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frinnstnice case01:58
frinnstalso, nice keyboard <301:58
frinnstdid you get the rev2/revB board? with mountingholes etc?01:58
frinnstmy case is made of cardboard :(02:01
frinnstalso, moving windows about is still slooooow on my intel gpu02:15
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pitilloneat jaeger06:17
pitilloit seems rev1 without mounting holes frinnst06:17
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jueFYI, just did the xorg-server update for 2.8, ati is a git snapshop until they release a fixed version06:43
jues/shop/shot/ :)06:44
Romstersnapshop lol nice one jue. i think i'm wearing off on jue.07:00
jaegeris qemu-system-arm robust enough that you could do raspberry pi development with it?09:02
pitillojaeger: it's robust, but if you have the hardware... IMHO it's better to play directly with it instead of emulation09:04
jaegerI'd prefer to play directly but I don't fancy compiling all packages on the pi09:06
jaegerit's the only arm hardware I have09:06
jaegerA friend at genesi was going to send me a smartbook but I think he's forgotten it09:06
pitillothe real problem (if you are patient) isn't the device, it's the location where you build...09:06
jaegerI've considered trying to cross-compile everything but that can certainly be a pain09:07
pitilloI think people is a bit confused about arm, as they aren't as powerfull as current x86 devices... they are powerfull too09:07
jaegerI already have a toolchain built for that but all the required libs for other things on a system are annoying09:07
pitillojaeger: there are lot of ways, but cross is a mess09:07
jaegerThe pi is exactly what I expected, honestly :)09:08
jaegerIt's great09:08
jaegeryeah, usually the only thing I cross-compile is the kernel09:08
pitilloit's possibe to do it in a clean way, may be with host's pkg-config... but if you don't want to have any reference to the cross environment, you'll finish in native builds09:08
pitilloyeah that's the way we are working on... cross compiling kernels (and of course, the first stage of releases, then we move it to an smarttop and build the native release there, and we avoid some references to the cross enviroment on rpath, which is one of the hardest things to clean)09:09
pitillobest package built on the rpi atm is webkit... 48 hours, but other build (xorg, wm's, ... are built right in some minutes)09:10
pitilloI would recommend you to don't push too much SD cards, as they are fast, but with time, r/w cicles will break it (there are other options at least to build/compile a system, nfs/nbd or directly a usb stick/drive)09:11
pitillowhich kind of toolchain are you using currently? customized softfp or hardfp? has it cloog/ppl optimizations or is based on current CRUX 2.7 versions?09:13
Romsterwhat about using crosstool-ng for arm?09:15
Romstereven if it's a start to go on from there.09:16
jaegerI'm using crosstool-ng with hardfp and cloog/ppl currently09:17
jaegerI have not spent a lot of time with it yet09:17
jaegerI'm familiar with flash write cycle issues, too09:17
jaegerThis isn't the first time I've worked with embedded or SoC machines, I've got a WRAP and ALIX as well09:18
jaegerfirst time with arm09:18
Romsteryou using my port for crosstool need to bump it's version seems the site moved.09:18
Romsteralso your clamav needsa bump too09:18
pitillothat's good to know09:19
pitilloacrux was working on an updated toolchain with hardfp support and cloog/ppl optimizations too and was working right in the imx5109:20
jaegerI didn't use a port for crosstool09:20
Romstercrosstool-ng: 1.15.2 -> 1.16.0, bumped.09:23
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jaegerRomster: updated clamav, got distracted by work stuff about 50 times during the process :P10:58
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Romsterhehe jaeger that's ok11:23
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jaegerjue: want me to make those zsh changes to readline and bash?13:58
jaegerhrmm... surprisingly the vsphere 5.1 web client works in linux chrome15:26
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