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Romstercool will do04:37
horrorSt1uckjaeger: isnt 2.8 64bit multilib supposed to be 3.0 or there will be a 2.8 first?04:37
Romsteryeah but unoffically we have 64bit and multilib too.04:38
Romstercan't see why there wont be a 2.8 unofficial then again that would be 3.004:39
horrorSt1uckbut they're the same, no?04:39
Romsteri think04:41
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jaegerWe don't know 3.0 will be the same since there isn't one yet07:18
jaegereither way the work needed to be done07:20
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frinnstwee, mesa907:53
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jaegerman, irssi + screen really doesn't want to cooperate with me on the whole accented characters thing09:53
jaegermore correctly, irssi+screen+mate-terminal09:53
jaegerirssi+screen+putty works09:53
jaegerseems like xterm works as well09:55
jaegerif I reattach with mate-terminal it's broken again09:55
jaegerah ha! changed mate-terminal's encoding to UTF-8 and it works09:56
jaegersorry for the spam, done now09:56
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juefrinnst: good news, time to drop nvidia ;)10:11
juehmm, mesa 9.0 is something we should have at least in 2.810:12
frinnstnvidia? or nv?10:14
juenvidia (the binary)10:14
jaegerI'll be impressed if mesa works as well as the binary but it'll be interesting10:15
juewill install/test new mesa now10:17
juelooks like we need another rc for 2.8, it's a pain10:18
jaegerbootstrapping isn't too much trouble, it's the work before that's tough :)10:19
jaegerupdating the ISO, etc.10:19
jueif we do the update to 9.0 at all ...10:19
juebut I think it makes perfect sense to do it10:19
jaegerbetter before 2.8's release than after10:20
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jaegerWhy does this happen?11:53
jaegermount.nfs: rpc.statd is not running but is required for remote locking.11:53
jaegermount.nfs: Either use '-o nolock' to keep locks local, or start statd.11:53
jaegermount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified11:53
jaegerrpc.statd IS running11:53
jaegerno incorrect mount options were specific11:53
jaegerthe command line was simple: mount -t nfs server:/export/path /mnt/nfs11:53
jaegerhrmm.. either something with 2.8 (util-linux?) or my system is broken, works fine on another machine with 2.7 installed12:02
pitillojaeger: here I have it running in client/server, both machines updated to 2.8 (I've rebuilt it and deps)12:09
jaegerI rebuilt it and all deps, still doesn't work... but since it works from another machine I know the problem is local to this one. I'll figure it out later12:09
jaegerworking on cleaning up some old data on our SAN12:09
juehmm, jaeger is this a nfs4 server?12:10
jaegerIt supports nfs4 but I'm connecting with 312:10
juetried mount -v ...?12:11
jaegerthat gets me one more line12:12
jaegermount.nfs: timeout set for Tue Oct  9 12:15:03 201212:12
pitillojaeger: the nolock option doesn't fit your needs?12:16
jaegerIt might, I haven't tried. I want to know why this happens, not work around it12:17
juerpc_pipefs is mounted?12:20
pitillothen you are running softfp12:21
pitillosorry, wrong window12:21
jaegerjue: yes12:23
jaegerand mounts/unmounts properly when rpcbind is started/stopped12:23
jaegerIt's not a big deal, can wait until later. I've got the export mounted on another machine for now to do the work12:23
jueunrelated, but you've recognized that I've added libwrap support to rpcbind lately?12:25
pitillostrange if you are running statd at client side to avoid the nolock option12:25
jaegersaw some mention of that12:25
jueyep, nouveau works fine with new mesa :)12:30
jaeger2d and 3d? :)12:32
jueAIGLX: Loaded and initialized nouveau12:34
juefrom glxinfo:12:35
jueOpenGL vendor string: nouveau12:35
jueOpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on NV4312:35
jueOpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 9.012:35
jaegerseems reasonable12:39
jueyeah, will try it on my laptop (intel) tomorrow12:44
jaegerhave you tried any 3d apps besides the mesa demos stuff?12:44
pitillojue: can you stress it to see its performance?12:45
juejaeger: no, I don't have any 3d app besides glxgears :)12:46
jaegerheh, ok12:47
pitillothat could be a good reference, wm compositing or a game to check performance and "stability"12:47
jaegerI'll test wine with it when I get the time to... I've got an extra machine at home with an nvidia card that can be used for that13:04
pitillosounds great13:10
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frinnstjaeger: i got that too yesterday14:39
frinnstthe nfs stuff14:39
frinnstdunno what changed. the only thing i can think of was the tcp-wrappers thing14:39
frinnstI use v414:40
frinnstjue: llvm required for mesa 9?14:41
jaegerfrinnst: glad it's not only me, I'll play with it more15:16
jaegerGot work stuff to take care of first, though15:16
frinnstyeah ive not had time to look into it either16:16
pitillostarting rpcbind and nfs lets mount without nolock16:52
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jaegerpitillo: they were both started when I tested18:48
pitillojaeger: have you checked rpcinfo -p when you run rpcbind?18:49
jaegerI will test it after I upgrade my test box to 2.8-rc218:49
jaegerI'm at home now so don't have easy access to the workstation I was using18:50
pitillothose test at client side were made using rc2 and last tcp-wrappers update18:50
jaegermine were on multilib on my workstation which is multilib and pretty much rc218:51
jaegerextra words!18:51
jaegeranyway, 2.8-rc2 multilib18:51
pitilloI've tested without rpcbind and I hit the same result you posted18:51
pitillojajajaja, I understood18:51
pitillohere i686 in both cases (client/server)18:52
jaegeryeah, I triple-checked rpcbind was running, even the log file looked fine18:52
jaegerdidn't think to check rpcinfo, though18:52
pitillolet's see how it goes on multilib, I can't do much more here18:54
jaegerGotta find a USB stick, then I'll do the upgrade18:55
jaegerok, upgrade in progress19:07
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