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Romsterjaeger, just i686 but i was playing around with a ton of optimisations and had NLS stuff not striped out.01:46
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frinnstanybody ever been contacted by a google headhunter? recieved a fucking wierd email and it looks legit03:54
frinnsti guess they cast a *very* wide net when looking for employees03:55
frinnstthey must be desperate03:59
frinnstjaeger: seems atleast firefox on your multilib iso is build against the old libpcre library05:00
frinnstnevermind, not actually firefox but an auxiliary lib that linked against it05:06
frinnstlot of libraries to rebuild with multilib, since no 32bit libraries are included on the iso05:11
Romsteri got one a long time ago i ignored it05:40
Romsterfrinnst, i have a firefox-32 if you would like that too *snickers*05:40
frinnstwhat do you use that for? 32bit plugins?05:43
frinnstwhy not just use that wrapper thingy?05:43
Romsterjsut to get runescape to work with opengl05:43
Romstercrazy but i thought fuck it worth a try05:44
Romster6u* series not the 7U* series the later changed class path that also stops OpenGL on that too.05:45
frinnstspent 2hrs rebuilding qt4 and then it craps out05:45
frinnst/usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by /usr/lib/, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)05:45
frinnst/usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by /usr/lib/, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)05:45
Romsteroh dear05:47
Romsteri'm gonna nap feel too tired to function bbl05:48
frinnstAtleast i got a nice surprise today. i was positive it was thursday :D05:49
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jaegerfrinnst: so was there something wrong with the ISO or was it a 32-bit lib that didn't get upgraded?06:38
jaegerfrinnst: I get those google headhunting emails periodically, got another one yesterday06:42
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frinnstwell no 32-bit libs are upgraded, except perhaps glibc-3207:07
frinnstbut I upgraded the stupid way, with manual pkgadd :)07:08
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frinnstsepen: if you have time: qt4 could use an upgrade. the included patch in the current port is a 40407:18
frinnsthmm. somehow a bunch of 32bit libraries ended up in /lib /usr/lib07:27
jaegerfrinnst: hrmm, odd07:40
jaegerI'll probably update this workstation to 2.8 multilib today, too07:44
sepenhmm ok frinnst, but I need my devel box to be upgraded to 2.8 first08:08
sepenqt4 is a too large build :)08:09
jaegersepen: have you looked at gl-select in 2.8 yet?08:33
jaegerI can send you a patch if you like, just wanted to check if you'd already fixed it08:40
frinnstjaeger: i think a lot of the packages on the multilib iso are pure 32bit08:54
frinnstfirefox for example08:54
jaegerthat's from the firefox pkg extracted into a tmp di08:58
jaeger# file firefox08:58
jaegerfirefox: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.39, stripped08:58
jaegerAny chance you used the wrong ISO?08:58
jaegerwhat does 'crux' say?08:59
frinnstBuild identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686 on x86_64; rv:16.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/16.009:00
frinnstCRUX version 2.8 x86_64-multilib09:00
frinnstsomething is a bit fucked up09:00
jaegeryeah, definitely. I wonder where the cause is09:01
jaegerpaste your pkgmk.conf and gcc -v output?09:01
jaegerthose look fine09:03
frinnstfirefox finally done building09:03
jaegerI just did a check on all the ISO packages, the only 32-bit libs in a 64-bit libdir are the old libstdc++ compat files09:07
jaegerfor visual:
sepenjaeger: I did not use gl-select for a year or so, ATM the only ati card I have is old09:16
jaegersepen: ok09:16
sepenI could review gl-select again but I prefer that you re-adopted the port if you have the time09:16
jaegerI don't have any ATI hardware in a CRUX machine so I can't guarantee that the ATI part works09:17
jaegerI can update the nvidia part, though09:17
sepenhmm I saw that jue and you were talking about gl-select some days ago09:17
jaegerYeah, it was mentioned. No deep discussion yet09:18
jaegerIt seems the changes are simple enough. gets changed to and libdri references get removed09:18
sepenwhere is your patch? could I take a look?09:20
jaegerI haven't uploaded it yet, sorry. I need to help a coworker with a database upgrade, then I'll be back09:22
sepenIIRC, we could use oldStuff() function to fix new differences09:23
