IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2012-09-23

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frinnstdoes syslinux build with 2.8? fails on x86_64 due to a missing linux header in glibc06:41
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Romsternot tested07:00
horrorStruckfrinnst: are you talking about the ext2_fs stuff?07:19
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jaegerWhat ended up being the solution for radeonhd and xaa.h?10:19
jaegerThe sed line mentioned previously doesn't seem to be relevant there10:19
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frinnstprobably yank it11:58
frinnstit serves no purpose. these days11:59
frinnstit's gone from slackware, for what it's worth12:06
frinnstnot checked any other distros12:06
frinnstfinally set up a proper build env. to roll iso's in \o/13:39
frinnsthad to run the vm-image on a nfs drive. silly btrfs13:43
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jaegerdoh, heh13:52
jaegervmfs fo' life13:53
frinnstalso, kvm > vbox14:26
frinnstbut that's a given :)14:26
jaegerIt's been some time since I used kvm but it seemed really unpolished back then14:28
jaegerstill like esxi better than either :)14:30
frinnstheh, yeah it's unpolished as hell15:10
frinnstbut performance wise its awesome15:10
frinnstand redhats libvirt is just horrible15:10
frinnstbut "qemu-system-x86_64 -boot a /nfsmounts/fredrik/crux.qcow2 -m 8192 -smp 4" is pretty simple, i guess15:11
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jaegergrr... blkid and udev problems in my bootstrap19:51
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