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jaegershould get my raspberry pi tomorrow09:02
jaegerthough I'll have to wait a bit longer for the case and SD card09:03
frinnsthaha awesome. getting snmp traffic from an internal ipaddress nobody recognizes09:25
frinnsttook 15minutes to figure out what the server did :D09:26
frinnstanybody know a good tool for writing infrastructure documentation? :D09:26
jaegermost of ours is in mediawiki09:29
frinnstwe currently use foswiki09:30
frinnstuse any templates and such?09:30
frinnstwe use foswiki at the moment. but a bit cumbersome to use so one often puts it off and then forget to commit it09:31
jaegerI wanted to use templates but my coworkers ignored them for the most part :P09:33
jaegerso I settled for a template for servers, at least09:34
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juejaeger: I'd suggest to do the xorg-server update to 1.13, what's your opinion?11:58
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frinnstwhats required for 1.13.0?12:43
frinnstjust bumped xorg-server, xorg-randrproto12:43
frinnststuff like xorg-xf86-video-ati won't build due to missing xaa.h12:44
juexorg-libxrandr 1.4 is needed to12:45
juehmm, not nice, such breakage might be a stopper for 2.7 at least12:47
juefrinnst: did you see other problems besides the ati driver12:49
frinnstnot gotten that far yet :)12:52
jueok, thanks for the info12:52
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jaegerlibdri removal12:54
jueI guess the ati driver is important enough to postpone the update12:54
juejaeger: ?12:55
jaegerjue: I have no objections to it for 2.8 but it causes enough grief that 2.7 would be some work for users12:55
jaegerthough if the necessary changes/work are included in an announce mail or something, it might be fine12:55
juejaeger: dri is not removed, but it's no longer a module12:56
jaegersorry, wasn't clear, but yeah12:56
jaegerit's important because it'll break X if it's not removed from the config file12:56
jueyeah, indeed, best is to remove all 'Load' statements or better the whole 'Module' section12:58
jaegeryeah, probably so. they get inserted by default if you do Xorg -configure, I never bothered to remove them :)13:00
juehmm, the radeon driver is broken for the same reason, missing xaa.h13:06
jaegerpresumably upstream will update those drivers soon13:07
jaegerthey're pretty popular, heh13:07
jueI'd say we forget 1.13 for the moment, hopefully fixes for the drivers will come soon ;)13:08
juesorry, didn't expect such problems13:09
jaegerok by me13:09
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frinnstradeonhd should be removed, atleast for 2.814:50
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