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juegood morning03:34
juefrinnst: already looked at latest pango (1.32.1)?03:35
frinnstnope, forgot :<03:40
jueFYI, beginning with 1.32 pango depends on a external text shaping library called harfbuzz ->
jueolder version of pango came with a basic harfbuzz bundled, that's the pango/opentype directory03:41
frinnstjoy, another useless external library that will never be used anywhere else03:42
jueat all, I'd say it's to late for 2.803:43
frinnstwell 3.0 won't be far off, no?03:43
jueyeah, if we follow our current plan, 3.0 will come short after 2.803:44
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jaeger <-- anyone know what he was talking about?07:09
jaeger <-- this is from the bootstrap, for reference07:10
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jaegerHrmm, we should probably create a 2.8 contrib soon08:05
frinnstjaeger: heh, no09:34
frinnsti suspect he was talking about pango, but not sure :)09:35
juejaeger: that's what I've reported earlier today, latest pango depends on harfbuzz09:38
juewith latest I mean versions >= 1.3209:39
frinnstjaeger: is that cairo?09:40
jaegerI was talking about cairo, not pango09:40
jaegerbecause as far as I could tell nomius was as well09:40
juejaeger: no idea what he means with cairo09:40
jaegeraside from the harfbuzz dep the 1.30 pango is still the one listed on the GTK downloads09:40
juebtw, I've created a initial version of our ChangeLog yesterday09:46
jaegerRomster: looks like the wine folks might have fixed the need for the ac_cv_prog_ft_devel setting in wine -
jaegerI haven't tested it yet, though09:52
juejaeger: looks like rc3 is working very well, I did another install yesterday without any issues11:09
jaegerMy installations have worked great so far11:11
juehmm, should we announce it today and release the same as 2.8 some days later if nothing strange happens?11:14
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jaegerI think that's safe, anyone have an objection?12:34
jaegerAnything else we need to do in the handbook? Need release notes as well for the ISO12:34
jueright, I forgot the release notes12:36
juewrt handbook, section 3.1, is the table about drivers still valid, I'd say we support much more now ..12:38
jaegerI'll take a look12:39
jaegerYeah, I can add more info to that12:40
jaegerAre you planning to maintain an i586 image for 2.8 or should we remove that comment from section 3?12:41
juemy old i586er is no longer in use, replaced it with a dual-core atom12:44
jueI can start writing the release notes tomorrow12:46
jaegerI'll fix up the hardware section12:51
juegreat, thanks12:51
juejaeger: I guess it was probably a bit misleading what I wrote above, with 'the same' I meant the same content resp. program versions and not the same ISO12:54
jaegerYeah, I figured that's what you meant :) It would mostly be the same, just updated changelog, release notes, handbook, etc.12:55
jueyeah, exactly :)12:55
jaegerStill quite a few things in flyspray but not sure if any should hold back a release12:58
jaegerI wonder if we shouldn't just replace the hardware list with something more generic and links to the kernel config and initramfs.lst13:33
jaegerbecause if I list all the supported drivers that table is going to get pretty big13:34
jaegerI'll preview it and see how it turns out, I guess13:34
jaegerok, it's not as bad as I thought it would be13:40
jaegerjue: mind taking a look at the hardware list when you have some time?14:00
jaegerI might also slightly change the wording of the i686 line14:02
jaegerfrom "compiled with optimization for i686 (Pentium-Pro/Celeron/Pentium-II or better) processors" to "compiled with optimization for i686 (Pentium-Pro/Celeron/Pentium-II) or newer processors"14:02
jaegerI left VLB devices out of the list, even though some are supported14:03
jaegerI think it highly unlikely that anyone is running CRUX on a machine with VLB needs, though I could be wrong14:03
juejaeger: looks fine for me14:05
jaegeroops, I need to remove usb device filesystem from the list, that's gone from the kernel14:05
jaegerok, fixed14:06
juejaeger: have to leave now for today, will be back tomorrow14:12
jaegertake care14:24
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Romsterjaeger, Alexandre Julliard said it's closed in 1.5.15, i'd trust what he says as he is a trusted dev.20:34
Romstertesting now20:34
Romsterfixed wine jaeger20:43
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jaegeryeah, I linked the fix commit earlier22:06
jaegerwell, the bug at least22:06
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