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Romsteri woulnd't mind a multilib rc03:57
Romsteroh did manpages get added to the iso that shitted me the first time i ever installed crux no manual pages available, had no other pc at the time to even look up on.03:58
jueRomster: no, which manpages do you miss?04:17
jueas soon as you've run setup and installed packages the man pages are available, adding them to the initramfs would be waisted space IMO04:20
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Romsterhard to remember now i'm not a greenhorn noob now but i had fun figuring out how to get internet working04:21
Romsterah no i was stuck on chrooting into new system point04:21
Romsteri didn't know how to get my hardware and mount dev proc stuff working back when i started out.04:22
Romsterand when i went to look at man pages failed. went to windows on the same pc to get infos then retried.04:22
jueyou know, a text version of the handbook is on the ISO04:22
Romsterin the end prologic ended up helping me to get started.04:23
jueand there's a setup-chroot ;)04:23
Romsterthat didn't exist when i tired crux, setup-chroot that is... not sure if i missed the handbook text verison04:23
Romsterthis was crux 2.1 iirc04:23
jueI think setup-chroot has been added later04:24
Romsterlooking up on the net on what kernel modules i needed on or something it was a very long time ago.04:24
jueRomster: btw, looks like distribute is the succesor for setuptools04:27
jueat least beta mysql-python needs it04:27
mike_kRomster: yeah. I successfully use it with a number of ports (and prt-get "distribute: setuptools" alias)05:04
mike_kI think, it is a safe replacement05:04
mike_kalso note, some python apps fails to run without *egg-info* files. we probably should stop considering them a useless crap )05:06
juemike_k: thanks for the info, will stop removing it05:29
Romsteri only keep those that are needed05:29
juemike_k: do you have an example for a broken app?05:30
mike_kI am not sure how to test it for sure, so just stop removing would be easier05:30
Romsterdeluge iirc wont run without it's egg info05:31
mike_k - not every in the list is affected, but probably most of them05:34
mike_kalso some apps fails to find dependent python packages, which were stripped of egg-info files05:40
mike_kthis is hard to test or "fix"05:42
juewell, that's more or less untrackable, so keeping the files seems like a good idea05:43
mike_kin fact, I've reinstalled all ports dependent on setuptools (present on my system) with ditribute installed05:43
jueRomster: would you mind adding distribute to opt?05:44
Romstersure shortly.05:45
Romsterso prtverify needs editing to not list those a junk then?05:46
jueit never detects egg-info files ;)05:48
mike_kjust grepped to be sure )05:49
prologicRomster, thanks :)05:49
mike_kso, it was more of convention05:49
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Romsteri should test my ports and move to that new port providing they don't break.06:21
jueRomster: thanks06:30
mike_kRomster: I guess, you've noticed it replaces setuptools. so you can't keep "Depends on: setuptools" anymore )06:34
mike_kI'd remove setuptools from contrib and add prt-get alias (maybe via a ML announce)06:35
Romsteryeah i realize that. i also don't want't change all the lines in my ports until i know it wont break any hence i need to test first.06:35
Romsternah sed the depends on lines06:35
Romsterit's build time so it's not quite as bad, wont need to bump revision?06:36
Romsterunless it depends on it at run time...06:36
mike_kothers might have ports dependent on setuptools though. not so easy for them to find what is going on06:36
Romsterwhy did they have to change the name...06:37
mike_kno need to bump, I'd say. they are just setup-time stuff.06:37
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frinnstteK__: heads up with cyrus-sasl and 2.8. doesn't build against the new db07:31
teK__do you have the failing gcc-snippet handy?07:33
teK__what version of db are you using?07:33
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teK__I think I'll stick with this one:
frinnsttrying with the patch07:49
teK__good ol' LFS people07:54
teK__built for me, too07:54
teK__will push tonight, thanks for the heads up07:54
teK__did the 5.x transition of db break that much so that it was delayed to 2.8?07:55
frinnstno idea08:06
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jaegerhrmm... hope ddrescue can get the data off this drive08:33
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Romsterit usually can.08:36
