IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-09-22

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Romsteris's git broken? i can't seem to get fetch off contrib.05:46
Romsterjust hangs waiting.05:46
Romsterjaeger, got root :D on to see what's going on?05:48
Romsteror teK_ if ya round but teK_ is busy.05:48
teK_% echo $?06:11
teK_fetching worked, too06:13
Romsteri can't think...06:31
Romsterwhat is wrong with me06:31
teK_dont worry06:31
Romster$ git fetch06:31
RomsterWrite failed: Broken pipe06:31
Romsterfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly06:31
Romsteri know that isn't my problem though06:32
teK_killall ssh ?06:32
teK_empty ssh agnet06:32
teK_maybe a stalled connection06:32
Romsterit's working for you ok?06:33
teK_it is06:33
Romsternope still not bah06:33
Romsteri haven't touched git or ssh in awhile not since the last commit i did that did work06:33
teK_just reboot and retry06:34
Romsterwell i'm not firewalled06:34
Romsterssh -p 222206:34
Romsterfatal: What do you think I am? A shell?06:34
RomsterConnection to closed.06:34
teK_Sep 22 13:34:32 crux dropbear[8339]: pubkey auth succeeded for 'romster' with key md5 ff:8506:34
teK_Sep 22 13:34:34 crux dropbear[8339]: exit after auth (romster): Disconnect received06:35
teK_you do not have shell access that's what the message is trying to tell you06:35
teK_and that's just fine06:35
Romsteryeah i realise that the fact it said that means i'm not firewalled off, and your getting my login attempt on git too.06:37
Romsterthen it disconnects from my end?06:37
teK_seems like it06:37
Romsterargh does not compute, the ports will have to wait until i figure out wtf is going on.... i'm taking a break06:39
teK_have fun06:43
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Romster$ git fetch11:39
RomsterWrite failed: Broken pipe11:39
Romsterfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly11:39
Romsteryeah remote hang up meaning hanged up on me...11:40
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