could use gl-select status to get the value switch back to xorg install ports switch back to said driver in post-install of said video driver.... too ugly though06:57
frinnst/usr/ports/contrib/virtualbox/work/src/VirtualBox-4.1.16/src/VBox/Runtime/r0drv/linux/memobj-r0drv-linux.c:1150:9: error: implicit declaration of function 'do_mmap' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]06:57
Romsterprobably best just having a README and if you didn't do that use rm.... to remove them stale files.06:57
frinnstscrew it, maybe I should do what they pay me for instead ;)06:57
jaegerwhat do you mean by "converting from 32bit to 64bit" regarding gl-select? there's no "conversion" necessary, the libs are in the same paths08:15
jaegerunless you did something crazy like install 64bit packages over a 32bit system08:15
jueheyo jaeger :)08:19
jaegergood morning08:19
jaegerI just saw your comment above about converting, I guess that's exactly what you did08:21
jaegerwhich explains the problem08:21
juejaeger: any ideas wrt the libdri_so issue? It's not a big problem at all, because it doesn't hurt to move the unused lib around, but it's not nice.08:38
jaegerI'm not sure I understand what the issue is08:38
jaegerIf the lib no longer exists, why don't we just remove its logic from gl-select?08:39
jueif you have selected nvidia or ati at update-time to 1.13 you don't have but a libdri_so crreated by gl-select. So pkgadd doesn't remove libdri.so08:40
jaegerperhaps a post-install script that checks for its existence and removes it?08:40
jueif you use 'gl-select use xorg' after that, gl-select moves libdri_so back to libdri.so08:41
juebut that doesn't matter because xorg-server doesn't use it08:42
jueyeah, post-install seems the best solution, I thought a bit about a new 1.12.x release with an added dummy-file libdri_so, but that's a ugly hack08:45
jaegeryeah, not ideal =/08:46
Romsterjaeger, yes i installed multilib/64bits over a 32bitsystem ages ago and hit a snag on gl-select back then too.08:57
jaegeryeah, it would be expected in that case08:59
Romsterthinking is the best time to solve both problems so when the masses go to 64bit they don't hit the issue i hit. unless you all just think i'm crazy. :D08:59
jaegerI think it's more likely that people will install a clean 64-bit install than try to upgrade a 32-bit install to 64-bit08:59
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juefrinnst: .oO new btrfs-progs -> 2012090410:03
frinnstbut the feature i want should be missing from that10:32
frinnst[   12.242301] btrfs: bdev /dev/sdd errs: wr 10, rd 66, flush 0, corrupt 0, gen 010:32
frinnstlists detected errors during the drives lifetime10:32
frinnstseems the issues I had with that drive was resolved with a firmware update10:33
frinnstbut would be nifty to reset the errors.. would be easier to detect new ones10:33
frinnstbut alas, maybe with the next commit :)10:33
frinnst btrfs qgroup \o/10:34
frinnstSubject: [oss-security] Multiple SQL injections in MySQL/MariaDB10:35
frinnst\o/ ?10:35
juelooks like our 5.5.27 is not affected?10:38
jueno, only the maria is fixed10:41
juehere's a complete description ->
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