jaegerthey shipped the laptop to me in a small box with very little padding =/08:36
jaegerand that was AFTER SMART told them it was failing08:36
jaegerIt's also been sitting on my desk while I was out instead of my coworker working on it like he was supposed to08:37
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jaeger(not that sitting would have made it much worse, that part just annoys me)08:39
Romsteris he incompetent with data recovery or just lazy?08:56
Romsteryeah then that would annoy me too.08:57
jaegerhe won't touch anything linux (this is a linux laptop) even though I told him it was only a disk clone, nothing more08:57
Romsteryeah disk clone by sector level not OS level filesystem...08:58
Romsteromg it's a linux FS wont touch -_-08:58
jaegerThat's how he is08:59
Romsterhe don't understand it or just a windows only person or perhaps OS X fanboy08:59
jaegerSometimes it's extremely annoying08:59
jaegerall of the above08:59
Romsterthe other guy at work is all windows mac games don't even do any programming..... at least i try to program.08:59
jaegerjue: made a new rc with the extra xorg ports removed and FS#780 implemented09:23
jaegera fresh install produced no errors, haven't tried upgrade yet09:23
frinnsttag & release this weekend? :)09:27
frinnstbtw, someone needs to create a 2.8 branch for contrib09:27
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juejaeger: thanks, will try :)09:30
frinnstjaeger: could you push your changes to git? i'd hate to miss something for x86_6409:30
jaegerI can test the upgrade later, too, kinda busy at work at the moment09:31
jaegerfrinnst: yes, I'll do that today/tonight09:31
frinnstno worries :>09:31
jaegerthe rc2 is uploading, I'll move it to the proper location when it gets there09:31
jueteK__: you have to rebuild everything that depends on db, we usually postpone such updates09:33
jaegerAnyone object to me removing crux-2.7-test1, crux-2.7-test2, crux-2.8-rc0, and crux-2.8-rc1 from the pre-releases folder?09:36
juenope, sounds like a good idea09:37
jaegerabout a third of the way through creating an image of this HD with ddrescue with no errors, just waiting for it to shit itself spectacularly later09:40
frinnstimportant data on it and no backups?09:41
jaegerIts user says there are backups. I don't know what the extent of those is, though, since it was shipped to us09:42
jaegerWe didn't make the backups09:42
jaegerok, rc2 is in place now09:43
jaegerEven though I implemented FS#780 in this rc I have no personal use for it and I'm inclined to leave it in as an "unsupported" feature09:44
frinnstyeah I was surprised that was implemented09:46
frinnstguess it could be useful and then ship multiple archs on one media09:47
jaegerperhaps so09:47
frinnsti686, multilib, x86_64 pure :)09:47
jaegerok, work is less busy now than I expected, yay10:08
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jaegerthe kernel config now has SMP enabled by default with up to 16 processors supported10:17
jaegerI'd say that's probably more than sufficient for installation10:17
jaegerSMP can be disabled at boot with maxcpus=0 if needed10:18
teK__maybe there should be a hint in the installation doc10:18
teK__jue: yeah thought of something like that10:18
jaegerIt's in the isolinux options message already, for what that's worth10:19
teK__or this way10:19
jaegerMight not be a bad idea to be in the handbook as well, though I'd like to hear some test results :) If nobody encounters problems with SMP while testing then I'd say it's less important to mention10:20
teK__statistics.. ;)10:21
teK__murphy >> statistics10:21
jaegeroops, I made a small mistake in the initramfs/init file. won't cause any problems, just dumb11:02
jaegerI'm surprised nobody has ever commented on the "blah" thing before11:03
frinnstheh, never noticed it11:03
jaegerperhaps nobody did :)11:03
juejaeger: rc2 seems to work fine, at least the update of my laptop doesn't show any problems11:07
jaegerGood :)11:07
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juejust tagged our repos with 2.8-rc211:55
jueforgot that for rc1, but I think it doesn't matter :)11:56
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jaegerjue: ok, tested an upgrade now that I'm home, no issues there18:42
jaegerAlso so far I have not had any problems with the SMP kernel18:42
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jaegerfrinnst: now the rc2 ISO is 253MB21:06
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jaegerI'm so confused about where I was with the squashfs vs tar.xz stuff, I had to redo it again21:11
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