jaegerfrinnst: any idea yet what happened to your install? I was away from my office10:17
jaegersepen: oops, I did the diff in reverse because I'm an idiot10:19
jaegerIf oldStuff() is the preferred way to go that's fine with me. honestly gl-select has changed so much since my version that I'd have to relearn it10:22
sepenit seems fine as you said, libdri out and 1.2.0 changes but sorry, I have to leave out for a moment, I'll take a deep look later10:27
jaegerno problem10:27
jaegerI will test it more when I can10:27
jaegerglxinfo and glxgears worked with the changes but I've not tested anything more stressful yet10:28
sepenI've in mind to test all combinations on my safe-crux 2.8 to verify that files changes are ok but can't test drivers since I've only an intel card10:32
jaegerThat's a good idea for the files at least10:33
sepensorry, need to go, bb10:41
jaegertake care10:42
frinnstjaeger: no clue. the only thing i can think of is 32bit pkgs on the iso10:52
frinnstor if i somehow cross-mounted the isos in some wierd way10:52
frinnstbut the core ports were all 64bit10:52
jaegerI didn't find any 32-bit ports on the ISO10:53
jaegerwhat's the md5 on your iso? 46dd615516d56e36c8ae9e3ec21e62f7 ?10:54
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jaegerdamn, I did find a small issue with the multilib iso at least. xset links against if it's available but doesn't require it11:58
jaegerpresumably the same way on the x86 iso11:58
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frinnstcruxbot doesnt announce from 2.8?15:56
jaegerdoesn't seem to, currently15:57
jaegergot my 2.8 setup going well now and mate rebuilt15:59
jaegerno sneaky 32-bit ports to be found, I'd really love to know what happened to your install16:00
frinnstfucking wierd16:04
frinnstmust be user error :)16:05
jaegerI can't find any other explanation yet but I'm very curious16:06
jaegerfrinnst: I'll add it to the downloads16:25
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jaegersepen: the gl-select fix is working great for me with wine and nvidia16:34
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Romsterfrinnst, any chance you didn't rejmerge and up[date pkgm.conf and the core pkgutils from multilib/core ?18:10
Romsteri'd throw gl-select in xorg repo so us xorg group can maintain it.18:12
jaegerseems like more of a discussion for here than in #crux19:10
jaegerI wouldn't mind if we merge security updates into 2.7 from 2.8 bumps but I don't think it's worth it for 100% of updates19:11
Romsteroops wrong channel sorry19:11
jaegerpackaging an entire compiler just for tetex seems like overkill, too... probably much easier to find a patch19:12
Romsterif one exists.19:12
Romstertetex is a monster, i only picked that up to update the sources for others.19:12
jaegerif not, attempting to make one might be worth the time19:12
jaegerso you don't use tetex yourself?19:13
Romsterchecking that now.19:13
Romsternot currently but i see vice uses it. that's in the emulators repo...19:14
Romsterso i do have a use for it albert a small one.19:14
Romsteri'd be happy to pass tetex onto someone else with more time. or if texlive would work for my needs and not hard to package move to that in 2.819:14
Romsternot looked into texlive going by arch's packages there is a lot of components.19:15
jaegerIf you're not even using it, I'd suggest abandoning it or passing it to someone who does, spread out the work19:16
Romsteri need to see if vice requires texex or not19:16
Romsterif it don't i have no need for it.19:17
jaegerThe same could be said for any ports you don't use, really. You've commented now and then that you have a ton of ports, let someone else handle the ones you don't need :)19:17
Romsteri'd gladly but i need to find what i don't use and just picked upto help maintain than let rot.19:18
Romsteri had time to do all this but with a full time job i have considerably less time now.19:18
pitillojaeger: multilib collections overlays aren't configured by default in prt-get?19:29
jaegerpitillo: they are not19:29
pitillothere is no need to do that?19:29
jaegerit would be easy to override prt-get in the multilib repos but since there were no code changes I've been lazy about that19:29
pitilloah ok19:29
jaegeryou do need to, yes. add prtdir /usr/ports/{core,opt,xorg}-multilib19:29
jaegerfirst, of course :)19:30
pitilloyes, I was a bit confused... thank you19:30
frinnstbeing selfish with regard to maintaining ports is probably a very healthy attitude in the long run19:30
jaegerfrinnst: that's kinda what I was getting at, yeah. Should make for cleaner repos and less upgrade time19:30
