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Romsterok i686 2.8 testing building ports in progress06:57
Romsterhmmz fontforge is broken due to libpng bump07:30
horrorStrucki just enabled 2.8 repos on my machine, i can see we still have libpthread-stubs 0.2, it would be great to ship 0.3 because the upgrade is a real pain.07:50
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horrorStruckalso, librsvg current is 2.36.3 (i'm using 2.36.1 since a long time without any issue)07:52
horrorStruckthere's also gimp/gegl/babl but they add new deps IIRC. using those versions since gimp 2.8 has been released, no issue either.07:54
horrorStruckahem just to be sure, i'm not complaining in any way, just pointing at new versions just in case. i can share my Pkgfile's if needed.07:56
Romsteryeah i was using 0.3 but seems it breaks too many other ports.07:56
Romsteri made a bug report to bump gimp when tek has time.07:57
horrorStruckyes, this upgrade was a huge pita07:57
horrorStruckah ok07:57
Romsteri even made  patch to save tek effort apply commit push07:57
Romsteri don't know what i can do about fontforge other than carry older libpng until fontforge can use the newer libpng.07:57
horrorStrucki dont even know what fontforge is supposed to do :P07:58
Romster;a=shortlog;pg=3 looking though their git tree it's active but i do not wanna go there with patching fontforge or use a git snapshot.07:58
RomsterOutline and bitmap font editor.07:58
horrorStruckyep thanks07:59
Romsteri guess i can throw in a libpng-compat for fontforge in my chroot and see how that goes.07:59
horrorStruckRomster: did you update your 2.7 install to 2.8?08:01
Romsternot yet i'm testing ports in a 2.8 chroot right now.08:02
horrorStruckok thanks. i'll try08:04
Romsteri don't feel liek breaking my desktop yet08:06
horrorStruckmy laptop has a rather small 128G SSD so at least it's easy to rsync the whole thing in case anything goes really bad08:07
Romsteri can test on another box before i commit to it.08:36
horrorStruckhmm looks like it's gonna be a bit fun. anyway, it's too late now08:50
Romsteryeah it's broken a few ports ugh08:56
horrorStrucklibpcre breaks grep and wget (and others) and that kind of makes things difficult :P had to rebuild grep without pcre support, update libpcre, rebuild grep and wget. building has resumed08:58
Romsterhehe gotta love things like that09:05
Romsterwell prt-get depisnt wine works09:05
Romsterlets test a few others before i sleep09:06
frinnsthorrorStruck: you can just symlink the libpcre so-file and rebuild :)09:10
horrorStruckfrinnst: well... yes :D i've read so many times in the past that symlinking libs is bad that my brain did not even consider this obvious fix09:14
jaegerIt's fine for temporary work, just don't forget to remove the temporary links :)09:17
Romsterdangling symlinks ftw09:32
juedoing it a bit different mostly: a) install the old libraries into /opt/lib or something like that b) temporary add /opt/lib to /etc/
juethe advantage is that it works even if the libs are not fully downwards compatible09:55
juewrt libthread-stubs: shouldn't we remove it for 2.8?10:05
juehorrorStruck: installing everything from the iso would be much easier ;)10:08
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horrorStruckjue: there's sweat and blood here right now. libpng is quite fun too. i think libpthread-stubs is still needed but using 0.3 would be really nice10:24
jueno, it's not needed, 0.3 is just a dummy10:26
jueI've to add: IIRC ;)10:27
juebut removing libpthread-stubs is a pain for the user, because he has to rebuild everything which is linked against xorg libs10:29
horrorStrucki've been there :)10:35
jueyeah, it's as I said, libpthread-stubs installs just a pkgconfig file10:42
horrorStruckdo we need static in libpng?10:56
jueyou mean the .a archive?11:05
horrorStruckyes but forget it, my machine is quite fucked up right now and this previous question magically became irrelevant :P11:10
jaegerjue: another rc for mesa3d and util-linux?11:30
jueyeah, I'd say we have to do another and hopefully last one, what's your opinion?11:35
jaegerSeems reasonable to me11:44
jaegerNot sure what to think about libpthread-stubs11:45
jueboth alternatives are not very nice, to keep that useless lib forever and to rebuild mostly everything a user has installed11:47
jueback in some minutes11:48
jaegeryeah, both bad =/11:51
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jaegerwelcome back12:27
juethanks :)12:27
juehmm, postpone the remove to 3.0?12:28
jaegerI'd rather either do it with 2.8 or 3.0 than do it between releases12:33
jaegerso that would be fine with me12:33
jaegerWe've already delayed 2.8 a few times for various updates12:33
juebtw, I've added a rule to inject glu to setup-helper today12:36
jueI'd say it's the best bet to install it if mesa is installed12:36
jueeven if it probably is not needed12:37
jaegerno objections here12:38
jueok, so let's go for it :)12:40
jaegerAlready updating my build environments :)12:41
jaegerfrinnst: are you planning to update the opt-x86_64 python port or remove it?12:52
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frinnstjaeger: update it14:13
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jaegerevery day I'm buildin' firefox15:18
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Romsterim still testing ports unless none of my changes affect the iso.20:56
Romsterbbl back to work20:56
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