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frinnstI've yet to find a binary that wont run because of gcc02:48
frinnstglibc on the other hand :)02:48
frinnstvirtualbox-bin also, until the last upgrade02:48
frinnstbut nobody's seen this on 32bit?02:48
frinnstpitillo: do you know when sepen might return?02:53
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pitillofrinnst: he should be around here this week if I'm right03:45
frinnstcool, just a couple of details in a few ports for 2.804:34
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pitillofrinnst: mail him, he usually check the mail without being here (and he reads the channel's logs too)04:50
Romsterthat sepen is very busy lately.04:59
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frinnstor justs bored with crux at the moment, lets give him a break :)05:10
pitillohe isn't bored about crux frinnst :)05:10
pitillosome changes in live made him to put away some weeks05:11
frinnstyeah real life (tm) comes first05:11
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Romstersometimes i get bored in general including crux but other time i go like a bat out of hell.06:10
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pitillosorry for the disconnections... storms broke something here...06:17
pitillowhich kernel headers are used in 2.8 toolchain?06:18
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pitillowhich kernel headers are used in 2.8 toolchain?07:21
frinnst3.4.11 currently07:23
frinnstwill remain at  3.4.X07:23
juehorrorStruck: thnaks07:32
juehorrorStruck: but it doesn't matter there07:32
juebtw, I've asked Karel Zak about a u-l 2.22.1 bugfix release yesterday, it will come end of the week, probably07:33
juehorrorStruck: but we should remove it, just to be consistent07:35
pitillohigh ones. Thank you frinnst07:35
frinnst3.5 will probably ship on the iso07:39
pitillosounds reasonable under x8607:40
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rmullWhy does a prt-get search that finds nothing return "No matching packages found" ? Shouldn't it just return nothing?09:37
rmullThat's my humble opinion, at least09:39
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horrorStrucknot that it doesn't do what it's supposed to but i'm always slightly reluctent WRT unmaintained software and openrdate last release is 4 years old. wouldn't something like ntp be a suitable replacement?10:09
teK__there's a port of ntp10:10
horrorStruckah good to know thanks teK__10:12
Lukcrmull, I fully agree with you on prt-get.10:12
horrorStruckbut as a core port, maybe it would be something to consider. also, it seems that rdate (not sure about openrdate) uses time protocol which is considered obsolete compared to network time protocol (wikipedia said so)10:15
juehorrorStruck: use -n to switch to SNTP10:18
horrorStruckjue: just saw your reply about rc.shutdown, thanks10:19
horrorStruckwell, i'm just running the cron job and the -n flag is already there. thanks for the explanation. i just wonder if the project is dead... also, dmesg told me: [ 7548.483383] warning: process `rdate' used the deprecated sysctl system call with10:22
horrorStruck[ 7548.483387] 1.40.10:22
jueif you want something more sophisticated I'd suggest using chrony10:26
horrorStruckto be honest, i have no special requirements at all, i just fear dead code :) in any case, thanks for the suggestion.10:27
rmullLukc: :D10:34
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jaegerbleh, lost my syslinux patch19:05
horrorStruckjaeger: ?19:31
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jaegerhorrorStruck: looks like that will work, thanks19:46
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