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juegood morning02:06
juefrinnst: forgot to paste the diff for rc ->
horrorStruck4.7.2 is out :)02:18
frinnstjue: yeah looks much nicer02:25
frinnstsymlink should go in between line 38-39?02:26
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juefrinnst: I'd suggest to leave /etc/mtab in filesystem and create the symlink there02:49
frinnstah, yeah02:50
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jueok, gcc updated to 4.7.206:57
jueFYI, I'll be offline until end of next week06:59
juebut would be nice to have a new 2.8 ISO earlier ;)06:59
jueif we want the mtab symlink we have to modify two ports, filesystem and rc,  AFAIKS07:01
juebut I have not the time to do it right now07:01
jue- create symlink for mtab instead of the touch07:02
jue- remove /proc and /dev entries from fstab07:02
jue- something like that ->
jue- forced creation of the /proc/self/mounts -> /etc/mtab symlink, because it got rejected by pkgadd07:04
teK_Romster: the pulling the good things out of rc-ng actually would have been my part in the new release but I simply have no chance of freeing any time until my thesis is finished :|07:07
juethat should be all, but probably I've forgot something ;)07:07
jueerr, should be /sysfs instead of /dev07:11
juebye guys, take care07:15
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RomsterteK_, oh i see.07:48
Romsteri don't really have enough free time to sit and study every part of it in detail.07:51
Romsterelse i would do that.07:51
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frinnstwas the btrfs-detection thingy added to rc?08:16
jaegerno idea; I don't remember what was required, only that it was discussed a bit08:19
frinnstit's very useful if you use btrfs. I sent a patch to tek but unsure if it ever got added08:20
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teK_we agreed on including it until btrfs-tools is 'rectified', right?08:50
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frinnstyeah, a probe for btrfs filesystems and then run btrfs --scan. since it spews out a msg about /dev/sr009:51
frinnstbtw, can someone please remove vpnclient from contrib?09:52
frinnstit should not be there09:52
jaegermade the rc and filesystem changes, will do setup-helper next10:51
jaegerfrinnst: why should it not be there?10:51
teK_frinnst: I will add the change wrt btrfs tomorrow10:56
teK_promised <310:56
jaeger <-- anyone see any problem with this?10:57
jaegerI opted for rm; ln because sometimes ln -sf fails to replace files for reasons I have not diagnosed10:57
teK_other that the page won't load? ;)10:57
jaegerworks for me (tm)10:57
teK_got stuck :>10:58
jaegerI can paste it on another site if that would help10:58
teK_how is rm -f better than ln -sf..?10:58
jaegerI just said why I did that a few seconds ago10:59
jaegerI guess we can always change it before release if ln -sf doesn't work, I'll try that for the rc110:59
teK_man :P11:00
teK_sorry about that11:00
jaegerIt happens :)11:00
teK_if that's the case rm -f should be fine11:00
teK_doing three things at once is not that wise :-)11:00
jaegerI'll try "ln -sf" first because it's cleaner :) If it fails during the rc1 tests I'll switch it back11:00
jaegerbecause honestly I have no idea why it occasionally fails for me. It's rare and I've seen no obvious cause11:01
teK_found a bug report11:01
jaegerabout ln?11:02
teK_not related11:02
teK_gotta go now11:02
teK_see you :)11:03
jaegertake care11:03
jaegertime for me to bootstrap a new rc11:03
teK_frinnst is not arround so I'm not worried :D11:03
teK_but thanks :>11:04
jaegeroops, forgot to bump the releases for filesystem and rc... go me11:06
jaegerthere's one thing that does bother me quite a bit about the symlink method11:10
jaegernowhere in df or mount output does it show the actual device for / anymore11:10
jaegerI see "rootfs" and "/dev/root" but not /dev/sda211:10
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jaegeris the radeonhd driver getting fixed or removed?13:40
jaegersyslinux and radeonhd break the bootstrap currently13:49
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frinnstjaeger: it has been untouched for over 5 years14:15
rmullgcc 4.7.2 is out, will it be in crux 2.8?14:15
jaegerrmull: it already is14:15
rmulloh cool14:15
rmulland does that mean 2.8 is on the final leg of preparedness?14:15
jaegerit still needs to be tested but most likel14:16
jaeger@seen #crux rugek14:16
clbjaeger: rugek was last seen in #crux 4 years, 7 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours, 41 minutes, and 50 seconds ago: <rugek> hr, ;)14:16
jaeger@seen #crux rugek_14:16
clbjaeger: rugek_ was last seen in #crux 5 years, 19 weeks, 0 days, 20 hours, 58 minutes, and 32 seconds ago: <rugek_> bring it on14:16
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frinnstyeah, untouched for ~5 years16:15
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Romsterdoes that rugek person have a ssh key for contrib? if so i would suggest that gets removed.21:18
Romsteri'd leave the port in 2.7 and in 2.8 do the remove any remaining un-maintained ports.21:19
RomsterteK_, if it makes it any easier i'll send you a patch for gimp and other few ports i've bumped.21:28
Romsterbut i'm going to lunch now so after that.21:28
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Romsterjaeger, pcre 8.31 and libmpc 1.0.1 is out not sure if they are older versions in core for a reason. also not sure if pcre.8.31 is dev and not stable?21:37
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