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RomsterteK__, rm: cannot remove '/usr/ports/work/vala/pkg/usr/share/devhelp': No such file or directory06:38
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/vala#0.18.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.06:38
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rmullWhat's the deal with python? Is python 3.x going to be included any time soon?09:46
frinnstbreaks lots of stuff, no?09:51
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rmulldunno, but it's been out for almost 5 years now11:07
juermull: too much stuff depends on python 2, so the only option is to have both11:21
juermull: currently I see no point in maintaining a python 3 port, don't need it myself11:30
juebut there's a port in our portdb11:31
rmullI don't "need" one version of the other but when I write python scripts for testing stuff I try to make them 3.x compliant11:33
jueif you are using e.g firefox you "need" python 2 because it depends on it, at least on buildtime11:49
rmullSo it'd have to be a "slotted" port and not enough people use it to care about maintaining a port11:52
rmullthat's fair11:52
sepenjue: I updated this morning our pdbcacher script, so tonight portdb should point to 2.8, sorry for the mistake13:00
sepenmistake and/or delay ;)13:01
juesepen: nothing to worry about, many thanks to you for maintaining that stuff :)13:07
sepenI'll commit those changes to our webtools repo13:10
sepensorry need to go, bbl13:17
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Amnesiadoes anyone over here by any change have close connections to kernel devs?14:54
jaegernot I15:16
Amnesiajaeger: would crux 2.8 run using ?15:17
Amnesia(I'm stuck to this kernel since there's an acpi kernel bug.. )15:17
Amnesiaout of the box that is :)15:20
frinnstAmnesia: no15:20
Amnesiawhat exactly is the bottleneck?15:21
frinnstglibc is compiled with that setting15:21
frinnstthus everything that depends on it (everything, really) will refuse to run15:22
Amnesiahm makes sense15:22
frinnstif you rebuild glibc with  --enable-kernel=2.6.35 it will work15:22
frinnstbut why insist on using an ancient kernel=15:22
frinnstah, right15:23
frinnstx86_64 or i686?15:23
frinnsti could probably build a new glibc with support for your kernel15:23
AmnesiaI just want a goddamn kernel patch:/:P15:24
Amnesiathe bug was reported at the fscing 29th of January 2011..15:24
frinnstimpossible/hard to bisect?15:27
Amnesiawell, for me it is, since I'm a noob:)15:27
Amnesiaany idea's are welcome:)15:28
frinnsthey, even I can do it15:28
frinnstjust download the git repo and you pretty much set the last working starting point and a confirmed point of failure15:28
frinnstthen with git you track down the offending commit15:29
Amnesiabut how'd I know what code exactly covers this feature?15:29
frinnstyou start the bisect, build the code and run it. tell git if it works or not15:30
frinnstthen you build again15:30
frinnstrince and repeat until git finds the commit that causes the failure15:30
Amnesia"run it" it's a kernel..:P15:30
Amnesia( I know what kernel introduces the problem )15:31
frinnstthen it should be only a few rebuilds :)15:31
frinnstto be honest, if the bug is almost two years old and nobody else has found the cause, its probably up to you :/15:32
Amnesianah, it's also been reported by others15:32
frinnstbut nobody else has done it :)15:32
Amnesiahm correct15:33
Amnesiajonathan nieder commented..15:33
frinnstif/when you find the offending commit you can probably get the bug fixed.. plus a nice contribution to the kernel :)15:33
Amnesia*Can you bisect?* :-{15:33
Amnesia:-P *15:33
frinnstthat's the 64bit build15:35
AmnesiaI guess there've been quite a lot of commits from till
frinnstinstall crux 2.8, download that package and upgrade it15:35
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frinnstbut 2.6.36 worked? probably not *that* many relevant commits between those versions15:36
Amnesia2.6.36 did contain the bug15:37
Amnesia2.6.35.14 didn't15:37
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Amnesiahow long would this take, days-.-:P?15:39
Amnesia(the crappy part is that the bug occurs sporadically)15:39
frinnstyeah those are a pain15:40
frinnstdunno, but yeah.. a few days i guess is possible15:40
* Amnesia googles how to bisect the kernel15:44
frinnstits probably acpi related so it might be smart to bisect the acpi tree instead of linus' repo15:46
Amnesialet me see..15:46
frinnstanyways.. good luck. im off to do some hardcore sleeping :)15:49
Amnesiahave fun15:50
Amnesiathx for your help so far15:50
Amnesialet's hope I'll be able to fix this..15:50
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