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frinnstsepen: I noticed a new qt4 version was out. they seem to have changed the URLs though, since nokia sold trolltech07:24
frinnstit plays much nicer with crux 2.807:35
jaegergetting the new SD card and case for my pi today, woo07:43
jaegerthe only SD card I had available already is only 2GB and *very* slow07:43
jaegerbought a 16GB class 10 one07:43
Romsterso who own qt4 now?07:52
jueFYI, I've updated glibc and util-linux for 2.8 today. Two security related patches for glibc from the 2.16 branch, util-linux is a snapshot of the master branch that includes everything to fix all bugs we've found.07:57
jaegernice :)07:59
jaegerI'm planning to build another rc once gcc 4.7.2 hits, though if you want one before that I can do so07:59
juethanks, but let's wait for 4.7.208:03
jueshould be out end of the week08:03
juejaeger: you've seen the list of xorg-drivers that we probably might remove in TODO28?08:11
jaegerIs it different from the list I gave a few weeks back of the ones that have been deprecated/unmaintained?08:12
jaegerI'll go look08:12
jaegerah, I see it is different. I've no objections to removing any of those, though08:13
jueplease add others if you think that we don't need them08:13
jueI've just removed nv from the list, because nv supports more cards than nouveau08:14
juehmm, should we use the ati driver from git and do the xorg update in 2.8?08:17
Romsteri thought nv was depreciated.08:19
Romsteroh jue could you consider looking at a snapshot of ppp the tarball is rather outdated. and the git tree seems to include recent rp-pppoe changes in it's pppoe module.08:20
Romsteri have no idea why ppp (userspace) has not released a more recent tarball08:21
jueRomster: yeah, but as long it supports more cards than nouveau ...08:21
Romstertrue i agree with your decision just wondering why or is it just gonna be maintained until nouveau supports more cards.08:23
Romsteri read that to use vesa instead of nv.08:23
jaegernv might be deprecated but nouveau is NOT ready to replace it08:24
jaegerand vesa runs even worse than nv08:24
jaegerjue: I think the xorg update should be done for 2.8, yeah08:24
jaegerbetter than the confusion it might cause in 2.708:25
Romsteri'm pretty sure i read that the xorg team said to use vesa as nv is depreciated as nvidia are not donating any code or anything to help nv anymore.08:25
Romsterwhcih might be a good thing as that pushes nouveau to get more working.08:25
juejaeger: fine :)08:26
Romsteri need to lookthough the xcb stuff for gperf yet and i haven't proded around the other modules in xorg to see what else needs cleaning up.08:26
Romsterbe nice to get that done before 2.8 is officially released.08:26
Romsterxorg deps some of them are allover the place still.08:27
Romsterthough that can still be done after 2.8 is out since 2.8 has been held up for quite a wile08:29
jaegerwell, we're still waiting for gcc 4.7.2 and we'll need to test an RC when that lands so there's a little bit more time08:33
frinnstyeah a git snapshot of ati is probably a good idea08:33
frinnstI dont know exactly what has changed in ati, but it runs a lot faster from git and 1.1308:35
frinnstthey seemed a bit cranky when i nagged them for a new release the other day :)08:35
juehave to run now, bbl08:40
jaegertake care08:43
Romsteroh what's the fix for gl-select on xorg-server 1.13.0 ?09:02
Romstercan't see why frinnst if it works that good.09:03
frinnstprobably more related to xorg-server, but dunno09:06
Romsterah perhaps they got grumpy at the xorg-server changes.09:07
frinnstah, no they got grumpy at me for nagging :)09:09
frinnstbut performance wise, probably more related to xorg changes than ati09:09
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frinnstthe performance issues were quite severe. moving windows about was sloooooow10:31
frinnstits also slow on my box at work running on a intel gpu. just upgraded to 1.13 before I went home. will be interesting to see if there are any improvements tomorrow10:32
Romsterbe sure to bump the intel video driver too10:32
Romsterthere've been busy fixing issues in that.10:33
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frinnstdon't pre/post installscripts need to be executable?14:55
frinnstnope :)15:03
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