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frinnstrc3 expected before a final release?01:53
Romsterwhat'st eh go with this pango update business i keep reading about?02:41
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jaegerfrinnst: what do you mean?07:08
frinnstjaeger: i dont know :D07:42
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pitillohey, does someone know (jue may be?) about --without-bash-malloc option in bash port? To avoid bash malloc function and use glibc's instead10:41
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jaegerRomster: <-- a patch for openjade to build with the new perl in 2.813:15
NomiusHave you tried the latest chromium in 2.8rc3?13:16
sepennot for now13:37
sepenyou mean latest stable?13:38
sepenit failed on 2.713:38
NomiusI'm trying to build the port in 2.813:39
sepenchromium builds are just a ton of shit, if you find something interesting please let me know13:39
NomiusIt's the version you maintain13:39
NomiusI'm getting these errors:
sepenwell, I tried more updated versions but failed on crux13:40
sepenyeah, that is what I'm trying to say, their stable builds should be considered nonbuilds :D13:41
NomiusSo, there's no chromium for 2.8?13:41
sepen2.8 is not released yet13:43
sepenbut if your questions is if I'll try to get a chromium build for new 2.8, then the answer is ye13:44
sepenworst part if the time required to build this big port13:45
NomiusYeah, I kno13:45
frinnstwhy are all browsers so shitty?13:57
NomiusWell, I could bypass that error14:01
NomiusThe problem is that building chromium in a vm takes ages!14:01
jaegerset up a faster VM :D14:03
* frinnst likes kvm14:04
NomiusI'm running kvm14:06
NomiusBut my machine doesn't have too much power14:06
* frinnst also likes his i714:07
NomiusMy machine is 5 years :-)14:10
* jaeger likes his i7 and xeon14:11
jaegerIt's been years since I used kvm, I should check it out again14:12
frinnstwell usability wise you probably wont be surprised :)14:13
frinnstbut it is fast. last benchmark i saw it beat out esxi 414:13
jaegerfair enough14:13
jaegerI wonder how it compares to esxi 514:13
NomiusI'm using crux in kvm in text mode... If anyone makes X work on it, let me know :-)14:14
jaegerheh, crux 2.5 is listed at
jaegerbit old info14:15
Nomius2.7 did work14:16
frinnstNomius: i have a working xorg install14:16
jaegerIs there a kvm xorg module or do you just use vesa?14:17
frinnstthe gfx driver you should ise is cirrus14:17
NomiusAny flag to start qemu-system-x86_64 ?14:17
NomiusOh, cirrus?14:17
frinnsta kvm driver is in staging in newish kernels14:17
frinnstthink it was added to 3.614:17
NomiusX -configure set the vesa driver...14:18
frinnstalso had to add ps2 mouse support in the kernel iirc14:18
frinnstdont use -configure, just let it autodetect14:18
jaegerNomius: Xorg -configure finds the drivers that are installed, not the ones that are necessarily right14:18
frinnsti dont think -configure is recommended these days14:18
jaegerfrinnst: for what it's worth I still generate my initial configs with it14:18
jaegerI have to edit them for twinview anyway so it's slightly easier than starting blank14:18
frinnstI rarely use a config14:19
NomiusYeah, but something goes wrong with my events, as if I let it "autodetect", nor either my mouse or keyboard works...14:19
frinnstNomius: you need some more basic stuff for inputs14:19
frinnstlet me see14:19
frinnstyeah "MOUSE_PS2" was needed14:20
NomiusOf course my mouse is working in the kernel, otherwise, there would be no config for X that did work... :-P14:24
frinnstI built my kernel without ps2 support and just relied on evdev - did not work14:27
frinnstno special flags for qemu14:27
NomiusI will try the cirrus thing once I finish building chromium, but I don't think it's the display, as it looks like the display works with vesa... So I think it could be something with the input devices...14:29
frinnstergo me ranting on about MOUSE_PS2 :)14:30
AmnesiaNomius: I got it working with vesa14:31
Nomiuscat /dev/input/mouse0 gives me crap when moving my mouse :-)14:31
Amnesiacirrus actually was sluggish as hell14:31
NomiusAmnesia: That's in kvm?14:31
NomiusHave a valid xorg.conf?14:31
Amnesiajust used the autodetection14:32
Amnesialet me double check..14:32
Amnesiahm haven't got the vm anymore sorry:/14:34
AmnesiaI'll try and set up X14:35
Amnesiahm it's failing with the stock kernel/vesa:)14:36
NomiusWhat stock kernel?14:37
NomiusSorry... Are you from the past?14:38
