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juejaeger: great, time for a official announcement?05:41
jueRomster: forwarded a mail I got from the prtverify running on to you05:43
Romsterbah why the hell would they do that...05:52
Romsterfixed jue05:56
jueRomster: thanks05:58
Romstersorry i missed that.05:59
mike_k_my bad too. I have this in a personal repo for come time (06:24
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jaegerjue: for the RC? yeah, I'd say so08:08
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juejaeger: would you mind writing an ann to the crux mailing list11:35
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jaegerjue: I'll use the same wording as the rc0 message if that's fine for you12:27
juejaeger: sure :)13:08
jaegerhrmm... mutt's manual.txt comes up empty for me, odd13:14
jaegerMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/mutt/manual.txt13:15
jaegerNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/mutt/manual.txt (EMPTY)13:15
jaegerprobably something with docbook-x{m,s}l13:15
jaegeroh, maybe it's because none of lynx, w3m, or elinks is installed13:17
jaegerLC_ALL=C lynx -dump -nolist -with_backspaces -display_charset=us-ascii manual.html > manual.txt || \13:17
jaegerLC_ALL=C w3m -dump manual.html > manual.txt || \13:17
jaegerLC_ALL=C elinks -dump -no-numbering -no-references manual.html | sed -e 's,\\001, ,g' > manual.txt13:17
frinnstshould manual.txt really be installed?13:19
frinnstor wait, its for the in-use help?13:19
jaegerI don't know, honestly. I don't actually use mutt, just doing a sysup13:20
juejaeger: that's strange13:20
frinnstyeah, i have neither of those installed too, and never had that issue13:21
juefrinnst: yes, manual.txt is what you get with hitting the F1 key13:21
jaegerI do have other doc crap installed on this machine, it's running MATE13:21
jaegerso perhaps the mutt build tries to rebuild manual.xml/html and then redump manual.txt?13:21
jaeger for reference13:22
frinnstchecking for ospcat... /usr/bin/ospcat maybe?13:24
frinnstseems to be docbook related13:24
jaegeryeah, could be13:26
jaegerospcat comes from opensp13:26
frinnstbtw, I found a useful module that's lacking on the iso13:26
jaegerwhich one?13:26
frinnstc0x ran across it a while back, as did I when I installed crux on a bare metal bl460c gen113:27
frinnstold scsi controller13:27
frinnstit's under block devices13:27
jaegerah, I think I took care of that one13:27
jaegerI'll double check13:27
frinnstits missing from the latest git13:28
jaegerah, it got into the kernel but not the initramfs, maybe13:28
frinnstthe module is called ciss or something13:29
frinnstthere is a new gen that you porbably included but it doesnt support all the hardware13:29
frinnstyeah, hpsa13:29
jaegeryeah, I remember talking about it, got replaced by hpsa13:30
jaegeryeah, it's in the kernel but not the initramfs13:30
frinnstiirc, hpsa doesnt work with bl460c gen113:30
jaegerthat could easily be added13:30
jaegercciss doesn't exist anymore in the kernel13:31
frinnstyeah it does13:31
frinnstCompaq Smart Array 5xxx support under block devices13:32
juehmm, no idea what's wrong with mutt, guess it's related to docbook stuff which I've not installed13:32
jaegerah, it's ciss, not cciss13:32
jaegerjue: not a problem, just a curiosity13:32
frinnsthm, maybe hpsa does support everything cciss does13:35
jaegerI'll add the hpsa and ciss modules before the 2.8 final if you guys have no objections. we'll need to build another ISO anyway for the handbook/releasenotes updates, etc.13:36
frinnsti was under the impression it didnt13:36
jaegerThe description makes it sound like it should13:37
jaegerjust a SCSI version instead of a block version13:37
frinnstyeah nevermind :)13:37
jaegerIt is missing from the initramfs, though, so if you need it we should add it13:37
frinnstmight as well13:38
frinnstwon't fit on my 256mb stick anyways :D13:46
jaeger253M    crux-2.8-rc2.iso13:47
frinnstbut x64 binaries are larger :(13:47
jaegerDid you switch from the squashfs to the rootfs.tar.xz?13:47
frinnstyeah I did a new checkout from git13:49
frinnstbootstraping currently13:49
frinnstbut I want to play ME3 :/13:49
frinnstchoices, choices..13:49
jaegerneed more computers13:49
jaegerthat's one reason I do all that stuff in VMs now13:50
jaegerif I want to play a game while it's going, I can13:50
frinnstim secretly hoping the bootstrap will fail13:50
jaegerspecifically on a separate VM server13:50
jaegerhaha, nice13:50
frinnstmy desktop is my only machine with some power13:51
jaegerThis sounds like a problem that money can fix :D13:54
jaegerbuild a whitebox esxi server if you can, makes life easier13:54
frinnstyeah, would be ideal13:56
jaegerpretty affordable for a server13:57
jaegerI'm really happy with mine13:57
frinnstoh noes! i accidentally pressed ctrl-c13:57
frinnstwhat a shame13:57
jaegernoooooooooooo!!! ME3 time13:57
jaegerThe cycle must continue. There is no alternative.13:58
jaegerThat reminds me, I need to get a replacement fan for the back of my main case14:01
jaegerstopped working for some reason. :(14:01
jaegerfrinnst: have you already beaten ME3?14:05
pitilloupdated the laptop with rc2 (without media cd/usb) and it's working right, it's rebulding atm15:40
jaegergood :)15:42
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frinnstjaeger: yeah18:02
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jaegerhrm... I wonder if a raid1 array created via mdadm using imsm metadata shows up in the intel RST BIOS upon a reboot19:17
Romsteri can't reproduce that mutt text file issue with docbook or anything20:41
jaegerif you want to reproduce it try opensp, also uninstall lynx, w3m, and elinks if you have them installed21:10
jaegerUnless you have some pathological NEED to reproduce it, though, don't bother, heh21:11
jaegerIt isn't a problem, just a curiosity, like I said21:11
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