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sepenjue: I resurrected gftp too ;D05:22
sepenjue: and something funny, in your commit you said 'gftpd: ...'05:23
juesepen: ok, thanks05:57
juefrinnst: will update the port to that version, thanks for the info05:57
juefrinnst: was able to reproduce your segfaults ;)05:58
juefollows everytime the same pattern:05:59
jue1. it happens during the libtool install phase05:59
jue2. bash tries to create a new fd, but that exists already06:00
jue3. segfault06:00
juea typical crash looks loke that ->
juewill try to get a usable core dump later06:02
frinnstoh cool06:20
frinnstis that on 32bit?06:21
frinnstseems more crux-people should have come across it06:22
Romsteri think i'm hitting some xcb bug where xorg freezes and sometimes crashes06:27
Romsterlike the other night i had to sysrq ro remount disks read only sync then reboot as i could't gain keyboard or mouse control back06:28
Romsterother times i have to wait for desktop to respond during high i/o disk activity06:29
Romsterseems to be even worse since i've bumped my kernel version to 3.6.306:29
juefrinnst: yes, 32bit06:31
juelooks like a race condition that is triggered if lots of processes are/were running06:35
juesure, bash shouldn't segfault but, wild guessing, the underlying problem is probably more a kernel thing ...06:40
juebtw, the first segfault happens after around 9 hours of building ports on my old laptop ...07:09
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rmullHi, I have a problem with updating imlib2.10:03
rmullI believe the problem is with libungif vs giflib10:03
rmulllibungif says that it's supposed to be compatible with giflib10:03
rmullI have the latest giflib installed and imlib2 build says loader_gif.c:39:4: error: too few arguments to function 'DGifOpenFileHandle'10:04
rmullAnyway, the problem is probably on my system. I have libungif and giflib installed.10:05
rmullSo they might be battling it out10:05
rmullI'll figure it out. Sorry for the noise10:05
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sepenrmull: I'm the maintainer for imlib2, note that I updated giflib but I had an error, I didn't  update his deps12:07
sepenthanks for the report12:07
sepenwas my fault not yours12:07
sepenI just merge 2.7 changes related to imlib2 so I forgot another commit to fix deps ;)12:08
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sepenanyways note that 2.8 is not released yet12:09
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rmullsepen: Thanks verym uch12:13
sepenbuilding here now12:13
sepenhave the error here too :P12:13
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sepenrmull: nah, imlib2 requires --with-gif=giflib to build12:24
sepenI'm going to commit that after doing a test12:24
rmullWe're switching to giflib (instead of libungif) for 2.8, right?12:40
sepenbut seems that requires more work than initially I expected12:51
sepensorry need to go now, I'll try to fix and commit later12:51
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jaegerAnyone getting any feedback about rc3? I haven't seen any on the mailing list, only a few comments here in IRC15:07
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frinnstimlib2 works with giflib 4.2.1. not so much with 5.015:39
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horrorStruckand same with 5.0.123:58

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