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jueRFC: symlink /etc/mtab to /proc/self/mounts05:29
juethe biggest advantage I see if we do that with 2.8 is, that we can simplify our /etc/rc05:30
juethe whole mounting with -n and remounting to write to /ect/mtab etc. is not necessary if we use kernels mtab05:31
jueI've tested it on my laptop, the diff for /etc/rc is here ->
jueadditionally I've removed the entries for /proc and /sys from /etc/fstab05:32
* horrorStruck knows he's not a dev but he'd +1 this anyway05:36
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horrorStruckjue: OK, did the switch too. good news is, as expected, it solved the fuse issue I had with util-linux-ng07:32
jueyou're following my discussion with kzak in #util-linux?07:34
horrorStrucknope but i will now07:40
frinnstjue yeah I did that too07:49
horrorStruckjue: thanks for helping with my issue on #u-l07:49
frinnstbiggest "drawback" (or, feature) as users will see is probably the extra crap that gets displayed with "mount"07:49
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juesepen: your mount problem is fixed :)08:02
jaegerjue: did you find anything that says the symlink is the proper way to go?08:14
jaegerI've got no objections if it's the right way but nobody seems to know for sure08:14
juejaeger: no, but I didn't searched a lot about that issue08:25
jaegerin my experience searching won't yield much useful info in this area08:26
jaegerdoes the u-l guy have any input on that?08:26
juehmm, no idea08:27
horrorStrucki just asked08:38
horrorStruck·20:40·  kzak - horrorStruck: libmount (and mount) supports regular mtab. The current mainstream distros usually use symlink, because it's compatible with systemd and mount namespaces. The kernel is able to  provide per namespace /proc/mounts, regular mtab is shared between all processes and namespaces (it also means that you have to lock mtab before update).08:41
jaegerthat doesn't really answer the question, except to say that either way works depending on whether or not you use systemd08:44
jaegeror am I reading that wrong?08:44
horrorStruck·20:46·  kzak - horrorStruck: and in userspace we don't have all necessary information (for example you can mount read-write nfs, but the node on server is exported read-only then kernel will mount it read-only  -- the result is 'rw' in mtab, 'ro' in /proc/mounts)08:51
horrorStruckjaeger: frankly, this is not an area I'm confortable with at all, just copy/pasting08:52
jaegerI guess the takeaway is that we should just pick a method that works for crux and go with it because there's no "correct" answer08:54
horrorStruckbut it doesnt seem like a "systemd only" approach08:54
jueI tend to lean against the symlink approach because the 'mount -n foo ; unmout foo ; mount foo' steps in our /etc/rc are not very nice IMO09:00
horrorStruckbut simplifying rc and having the job done by the kernel sound like good things. also, it solved an issue i was having but this is working with regular mtab now anyway (well, next release)09:00
jaegeryou guys have done more research on it than I have, I will defer to your opinions here09:00
juebut as frinnst said:09:01
jue14:49 < frinnst> biggest "drawback" (or, feature) as users will see is probably the extra crap that gets displayed with "mount"09:01
sepenjue: sorry I was out09:22
sepenjue: ohhh I see
sepen"libmount: segfaults if neither..."09:24
sepenthanks jue ;)09:24
juesepen: np, thanks for your report09:25
sepenI wish I had been the time to do it, but nowadays I'm a bit busy at home to concentrate on something09:33
sepento have my girlfriend near is less productive than the boss ;)09:38
jaegerhrmm... chrome's new pepperflash stuff doesn't agree with twinview09:38
jaegercan only see half of a fullscreen flash window :P09:39
sepenjaeger: no stable updates so far
jaegerI wonder if I can use adobe flash in it still or if they've removed that ability09:43
jaegerlooks like the answer is yes and it was easy to do09:47
sepenjaeger: do you know about chrome://flags/ ?09:48
jaegerI've looked there, don't know a lot about it09:49
sepenyeah too many options to crash your browser :)09:52
horrorStrucksepen: not using chromium myself but it seems there's a newer release
sepenhorrorStruck: thanks I forgot this one09:55
sepenI moved all my dev stuff from the office to home, now I'm still finishing that migration09:55
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