IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-10-27

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juesorry, but ck4up cannot read the gdbm database written with 2.7, don't know a fix, so delete the old and let ck4up create a new one09:28
frinnstah, maybe thats why ck4up has been missing a few updates for me09:31
frinnstthough i did get a notification for firefox yesterday09:31
jueI'm getting the following error:09:33
jue/usr/bin/ck4up:164:in `open': File seek error (GDBMError)09:33
frinnsthm, kept running for me09:34
frinnstoh well09:34
jaegerIs there any utility to upgrade the db file?09:34
jaegeror dump and restore it?09:34
juedidn't find any09:34
jueI'm getting a similar error for the testgdbm app that comes with gdbm09:35
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sepenteK__: could you update gitweb.cgi for xfce to 2.8?10:08
sepenI don't have enough perms to this file10:08
juesepen: can do that10:13
juesepen: done10:14
sepenah thanks10:22
sepennow Im gonna restart cruxbot10:23
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frinnstpedja: whats wrong with contrib-x86_64?12:09
frinnsti merged 2.7 into 2.8 yesterday.. i might have fucked something up12:10
frinnst(as usual :))12:10
pedjai couldn't push to it few hours back, let me try again :)12:10
pedja <--i still get this error12:11
pedjathis is from a clean local 2.8 branch.12:13
pedjaclean as in rechecked out.12:13
frinnsthm, works for me (tm)12:14
pedjawould you check the permissions, it was smth like that last time it happened?12:15
pedjaand i could push to contrib 4 days ago.12:17
pedjaso, what changed?12:18
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pedjalast push I made was on 2.7 branch, that might have something to do with it?13:03
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frinnstyeah, try now16:47
pedjanope :)still the same error.hmm16:56
frinnsttry now17:02
pedjaand we have a liftoff :)17:29
pedjai.e it worked17:29
pedjathank you, sir17:29
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frinnstoh, libpng 1.4 required by vbox? bummer20:23
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