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Romsteri tried in a clean chroot and on my system02:05
Romsterjust curious02:05
Romsteropens installed compiled mutt all ok.02:08
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sepenjaeger: was 2.8-rc0 created with isohybrid? it didn't work here02:30
juegood morning02:37
sepenmorning jue02:37
juesepen: you mean rc1?02:39
sepenohhh, no sorry, rc202:39
sepenjue: and could you review the talk I had with Romster about merges 2.7/2.8?02:39
Romsteri've merged 2.7 to 2.802:41
Romsterbut i'm still downloading 2.8-rc2 to make a chroot so i can update footprints on my ports in 2.802:41
sepennice, my make_usbdisk script worked for rc202:44
juesepen: looks ok to me, ContribHowTo lists all we need02:45
sepenalso my comments about merges?02:49
sepenwow I see that my patch for the iso about rootfs was applied by jaeger, nice02:49
jueRomster: feel free to create the 2.8 branch for contrib, but I can do it if you prefer that02:49
sepenRomster: that should work: $ git checkout 2.7 && git branch 2.8 && git push origin 2.8:2.802:50
sepenrc2 update worked fine here! (for now still I'm using my old 3.4.x kernel)02:54
Romstergit pull . 2.7 you mean sepen. not done anything yet i'll make contrib 2.8 shortly02:56
Romsterafter i get my chroot done.02:56
sepenthere is no hurry about contrib imho02:58
Romsteri'm weighing up the cons and pros about that... how far off is 2.8?02:58
Romstergot a set date02:58
sepenRomster: imho opt/2.8 is necessary since some ports are part of the iso03:00
sepenbut this is not the case for contrib03:00
juewe definitely want util-linux 2.22.1 for the final 2.8, but besides that I don't see anything blocking it03:05
Romsterudev we staying with the current one or LFS patches or that gentoo fork one or just keeping an eye on it for later use?03:05
Romsteri'vee been out of the loop a little :/03:06
juewe decided to stay with 182 for now and see what happens with the fork/LFS patches03:07
Romsteragreed it seems a bit early to move to those.03:07
jueI have the hope that the udev thread in the linux-kernel ML causes something03:09
jueat least on guy linked Lennart's systemd/udev posting in there03:10
juesorry, wrong one, this is what I meant ->
sepenyeah, we don't like lennartd tools ;D03:13
Romsterseems Lennart's got a dip in dbus too?
Romsteroh i got one for ya too. friend typed this "i was playing around with the settings and an audio recorder and noticed that it only sounds like shit when i'm recording from pulseaudio natively. if i use the alsa compat interface it seems to work. gonna need to figure out how to make skype use alsa when i'm back from munich"03:15
Romsterpulseaudio fail.03:15
sepenit gives me the feeling that this guy wants to change the world to their way of seeing03:15
Romsterchange is ok but he is leaving a trail of destruction03:15
sepenat the end he will get to be a celebrity ;D03:17
sepenor at least I have the feeling that he's looking for that03:17
sepenlike Marilyn Manson or similars :D03:17
Romsterhonestly i don't know how he could push all this stuff.03:18
sepenI finally got 3.5.4 compiled here, rc2 update completed succesfully!03:23
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sepenfrinnst: new dbus adds /var/lib/dbus
sepenfrinnst: I just updated my desktop from 2.7 to 2.8-rc2 (which has dbus-1.4.24) and tried to update some ports from opt/2.803:38
sepenhmmm rc2 should have dbus-1.6.8 ...03:39
sepen*err, dbus is not part of the iso03:40
sepenjue: should be include your last change to rpcbind in a new rc3 or its ok as it is?03:44
juesepen: yeah, it will be03:50
sepenjue: when you talked about squashfs/rootfs changeset? just I remember that this change was deferred04:02
juesorry, no idea, IIRC was it you and jeager who talked about something like that04:09
sepenyeah but IIRC you said something like to keep the iso squashfs for now04:10
jueoops :)04:10
sepennah, it worked fine so fine for me04:10
juegoing to lunch now, bbl04:12
sepen13:35:43 <jue> ok, I'd suggest to postpone bigger changes for now and do at least 2.8 with our proven stuff?04:16
sepen13:35:57 <jaeger> That's fine with me04:16
