IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2012-09-28

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juefrinnst: don't get it what happens here, do you have correct datas in mount.pc and uuid.pc?02:25
Romsteri'm  out until saturday 8pm UTC time03:01
frinnstwill have to check later.. but yeah.. its fucking wierd03:04
frinnst2.22 seems to work just fine03:05
jueRomster: take care03:12
juefrinnst: do you get the same version-string if you run 'pg -V' ?03:13
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frinnstcant test until tonight03:17
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juefrinnst: ok03:20
frinnstlooking forward to a CRUX-weekend ;)03:25
frinnstbtw. iirc there are a new ext4 feature in 3.5 that breaks backwards compabilities if a fs has been mounted with the new checksum feature03:26
frinnstso a capable kernel needs to be included on the ISO. but it might be a good idea to keep the kernel headers at 3.4.x since it's a long term kernel03:27
juefrinnst: I've uploaded a new tarball, please try if that helps09:35
juefrinnst: just change version to 2.22.50-df0bd09:36
juefrinnst: the new tarball is generated with 'make dist-xz' (which requires a installed gtk-doc + deps), the old one manually09:38
juebut I'm still unable to reproduce your issue ...09:39
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frinnstback home10:39
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ pg -V10:39
frinnstpg from util-linux UNKNOWN10:39
frinnstwill try the new tarball10:39
frinnstpg from util-linux 2.22.50-df0bd10:41
frinnst-- Packages updated10:41
jueok, so there's something wrong with the old tarball :(10:48
juebut only on x86_64, which is very strange10:48
jueanyway, will update the port10:49
frinnsti'll roll a test-iso10:52
jaegerhow odd11:10
jueyeah, indeed11:15
juebut the new tarball is created the 'official' way, so hopefully everything works now how it should11:22
juejaeger: do you have time to test it in the bootstrap chroot?11:26
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jaegerI can probably do that today, yeah11:53
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frinnsti'm at stage213:07
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frinnstbootstrap completed \o/14:47
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jaegerI was gone for most of the day/evening but I've got another bootstrap started now23:07

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