IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-10-13

Romstercould we get multilib on git? or we need to throw all the repos into 1 multilib overlay than the seperate core opt xorg contrib we have now?00:18
jaegerafter 2.8 hits the plan is to move the multilib repos into the official core/opt/xorg/contrib00:20
jaegerthen add a compat-32 repo for the *-32 ports00:20
Romsterwhy have we now got python?00:20
jaegerbecause of the pyconfig.h stub header00:20
Romsterfrinnst, hasn't done that in x86_64?00:20
jaegerno, no need for it in x86_6400:20
jaegerit's specifically to fix the header issue in multilib00:21
jaegerIf you read over the 'CRUX next II' email (I think that's what it was called) it lists the proposed 3.0 plan00:21
Romsteroh right so this picks the correct header based on python arch00:24
Romsterso that include32 is now obsolete.00:24
jaegerfor python-32, at least00:24
Romsteri was stumped on that.00:24
jaegerlibsdl-32 still needs to be fixed00:24
Romsterhmm what about that hack i did for include3200:24
jaegerI think that's gonna be an sdl-config stub instead of a header but I'll look closer00:24
Romsterwhere did you find that header or did you figure that out yourself?00:24
Romsteri'm still not that good at that side of programming.00:25
jaegerThe idea came from LFS and libgmp, adapted a libgmp stub I had around00:25
Romstersparc64 arch64... i don't think we'd hit any of those other targets.00:26
jaegernope, most likely not. I left them in just in case someone wants to port those00:26
Romstertalloc-32 ah that was the one i was stuck on00:28
Romsterbut what the at this --libdir=/usr/lib32 mv $PKG/usr/lib/* $PKG/usr/lib32/00:28
Romsterautotools fail00:28
Romsteri must of missed that...00:28
jaegerIt was only an issue for the python bits, which weren't built before today00:29
Romsteroh that's why i didn't see it.00:29
Romsteryou going to push wine too?00:33
Romsterjaeger, push what you got so i can ports -u please00:34
Romsteralso i know i put a file somewhere to compare versions of foo and foo-32 files to see if any don't have matching versions, but where in computer did i put it...00:35
jaegerI already did00:36
Romster;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/2.8 odd i don't see it there.00:36
jaegerah, forgot wine, pushed the others00:36
Romsterugh i just started ports -u00:37
Romsterjust have to run it again00:37
jaegeryou could limit it to opt-multilib00:37
jaegeron the next run00:37
Romsterthat's the other discrepancy it's opt-x86_64-multilib.rsync and /usr/ports/opt-multilib00:39
Romsterdoing ports -u opt-multilib fails of course00:39
jaegeranother thing that I considered fixing but decided not to once we go to 3.000:39
jaegerports -u opt-x86_64-multilib works00:39
Romsteryeah just have to remember that00:40
jaegerok, it's pushed00:40
Romsteri have a need for firefox-32 currently and jre 6u35 for OpenGL on but i think that's too ugly to add to opt-multilib so i think i'll keep that in my personal repo.00:43
jaegeryou could also use a 32-bit binary of firefox if it's just a one-off thing00:44
jaegersave some work00:44
Romsteralready built it :D00:44
Romsterwasn't much effort00:44
Romsternss-32 nspr-32 and firefox-32 everything else was there already00:44
Romsterso now i can do firefox and firefox-3200:45
Romsterpretty crazy00:45
jaegerI need to update util-linux-32 as well, will push that soon00:46
Romsterso whats left to to building wine right now00:47
Romsteri need to look at gstreamer 1.0 is out now but issue is hwo many programs that depend on gstramer will break if i bump it00:47
Romster2.8 release isn't too far away i should probably think about contrib-2.800:48
Romsteri've already started testing.00:48
Romsterlike yesterday00:48
jaegercouldn't hurt00:48
jaegerutil-linux-32 updated00:49
Romsterthis is fun 6 chroots for 2.7 and 2.8 crux x86 x86_64 and x86_64-multilib00:52
Romsterand i haven't even started on any VM's yet.00:53
jaegerI'm a big fan of VMs for build testing00:53
jaegertake a snapshot of the fresh build, build whatever you want to test, revert to the snapshot when you need to start over00:53
Romsteri use the same ccache directory00:53
Romster20GB LV just for ccache00:54
Romsterunless i get sneaky and use a mount in the VM for that.00:54
Romsteryou probably use something commercial due to your work00:55
jaegerI use VMware ESXi but at home I use the free license00:55
jaegerbuilt a small server for it, love it00:55
jaeger <-- basically this but with my own case and PSU00:56
jaegerused that same CPU and motherboard00:56
Romstergot it all on my desktop that's only got 8gb ram 3.4GHz cpu i do have some other boxens here i really need to setup a build server00:56
Romsterand i'd like to finish my buildbot so i can rebuild on every git commit to test for regressions.00:56
Romsterwhen i get time/resources00:56
Romsternearly have enough to setup distcc again00:57
Romsteri really should be using a LV for the chroot than on the same hdd as home.00:58
Romsterstriped LV would be a plan as i don't care about reliability of chroot testing.00:59
jaegerI'll look at libsdl-32 tomorrow, past time I went to bed00:59
Romsterok g'night01:01
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jaegerRomster: run into any issues with my updates or all smooth?19:55
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