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Romsterjue, any reason why is squid version is old? squid-3.2.1 is current stable i got 3.1.2000:16
RomsterhorrorStruck, dunno why he had to release on github and not place it in the sual directory that i'm tracking with version sort... reason why i'm building a spider to index files off the project sites than to rely on the source= lines in Pkgfiles00:21
horrorStruckyep, looks like he all moved to
Romsterjust my luck eh.00:39
horrorStruckRomster: as pitillo_ pointed out, maybe a libxslt bump would ne nice too :) TIA00:40
Romsterhmm i didn't notice that00:41
horrorStruckjust few lines above :P00:41
Romsteryeah i hadn't scrolled up yet until just now00:42
Romsteri'm fixing some other broken ports of mine atm00:42
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juegood morning03:09
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Romstermorning jue03:10
jueRomster: no, just forgot it03:10
Romsterah i only noticed as i was browsing some details03:11
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horrorStruckRomster: FS#190 - Tetex unmaintained  can be closed? you adopted this port IIRC?04:18
horrorStruckah no sorry, misread the bug report04:19
pitillohorrorStruck: thank you for the confirmation and research about cve patches (I didn't read about them yesterday)04:27
horrorStruckpitillo: np, we have a fresh 1.1.27 now :)04:29
pitilloyeah, here is going ahead now04:35
Romstersay what about tetex now.04:59
Romsteris anyone working on texlive at all?04:59
horrorStruckmaube this has been raised before but we may want to add this patch in the new toolchain:;a=commit;h=da1f431905:02
horrorStruckalso see
horrorStruckyeah sorry Romster i thought the bug was about CRUX but it's upstream that is unmaintained05:03
Romsterthat's known but what i don't know is whos maintaining there own copy of texlive, i seem to be the only fool to have picked to tetex and fixed the source location.05:04
horrorStruckthe texlive net-installer works nicely, that's what i've been using so far05:07
Romsterexcuse my ignorance but texlive looks like a bigger monster than emacs05:08
Romsterdespite that one generates documentation formats and the other is a editor.05:09
horrorStruckit is huge indeed05:09
Romsterother than fonts how the heck can it even be manageable.05:09
horrorStruck3.2G    .bin/latex2012/05:10
horrorStruckfull install05:11
horrorStruckbut hey i have a nice looking CV now :P05:11
pitilloummm xbmc depending on java? that doesn't sound good and it hasn't much sense05:26
pitilloRomster: do you have webkit's build log overthere?05:38
Romsteronly if it don't build do i keep those.05:40
pitilloah ok Romster, thank you btw. I want to take a look to see how much time there is ahead... building it on the rpi is making me feel... bored (around 30h now)05:42
Romsterthe heck it's a long process but not that long on a squad core05:44
pitillogive time to time and arm will be quite fast as current cpus, but this one is a bit "small" compared to current toys05:45
Romsteryeah i wanted to try arm ages ago but x86 wont die.05:48
Romsterx86 and x86_64 has far too many instructions.05:48
pitilloummmm give time to time... different architectures...05:49
Romsterarm is a risc cpu correct?05:49
pitillotoo many instructions... but the stronger point of arm arch, is power consumption. There is no battle in that topic between arches05:49
pitilloadvanced risc05:49
Romsteri wanted a arm laptop but not one exists that i know of.05:50
pitillothere are some, ac100 from toshiba and efikasb from genesi (not much more and atm, all enterprises are working directly with tablets and keyboards attached to them, no laptops directly)05:51
horrorStruckpitillo: i guess java is for bluray full support06:01
pitillointeresting... I played some time ago with xbmc and that dependency sounds strange for me (I've never readed about bluray)06:02
Romsterwhat about libbluray06:03
Romsterwhy would that need java for that.06:03
Romsteroh another update i missed too.06:03
horrorStruckIIRC it's used for bluray menus06:04
horrorStruckjava is still optional for libbluray last I checked but it's there as an option06:09
horrorStruckhmmm for xbmc, it seems it's just a build dep, not runtime, i couldnt find any clear explanation. well, anyway...06:25
horrorStruckglibc patch applies fine but the changelog and news bits have to be removed first, builds fine.06:42
juehorrorStruck: there's another patch in the 2.16 branch we probably want07:26
Romsteri haven't missed anything else in xorg?07:36
Romsterother than xorg-server 1.13.007:39
jueI guess no07:39
Romsteradded modesetting as you can see too.07:41
Romsterdunno if i feel like tackling texlive07:42
jueRomster: that's nice, thanks07:42
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horrorStruckdunno what the fuck i just did but one machine out of three hasnt survive my glibc update, erff...07:49
horrorStruckjue: if i may ask, what is the other patch?07:49
jueI've a local clone here, it's the 'Fix segmentation fault in strncasecmp for i686'07:52
horrorStruckah yes thanks.07:58
horrorStrucki can't remember, the iso can be simply dd'd to a usb drive?08:02
jueyeah, should work for the latest ISOs08:04
jueRomster: did you check the other xcb-util-* ports too (for gperf)?08:05
Romsternot yet08:06
frinnst mind if I push the video-modesetting driver to xorg?08:06
Romsterwill do shortly.08:06
Romsteruh i did that.08:06
Romsteroh dear08:07
frinnstoh :D08:08
frinnstyeah I saw just now08:08
frinnstno worries08:08
frinnstI'll hound the radeon devs to release a fixed ati driver for xorg 1.13 instead08:08
horrorStruckjue: thanks, i have a 2.7 here, is it too old?08:08
horrorStruckoh well, i'll just try08:09
Romsteryeah that would be good that's the only thing holding up xorg-server?08:09
frinnstI think so08:11
juefrinnst: btw, I've tried ati-git yesterday, that works08:12
juebuilding at least08:13
frinnstyeah I run it now on 1.1308:14
frinnst<chithead> frinnst: sed -i '/USE_XAA, 1/d' configure.ac08:14
frinnstguess thats one way to do it08:14
Romsterso there answer is to remove feature XAA08:17
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