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juejaeger: yeah, go ahead, please04:55
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jueRomster: wrt ppp, I guess it would it help if we install the plugin with the rp-pppoe port, so you can use that instead of the old one that comes with ppp?05:51
Romsterbut i was doing that origionally until horrorStruck pointed out that the prefered way is the pppoe plugin well the gentoo wiki perfered that way and that does remove that ttys hack to channel between rp-pppoe and ppp. so packets are better transmitted in ATM cells. but if you don't want to bump ppp to a git snapshot i'll be fine i can make my own port of ppp that i have in the past with some gentoo patches. just thought 2009 is quite old for pp05:57
Romsterperhaps i can go bug the ppp devs to releasing another tarball official version.05:58
juewell, you get that wrong05:58
Romsterblame horrorstruck if i should be still using rp-pppoe than the module in ppp05:59 that can be build with rp-ppoe _is_ the kernel mode plugin05:59
jueit's the same that comes with ppp05:59
jueif you add 'plugin /path/to/the/' to your /etc/ppp/options you're done IMO06:00
juekif you do it that way you are only using the kernel-mode pppoe plugin from the rp-pppoe package, that's all06:02
jueit's the same what you are doing now, but with the newer plugin06:02
Romsterhmm oh... so they changed it snce i was last using rp-pppoe, guess i'll look into that shortly.06:04
juewell, if you are going to test it, I'll release a new rp-pppoe port, which builds the plugin?06:05
Romsteri had to set clamp mtu to mss once i moved over to the pppoe module in ppp before that i had other options set for pr-pppoe and pr-pppoe used a serial console.06:05
Romsteri'll test it out in a sec.06:05
jueRomster: currently the rp-pppoe port builds only the stuff to use pppoe in user-mode06:06
jueand not the kernel-mode plugin06:06
Romsterdo i have to use any configure options to do this or it's already there?06:07
Romsterother than use the module06:07
juewell, wait a minute, I'll commit the port06:07
RomsterOld method: RP-PPPoE without Modular Networking  <- yeah that's what i was doing before.06:08
Romsterwhat i don't get is why is ppp importing changes from rp-pppoe when they can just load that module.06:08
Romsterfrom rp-pppoe would save the ppp devs effort to keep tracking.06:09
jueuse 'plugin usr/lib/rp-pppoe/' in your ppp config06:11
jue'plugin /usr/lib/rp-pppoe/' oc06:12
jueI've followed the ppp way and install the plugin u+s, not sure if this is really necessary06:13
jueI cannot test it, because I've not longer a adsl line06:14
Romsters is sticky or special permissions or something i'll need to re-read, i cna try changing the permissions after i get it running.06:15
jueit's 'Set user ID on execution'06:16
Romsteri add that in pppoe.conf ?06:18
jueno, to /etc/ppp/options06:18
Romsterah i only got a lock line in there k...06:18
Romsterand it should just use it when i restart pppd06:19
Romsteri'm guessing.06:19
jueor whereever you are configuring your pppd06:20
Romsterran ldconfig to be sure it'll work.06:20
Romsterok here goes.06:20
Romsterseems i'm loading two different verisons.06:25
Romsterbut it connected.06:25
Romsteror is that 3.8p the one in ppp06:26
juehmm, that's bad, please try to temporary remove the one from /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.506:26
juedo you have somewhere a pppd config with 'plugin' ?06:28
Romsterhmm let me see06:31
Romster and i'm still on so that's good.06:33
Romsterperhaps need to recompile ppp with soem optionot disble that rp-pppoe module, also it seems that ppp and rp-pppoe both touch the same 3 config files in /etc/ppp/06:34
Romsteretc/ppp/options etc/ppp/pap-secrets etc/ppp/chap-secrets06:35
jueyou should either remove it from '/etc/ppp/peers/dsldatafast' or add the full path here and remove it from /etc/ppp/options06:36
Romsterugh i forgot configure in ppp is not autotools.06:36
jueRomster: in /etc/ppp/peers/dsldatafast your are loading the plugin ;)06:37
Romsterwell probably best to remove it out of '/etc/ppp/peers/dsldatafast'06:37
Romsteryea that works so can't really use plugin rp-pppoe.so06:39
Romsterhas to be plugin /usr/lib/rp-pppoe/rp-pppoe.so06:39
juewell, if you use only the plugin-name without a full patch pppd is locking in /usr/lib/pppd/$version for the module06:40
jueso yes, you have to use the full path now06:42
