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frinnstim getting a surprising amount of feedback from the 2.8-rc isos. Seems crux still attracts new users.03:46
frinnsti should grep the logs and see how many downloads i've had03:46
frinnstwell, only 12 downloads.. but still! :D03:51
jaegerThe fact that you're getting feedback about the x86_64 ISOs but there's been nearly none about the x86 ones tells me it was a good idea to move to x86_6406:17
frinnstyeah, lack of 64bit support probably scares most people away06:41
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pitilloummm there weren't answers in ML about 32b but there were some feedback here. I've tested rc1 on my "server" and rc2 on my laptop. Since there weren't too many changes in r3 and I haven't more machines (virtual neither) to test it I wasn't able to give any feedback about it06:50
pitillobtw, I'll go ahead with 32b too, at least until I buy new hardware (which should be far in time...)06:51
pitilloI've made test with multilib and it ran really well too... now it's time to give a try to pure 64b in another small hard disk (first time I put hands on pure)06:52
jaegerI wonder how many people will still want to use 32-bit at 3.007:26
pitilloummm that's a very good question jaeger. I'd like to keep using it on my old devices... but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort07:28
juejust got a reply from cptn :)07:29
jueI'm pretty sure he will find the reason for the FIFO problem07:31
jaegerjue: nice :)07:32
jaegerpitillo: well, the reason I ask is because I think there will continue to be enough interest in 32-bit for someone or some group of people to maintain a contributed 32-bit crux, sort of like jue's i586 version07:33
jaegerI don't know how that person/those people will be, though.07:33
juewell, my old laptop is a Pentium M, so probably ...07:36
jaegerI won't use 32-bit as my primary version but I certainly have enough VM resources to run one07:37
pitilloummmm I can be one of them in any sense (I haven't powerfull machines to build an iso on them... but it could be possible too). As a CRUX user in all flavours, I can help in any way to any flavour too, and 32b is, in my case, really usefull07:48
jaegerteK__: seeing this mismatch list on vlc with all deps installed:
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teK__will fix tonight09:58
teK__I hate that media stuff :p09:58
jaegerno problem09:59
jaegerMe too09:59
teK__some day I will switch to chroot-building. Maybe.10:00
jaegerI use a VM for that, works great10:00
teK__well the method is not the problem10:00
jaegerbuild what you want to test then revert to a snapshot to start again10:00
jaegeryeah, true :)10:00
jaegerJust commenting10:00
teK__yeah sure10:00
teK__but I wnat it to be time efficient so I dont want to revert to only core and some opt installed10:01
jaegerUnrelated to the chroot stuff, are you still using UEFI?10:01
teK__with elilo10:01
jaegerI disabled it on my desktop box since there wasn't any real benefit, still using it on the laptop10:01
teK__benefit.. it will replace BIOS, that's the thing *g*10:02
teK__and I have a 3TB hdd10:02
jaegerMy drives in that box are 2 SSDs and 2 1TB platter drives in RAID1 so I didn't need that part10:02
teK__and have yet to check out gummiboot10:03
jaegerFor the most part it was no problem to use UEFI, ended up disabling it so I could use the firmware update tools for the samsung SSD10:03
jaegerthey've acknowledged the software breaks when using UEFI and say they're fixing it but they haven't released a fix yet10:03
teK__maybe it's better although I *doubt* it because Kai Sievers wrote that10:03
teK__I don't remember how I flashed my OCZ10:04
jaegerMy OCZ I flashed with a bootable ISO10:05
jaegerThe Samsung drive uses a windows util10:05
teK__dunno :-)10:06
teK__gotta go, my thesis is waiting10:06
jaegertake care10:06
teK__and I won't let the old lady wait :310:06
teK__thanks, you too10:06
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pitillofrinnst: all is running right here. One note about the kernel, add HID support inside. Thank you very much for your work12:14
frinnstdoes the 32bit kernel contain it? i pretty much use the exact same kernel config12:53
pitillonot sure, checking it12:54
pitilloas module too... it could be good to put it in too (I need to plug a ps2 kbd to install it since usb kbd wasn't working)12:56
frinnsti like how firefox thinks nss 3.14 is older than 3.13.213:02
jaeger3.13.2 has more numbers in it! It's better, right? :D13:03
frinnstits such a hopeless project to deal with :)13:04
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Romsterit's obviously lacking my libvs (version sort) :P20:34
Romsterthat's a pretty easy strong to deal with how could they get that wrong.20:35
Romsteroh i do remember reading some port may have been NSS that went from soemthing like ver=3.13.2 to major=3 minor=13 patch=220:35
Romsterso firefox probably does not know about that.20:36
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