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frinnstjaeger: so, tcpwrappers?01:54
frinnstALL : ALL in hosts.allow, even on the client perhaps?01:55
juegood morning02:59
juefrinnst: same as with mesa 8, some drivers need llvm others not03:00
frinnstyou think llvm2 should be a dep then?03:27
jueIMO no, nouveau works without and we had no complains about missing drivers in the past03:37
frinnstgood :)03:38
juebut well, I've no idea about ati, I guess works for you?03:39
frinnstworks fine with the current mesa in xorg03:47
frinnstnot tested 903:47
jueok, new mesa works with intel gpu as well, I'll commit the update to 2.804:28
juedone, please test04:46
frinnstim playing with xulrunner as an external lib again. thunderbird supposedly is able to use it now04:47
frinnstmaybe for 3.004:47
juefrinnst: btw, running glib 2.34.0 and atk 2.6.0 here, no issues so far05:00
pitillobuilding here mesa9, let's see how it goes with this old ati05:04
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sepenmerge conflict for firefox
frinnstyeah I fucked it up yesterday a bit. thought i had it fixed05:28
frinnstIm heading home for lunch. I'll fix it then05:28
pitilloall right with mesa9, problems with GLU building mesa-demos05:38
pitillofirefox will need a rebuild...05:41
pitillotwo restarts were enought...05:42
frinnsthopefully fixed now sepen. I merged the branches for you05:58
pitilloummmmmmmm glu support is moved, interesting06:04
juepitillo: you've read the notify mail? ;)06:05
pitilloan interesting point to take care about depending ports on mesa3d (may be games)06:05
pitilloummmm nop jue, sorry. I'll check06:05
pitillosorry :)06:06
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jueadjusted the dependency for mesa-demos now, probably others needs that too06:13
Romsteri'll get into testing mode this coming weekend.06:19
pitillojue: great, thank you. Mesa-demos built and running perfect now. Sorry for that notify miss06:22
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frinnstsepen: does imlib2 build for you on 2.8?06:54
frinnstI ran a quick revdep when i was home for lunch and it got listed. it failed to rebuild06:54
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sepenfrinnst: hmm I'm going to take a look, thanks07:26
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jaegerfrinnst: yeah, I'll have to try that today, didn't get around to it last night07:47
frinnstwhy is even firefox open source? they dont want you to use it anyways08:01
jaegerfrinnst: yeah, it's definitely tcp_wrappers; ALL: ALL works08:01
jaegerSo I wonder what the proper invocation is08:01
juejaeger: I've a entry like 'rpcbind:   192.168.0.
jue' on the client side08:02
jaegerI had tried that, even with rpcbind: ALL08:02
jaegerI'll test it again08:02
jueand one for mountd on the server08:02
jues/one/one additional/08:03
jaegerthe server isn't crux in this case but yeah, I have that on my server at home08:03
frinnstALL: ALL ftw :)08:03
jue.oO ;)08:03
jaegerrpcbind: 127.0.0 10.124.17. <-- this fails08:04
jaegerrpcbind: all <-- this works08:04
jueshouldn't that be 127.0.0. ?08:04
jaegerer, there's a typo in my first line but it's correct in hosts.allow08:05
jaegerrpcbind: 127.0.0.
jaegerinteresting.... if I restart rpcbind after that change, it works08:06
jaegerbut a restart was NOT required when hosts.allow said rpcbind: all08:06
juehmm, that's stange08:06
jaegervery, but at least now I know it can work08:06
jaegerfrinnst: I need a graph for "CPU time spent building firefox" :D08:07
jaegerjue: gonna test mesa next08:08
jaegercan't duplicate the rpcbind issue now, even stranger08:09
jaegernow it works as you'd expect, changes to hosts.allow are immediate08:10
jaegerperhaps it was a fluke but I don't know =/08:10
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pitillostrange behaviour08:19
jaegerperhaps I made some mistake and didn't write the file out from vim or something =/08:20
jaegermesa3d 9 seems to work... can't get python-32 to build at the moment for wine but glxinfo reports direct rendering and compositing works09:35
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