IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2012-10-01

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juejaeger: thanks, just did an update of my laptop, works nice10:19
juejaeger: doing a fresh install with qemu now10:20
Lukcjue, hi.11:07
LukcYou still there?11:07
frinnstcan someone with root please create a symlink for opt-x86_64 2.811:07
frinnstalso do a blind symlink for contrib-x86_6411:07
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juefrinnst: will try ;)11:08
Lukcjue, can we talk about #743 here?11:09
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jueLukc: sorry, I'm busy with other things11:10
LukcOk. Sorry to have disturbed you, then.11:11
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juefrinnst: should work now, could you do a test commit to opt-x86_64 to see if it really works, please11:25
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frinnstyeah, seems to have worked11:40
frinnstnow to pull from it11:40
frinnstyep, cheers11:40
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pitillotested a jail since yesterday and today my development machine was updated without cd/usb drives. This night will be time to update my laptop12:05
pitillothank you very much for all your work, more these last months with lot of movement in some interesting areas :)12:06
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frinnstyanked the obsolete drivers from xorg16:30
frinnstmarked as done in the wiki16:30
jaegerjue: I will test this evening as well, I was gone most of the day today16:54
jaegerneed to re-torque my wheels first, though16:54
jaegerjue: working fine in testing here so far; I would like to make a couple changes to the boot kernel config, I forgot about that until now17:32
jaegerSMP is disabled currently, I'd like to enable it and boot an SMP-enabled kernel by default, with a UP fallback17:32
jaegerAnyone have any objections to that?17:33
jaegerI guess I should also take a closer look at FS#780, that's probably a simple thing17:36
jaegersince that's marked as due in 2.817:37
jaegerbargl, mutt and xkeyboard-config updates since that build17:46
teK__+1 from me for SMP17:53
horrorStruckjue: we also have a mount -n in rc.shutdown. when using a mtab symlink, shouldn't this be removed as well?19:11
Romster+1 for smp21:27
Romsteri'm still concerned about gcc binaries not being compatible is this issue resolved jaeger21:27
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jaegerwhat are you talking about?22:09

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