jueit's working?06:45
Romster$ sudo chmod -s /usr/lib/rp-pppoe/rp-pppoe.so06:47
Romsterls -l /usr/lib/rp-pppoe/rp-pppoe.so06:47
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 26772 Sep 19 21:16 /usr/lib/rp-pppoe/rp-pppoe.so06:47
RomsterPlugin /usr/lib/rp-pppoe/ loaded.06:47
RomsterRP-PPPoE plugin version 3.11 compiled against pppd 2.4.506:47
Romsterand still works so specal bit is not required.06:48
Romsteryeah but a README on that 'plugin /usr/lib/rp-pppoe/' would be a good idea.06:48
juegreat :-)06:49
Romstersorry i thought rp-pppoe was still not using a modular approach and seeing as ppp has been pulling in a modified rp-pppoe.conf module lately. i went to that.06:51
jueRomster: care to write a README?06:51
Romsteri've been too out of touch with rp-pppoe and other stuff due to real life stuff keeping me far too busy.06:52
Romsteri need to first review what other crud i don't need there anymore so i am accurate.06:52
Romsterie configuration settings.06:52
Romstercan't have me adding stale obsolete settings. <_<06:55
Romsterone other thing i have noticed /etc/rc.d/squid stop does not stop squid.06:56
Romsteri end up having to do a pkill -9 ... on the squid process to get it to exit.06:56
Romsterthis is before i did the prt-get update squid06:56
Romsternot a major issue but shouldn't do that.06:57
jueyeah, I know that, it's not optimal06:57
juesquid waits some seconds before he shutdown finally06:58
Romsterjust thought i'd let you knew before i forgot about that again.06:58
Romsterah probably some cleanup, it would be best to have /etc/rc.d/squid stop wait for the process to exit than to return before squid is done?06:59
juebut stopping squid with kill isn't a good idea at all, because that might damage the cache06:59
jueyeah, that's right06:59
Romsteri waited some 20 seconds i guess that's not long enough.06:59
Romsteron this 3GHz pentium D it's on.07:00
jueIIRC it's 30 sec07:00
Romsterdamn that's a long time.07:00
Romsteryeah eather a echo squid can take upto 30 seconds to stop.... or additional don't fork the process to background so the service script sits there. and perhaps put a hard kill there after 1 minute if it's really stuck?07:01
jueyeah, something like that07:02
Romsteri'm thinking what happens when the box is shutdown correctly would it wait in it's current state or would it be risking the database storage every time.07:02
Romsteri've probably been lucky to not request pages while i forced squid to exit.07:03
Romsteryou probably got lots of stuff to do so i'll let you be :)07:06
jueRomster: yeah, a bit. But thanks for testing the rp-pppoe stuff :)07:08
Romsterno problem07:10
Romsterhope you undo that special bit i feel it's a security risk being set and it's not needed.07:11
jueRomster: done at the moment ;)07:13
Romsteri'll wait longer next time i need to shutdown squid too.07:14
teK_Romster: jfyi I got my TPROXY issues sorted out :-)07:23
Romsteroh nice i'd like to know what you did.07:25
Romsterdid that rob0 help you out i stopped following it after awhile.07:25
Romsterhe was pretty busy07:25
teK_no he didnt07:26
teK_fw explained some bitsw07:26
Romsteryeah some times they are really helpful other times it's hard to get help.07:27
teK_lsat night (around 3am) I figured out how the things works and got it working for _Local_ (not bridged/vbox traffic) connections07:27
teK_this morning I discovered the bug biting me07:27
teK_and found a work around (dont ask...)07:27
teK_yay. :]07:27
Romsteri might try TPROXY later on when i get IPv6 finally then i wont need my ugly NAT anymore.07:30
teK_although I'm not sure if TPROXY still is available for ipv607:36
Romstergood point never looked.07:37
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juejaeger: good morning08:25
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jaegerheyo, acrux15:15
jaegerI hear you're at genesi15:15
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acruxjaeger: yep, steev is just across my seat15:29
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jaegerjue: bought some new wheels for my WRX :)16:41
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horrorStruckrp-pppoe vs ppp by rp-pppoe developer, it seems to be more like a fork in fact:
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jaegerany fix for rootfs showing up in df output now with 2.8?22:30

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