IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2012-10-25

frinnstyeah, 3.5.4 is included on the iso, right?00:55
frinnstbootstrap completed overnight. should have a iso out after work00:55
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Romsterjaeger, well that sed fixed symlinks in a sense but they have a 3 on the end and i only have 1 optical drive any ideas?02:26
frinnstare there any 2.8 multilib builds?02:53
Romsterrc3 jaeger said02:59
Romsternot far behind but i'd like a 2.8 iso03:00
frinnstlocation? can't find it on morpheus.net03:14
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teK__if you trust me :303:44
Romsteryour a dev why should i not trust you <<03:49
Romsterwhat flavor is that?03:49
frinnstfuck no! :D03:51
Romsterx86_64 or multilib i guess it's x86_64?03:55
frinnstseems to be i68604:06
teK__it's the one from
Romsteryeah i686 yet frinnst said fuck no...04:17
jaegerI bootstrapped a 2.8 multilib last night. Need to test it this morning, will upload if it's solid07:08
jaegerRomster: no idea on the 3, never seen that one08:07
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jaegerRomster: actually, just thought of something. check if you have extra rules in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-cd.rules10:18
jaegerIf you have old rules for devices that aren't there anymore or something similar, it's safe to clear that file out and reboot10:18
frinnstcore/2.8 lags behind core/2.7 a bit10:31
frinnstthe prt-get update10:31
jaegerhrmm, yeah10:38
jaegerI can probably fix that10:38
jaegerok, should be updated10:39
frinnstdid a boot on real hardware, seems to work10:54
frinnstgonna try an upgrade10:54
jaegera multilib ISO is also uploaded,
frinnstsweet, will give me something to do at work tomorrow if i get bored :)11:23
jaegerHave you been happy with it for work?11:33
pitillofrinnst: it's booting right from an usb stick and with kbd support, thank you very much for all your work13:10
frinnstjaeger: yeah13:19
Amnesiaare x86_64 and multilib going to be officialy supported?13:55
frinnst3.0 will be 64bit14:21
frinnst"multilib ready"14:22
Amnesiahm ok, neat:)14:29
Amnesiaeta next year right?14:29
frinnstnah, sooner probably14:36
frinnstthe original idea was to release 3.0 right after 2.814:37
frinnstbut jue and jaeger deserves a couple of weeks vacation :)14:37
Amnesiaheh word:D14:42
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jaegerRomster: what were you doing with hvl besides multilib? all those compiler optimizations and LTO?23:02
jaegernever mind, I read the page :)23:03
jaegerfunny you have casshern listed there, I have that movie23:07

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