sepenthats for what I was surprissed, anyways I'm glad with new rootfs stuff04:17
sepenthanks jaeger, all worked just fine ;D04:17
sepenhmmm, well my patch came a little further, creating the rootfs on the fly04:24
sepensorry for the noise :P04:24
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horrorStruckjue: "one guy" this is how you call your fellow cruxers :P05:59
frinnstsepen: fixed, thanks06:05
frinnstdunno how that happened06:05
sepennah, the most important is that now is fixed :D06:11
frinnst if anybody want's a go06:21
frinnstasfikjl asq'06:21
frinnstjaeger: 256.0M :D06:21
frinnstnoo, won't fit06:26
Romsterremove firefox out of opt sure to fit then06:27
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rmullIs there an easy upgrade path from 2.7 to 2.8, or must I use the iso?07:58
pitillormull: what do you mean by easy way? the iso is needed to make the upgrade in any way you want (from media booting it or mounting it in a loop device to make the upgrade, there is an explanation on the wiki about this last method, but it needs some changes with rc2, as it's using rootf instead of squash)08:03
frinnstrmull: edit the /etc/ports rsync-files and do a sysup.. stuff will break though :)08:16
frinnsthm, my rc2 seems a bit broken08:21
frinnstasdf, stupid missing \08:23
rmullpitillo: I was thinking more about what frinnst suggested :P08:27
rmullBut I'll just use the iso08:28
frinnstits not that big of deal upgrading via sysup08:28
frinnstjust dont expect everything to work without some manual labour :)08:28
frinnstand you probably need to rebuild everything a couple of times08:28
pitilloat the end it's the same, but without rebuilding what it's built atm (on the iso)08:30
pitillobut as frinnst said, some manual labour later (less on my server but quite intense on my laptop). Some smoke in its backwards xD08:31
pitilloworse video performance with rc2 (and an strange problem with ati drivers if I enable fb support on the kernel, as it doesn't work giving a problem with drm)08:34
juermull: don't try the sysup way, at least the libmpc update will break your toolchain, even so for libpcre08:43
juehorrorStruck: ah I see, you was the nice guy, thanks :)08:45
frinnstjue: yeah, but it can be solved with two symlinks :)08:45
frinnstgranted, its not a clean way of doing it :)08:45
juesure, but I wouldn't suggest it ;)08:45
frinnstbah, its fun breaking stuff :P08:46
frinnstspeaking of breaking stuff.. new cairo release :)08:46
juethe only probably 'save' way is to pkgadd everything from the iso08:47
jueand it's important to lock what setup-helper is doing08:48
pitillosafer and confortable, as it saves time of building (and fighting to keep the toolchain consistent)08:49
frinnstbah, you guys are boring :)08:50
jaegerfrinnst: hah, so close :)08:51
horrorStrucktalking about cairo we can remove --enable-tee since we build firefox without system cairo08:52
horrorStruckxorg-libxcb and xorg-xcb-proto are out too. build/work fine. also, no issue so far with new cairo.08:54
jaegereven though sepen is gone now, to clarify, we talked about both rootfs and having the initramfs built on-the-fly with packages and pkgadd. that second feature was the big one that needed more work and testing after 2.808:54
juewill look at the xcb stuff08:56
jaeger(well, not the initramfs but the setup environment)08:57
jaegerfrinnst: what went wrong with the x86_64 rc2?09:13
frinnsti screwed up the init when i removed old isa-scsi controllers09:14
jaegerah. I've done that, too, heh09:15
jaegerwell, I've probably screwed up the init more ways than anyone but most of those nobody but me sees :D09:16
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Romsteri haven't bumped xcb yet unless someone else wants to do that.09:48
Romsteri'm still on the newer xorg-server here no issues but i'm not sure if i got glx support on binary nvidia driver.09:49
Romsterrunescape suggests i don't.09:49
horrorStruckfrinnst: looking at --enable-tee in cairo is obsolete :)09:50
pitillowhat do you think about adding glxinfo/glxgears in mesa3d, building them  as in older versions?09:52
Romsterwhat needs to be done to gl-select to support newer xorg-server?10:07