jaegerin the long term19:30
jaegerwoot, booted up my raspberry pi with arch :P... which seems kinda crippled out of the box19:30
jaegeroh well, it's only temporary19:30
frinnstyeah, and maintaining shit you dont use doeosnt help anyone.19:31
jaegerhas a net effect of lowering the overall quality of the ports repositories19:31
Romsteri've picked up a few because no one else would in the past.19:34
frinnsti've only picked up stuff i use or have some interest in19:34
Romsterbest thing would be to get more contrib maintainers but they seem to never do or do for a short time then disappear.19:34
Romsterthe majority is that frinnst19:34
prologicwhat are we talking about?19:39
prologiccontrib will never work19:39
prologicnot for CRUX19:39
prologicif anyone is here - even if you're not - I'll lay out what my plans are19:43
prologicwe need to make crux more social19:43
prologicborrow some of what arch has done19:43
prologiccontributing to crux and it's ports should be as easy and as painless as possible19:43
prologicgetting on the contrib list is too hard19:43
prologicmaintaining your own set of ports - whilst some people do - is disparate19:44
frinnstI disagree. I think portsdb could be improved instead. mpup (thanks sepen!) is a first step19:46
prologicthe portdb web page?19:46
prologicyeah I agree19:47
prologicbut I still think we should try to encourage folks to contribute19:47
prologicwithout having to do too much19:47
prologiccreate port, test it, publish19:47
prologicwithout even necessarily having to version it with git or whatever19:47
prologicyou've seen arch's aur no?19:47
frinnstwell yeah obviously. but making a port "installable" via portsdb or something similar would probably encourage this19:48
prologicour toolset is great - always has been19:48
prologicbut the way we can contribute - not so much19:48
prologicI see19:48
prologicif we combine all personal port repos into one19:48
prologicsourced and indexed them19:49
prologicand built or extended the tools to be able to install from them19:49
prologicif we do something like that (which I like - simple and effective)19:49
prologicwe could drop contrib altogether19:49
prologicthe collective conscious becomes the new contrib19:50
prologicwhat do we think?19:54
jaegerI've felt for a while like opt and contrib aren't terribly different, maybe a distributed thing (which we HAVE tried in the past, incidentally) would be good but it would have to be perfectly designed to keep it from being shit20:02
frinnstyeah and a BIG FAT DISCLAIMER stating that the software you are about to install might be shit :)20:04
prologicthanks jaeger :)20:04
prologicthat's kind of what I'm trying to come up with20:04
prologicbut it _does_ require a good design20:04
prologicand if we can pull it off with the copious amounts of little spare time we have20:05
prologicwe can drop contrib altogether20:05
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Romsternot if prologic wont pick up mythtv <<21:56
prologicI have picked up mythtv21:58
prologicI just haven't had the time to update the ports to the latest version21:58
prologicwhat's running on my media box is what's in ports21:58
prologicso you know stuff works :)21:58
prologicI won't update the ports until I upgrade my media box21:58
Romsterah ok, just never seen you commit anything ages.21:59
prologicoh well no, I'm not a part of contrib if that's what you mean22:01
prologicI maintain them in my repo22:01
Romsteryes you have port sin contrib and your not apart of it?22:02
Romsteror do you22:03
prologicI was22:06
prologicI don't think I have access at this moment22:06
RomsterLucas Hazel took over myth tv now he sis gone port ios rotting there in contrib i'e asked you to pick them up multiple of times :/22:06
Romsteri may as well drop them from contrib if you don't want to deal with git.22:07
Romsterall mythtv related ones from lucas22:07
prologicwell I _do_ maintain them in my own repo22:20
prologicso folks can install from there22:20
prologicthis is what jaeger, frinnst and I are all saying22:20
prologicwe need this whole thing to be distributed and eaiser22:20
jaegerIf the ones in your personal repo are better (newer) than the ones in contrib, let's ditch the ones in contrib22:23
jaegerpeople can find yours via the portdb22:23
Romsterwe had in the past .contrib to add it to contrib before the days of git.22:56
Romsterbut then everyone has differences in there ports how is that all going to play nice with everyone else's ports and dependencies22:57

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