IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2012-09-27

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frinnstI thought you'd be away longer?07:23
jueyeah, was planned until tomorrow07:28
jueanything important I should know?07:29
frinnstit's ok to admit that you missed us enough to abandon your trip :)07:29
frinnsthmm.. well both jaeger and I came across an issue with util-linux/udev when rolling iso's07:29
frinnstshould be easily reproduceable with just a rebuild of udev when you have the util-linux snapshot installed07:30
frinnst(fails to build)07:30
frinnstblkid pkg-config crap07:30
jueok, will try07:30
frinnstthought i'd check it out this weekend. i've had 0 energy to do anything useful after work these last weeks :)07:31
juehmm, works for me, you got the error with udev 182 and util-linux
frinnstreturned version UNKNOWN during udev configure07:35
frinnstfor blkid07:35
frinnstjaeger should have more details once he wakes up :)07:36
juefrinnst: exists the problem only during ISO build?07:45
frinnsti think it did for jaeger. I managed to reproduce it on my desktop07:47
jueteK__: got a md5sum error for rc on 2.8, you should probably bump the release too07:47
teK__fixed + sorry07:52
jueteK__: thanks07:52
juefrinnst: I don't get it what happens here, configure tests for blkid with a -> pkg-config --exists --print-errors "blkid >= 2.20"08:06
juewhich should work anyhow08:07
frinnstjaeger reported intermittent failures durnig various stages when building the iso08:07
jueI see one problem, but might be unrelated to the build issue:08:08
juewe have a circular deps between udev and util-linux08:08
frinnstshouldnt be a problem, no?08:09
juejust saw it with finddeps, but don't know which parts of the package are affected08:09
frinnstsame with every package and glibc? :)08:09
juewell, it's a bit different08:10
juebecause you can build util-linux without udev installed08:10
juebut you need util-linux to build udev08:11
juein that case you get an "No package 'blkid' found" error, but not the one you described above08:12
frinnstyeah but it doesnt say that. only that the version is not new enough08:13
frinnstI can probably reproduce it tonight08:13
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jaegerjue, frinnst: I couldn't reproduce it outside of the iso bootstrap chroot - haven't delved into it yet, been pretty busy09:19
juejaeger: thanks for the info09:40
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frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ pkg-config --modversion blkid14:09
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