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frinnstyeah i need to look over cairo. the only thing i've touched since i took maintainership is bump versions :)10:29
frinnstoh, he left10:29
jueRomster: new xcb works fine for me too10:43
juethe only problem with gl-select and xorg-server 1.13 I see is the absence of libdri*, because that's no longer a module but build-in10:46
Romsterso basicly removing that bit for libdri is all that needs doing for 1.13?10:53
Romsterthat's what i was expecting10:53
pitilloperformance grow again going backwards to xorg-xf86-video-ati 6.14.4 (ATI RV200 [Mobility Radeon 7500])11:35
frinnstyou see better performance with the old version?11:56
pitilloyes frinnst, I was making some test with current stable, CRUX version and finished going backwards because there were no way to get some decent performance (slow moving windows, refreshing, moving around tabs...)11:58
frinnstwow, i see completely the opposite11:59
pitilloand some kernel dumps with 6.14.611:59
frinnsthah, strange11:59
pitilloit has sense, as probably you have newer hardware than me11:59
frinnstwhat kernel are you running?11:59
frinnstRadeon HD 5700 Series11:59
pitillocurrent one shipped on rc2 3.5.411:59
frinnstyou use kms?12:00
pitillogood one, powerfull and newer than this mobility12:00
pitilloyes, I have been using it since 2.7 if I remember right12:00
frinnstmight be worth asking the #ati folks if there are any known regressions12:01
frinnstrather, #radeon12:01
frinnst#ati is the closed source driver iirc12:01
pitilloyep, long time without being there12:01
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pitillofrinnst: wrong report, I'm using modesetting driver, nor *-ati one... I'll try to read more about new version and check if it supports this chip12:20
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pitillofrinnst: wrong report, I'm using modesetting driver, I'm not using *-ati one... I'll try to read more about new version and check if it supports this chip12:27
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pitillofrinnst: Option "EXAPixmaps" "true" made the trick13:40
pitillomesa3d demos were removed from Mesa lib. If someone want to take a look and see if it can be interesting to have at least glxgears/glxinfo in xorg
jaegerRomster: in response to your multilib rc comment I hadn't really thought about it much, not sure if a 2.8 release of multilib is worth the effort16:39
jaegerwith that said, I probably should go ahead and do so just to make the shift to 3.0 easier16:39
jaegersome of the work is already done such as the glibc and gcc updates16:46
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Romsterta pitillo added mesa-demos and mesa-demos-3221:34
Romsterhmm i'm getting a lousy 300 frames in 5 seconds why....21:35
Romsteri used to get something like 20,00021:35
Romsteri know it's not a bench mark tool but why so low.21:35
Romsternvidia driver not designed for this xorg-server yet?21:36
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jaegerthe answer is "you didn't read" :D23:48
jaeger(referring to the stackexchange thing)23:49
Romsterso it's all working but i'm laying runescape and it's graphics are crap as hell like i'm not using hardware acceleration23:55
Romstermaybe it's jsut java or firefox...23:55
jaegerdo other 3d apps work fine?23:55
Romsterunless it's something vdpau related.23:55
Romsternot tried.23:55
Romstergot a suggestion to try?23:55
jaegertry something like unigine heaven or the phoronix thing23:55
Romsteri added mesa-demos too kind of missed that tool.23:55
Romsteri looked at the phoronix and went nope php...23:56
Romsterand the gui needs php-gtk wont happen23:56
jaegerunigine heaven shouldn't need anything else if I remember right23:56
Romsterof course no one has packaged that either -_-23:57
jaegerIt isn't something I'd bother packaging, only ever run it once23:57
Romsterhow do you run it? since you have used it before.23:59
jaegerIt's been long enough that I don't remember for sure but I think it just had an executable you can run from a terminal or double-click in your file manager, probably23:59

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