AmnesiaE_LAZY, and it isn't a production system14:39
Amnesiabtw, on my laptop I still run due to a crappy kernel bug14:40
AmnesiaNomius: what does your xorg log say?14:41
Nomius"config/udev: Adding input device ImExPS/2 Generic Explorer Mouse (/dev/input/mouse0)"14:42
Nomius"No input driver specified, ignoring this device."14:42
Nomius"This device may have been added with another device file."14:42
Nomius(sorry for the delay, I have to copy from kvm :-P)14:42
Amnesiaheh np, yeah sucks14:43
Amnesia<- xinit: connection to server lost14:43
Amnesiaand xorg.log contains one error telling me that it failed to load the module fbdev14:44
Amnesiaiirc a framebuffer device wasn't a requirement to get X running14:45
* frinnst reboots into 3.7-rc1 :)14:45
Amnesiaheh lucky you:)14:46
AmnesiaNomius: you do have xorg-xf86-input-evdev installed?14:46
Amnesiaand xorg~-xf86-input-keyboard?14:47
Amnesiaeh mouse *14:47
frinnsthopefully the slow fsync() is now fixed with btrfs14:47
frinnst20 seconds is a bit much to wait for vim to write a 1kb file to a ssd :)14:48
Amnesiafrinnst: hopefully my bug will ever be fixed14:48
frinnstwhat bug is that?14:48
Amnesiaacpi related14:48
AmnesiaNomius: also got to debug my config14:51
Amnesiadoes X actually start on your side?14:51
NomiusYes it does14:52
Amnesiabut your mouse isn't working?14:53
Amnesia( I got it working btw )14:53
NomiusIt does?14:53
NomiusAny "special" setup?14:54
Amnesianot that I know14:54
NomiusJust startx with no xorg.conf?14:54
Amnesiaand no contents in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/14:54
NomiusWill try that out once chromium ends compiling :-)14:54
NomiusAfter modifying the code a little bit it is compiling...14:57
NomiusBTW sepen, I disabled kerberos :-)14:57
AmnesiaNomius: tbh I don't think I'd be bothered to compile my browser^^15:00
AmnesiaI used to do so in the past to disable dbus15:00
Amnesiabut meh15:00
* Amnesia runs15:01
NomiusYeah, but disabling dbus will not allow you to use external plugins, like google hangouts and such...15:01
Amnesiaeverything that contains "google" in it's name is evil15:01
Amnesiawell except for the plugin  googlesharing15:01
Amnesianever had any use of dbus tbh..15:02
NomiusI know what is it for and why desktop apps use it, but it's sooo bloated and overloaded15:04
Amnesia<- desktop15:04
frinnstsystemd uses it :)15:05
NomiusYeah, and that makes systemd even more bloated...15:05
Nomiussysvinit is great15:06
Amnesiabtw you folks should pentadactyl15:06
* Amnesia likes15:06
NomiusI still need to try out if I can remove that /run15:06
Amnesiaremove what?15:06
NomiusIn 2.8 there's a /run directory, which I hate15:07
Amnesiawhat did I miss 2.8 got released?15:07
Amnesiaor are you talking 'bout the beta stage?15:07
NomiusRelease candidate 3 already15:08
Amnesiahas it been made public yet?15:08
NomiusI think it was in the crux list15:09
Amnesiaah 'k15:10
AmnesiaI'll just wait for the final release15:10
Amnesialack of time:/15:10
Amnesiais it gonna use systemd o0?15:11
frinnstheh, no15:12
NomiusNo, thanks...15:12
Amnesiaah thank god15:13
AmnesiaNomius: If /run does not exist, or is not writable, udev will fall back using15:15
Amnesiasaw that one yesterday15:20
Amnesia that one's also awesome15:21
Amnesiaswitching tty's in qemu/kvm sucks15:22
Amnesiaalways forget the keybindings15:23
Amnesiam~~ah thx15:25
Amnesiacrappy with f4 though;P15:25
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NomiusNoup, xorg without configuration file stills not working...17:33
NomiusSo I think it might be something with my input devices in the kernel (as frinnst though)... Does anyone have a nice and minimal kernel config for kvm?18:09
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rmullIs reiserfs still worth considering for new installs? crux ships reiserfsprogs in core20:11
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Romsterhow do i go about making a new branch?20:45
Romster$ git branch 2.8 origin/2.820:45
Romsterfatal: Not a valid object name: 'origin/2.8'.20:45
RomsterNomius, have you got EVDEV enabled?20:46
Romsternevermind i see how to do it.20:48
Romsterjue, can you track contrib 2.8 to rsync please.21:05
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Romsterfixed jaeger just need ports -u contrib to work on 2.8 in rsync now.21:21
Romsterbbl work21:22
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NomiusRomster: I have EVDEV built into the kernel...23:17

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