IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2012-11-01

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frinnstURGENT crux Brand Registration Confirmation02:57
frinnsthm, why doesnt the vim project like to roll new tarballs? takes longer to patch the source than to compile it :)03:29
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jueindeed, but he never releases pure bugfix releases, I guess we will have a new 7.4 before we hit 1000 patches ;)03:39
jueanyone interested to adopt opt/nvidia? Nouveau works just nice for me, so I don't need the binary any more03:52
frinnst<3 ati :)05:01
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rmulljue: Does nouveau support hardware h.264 decode?08:58
rmullThat's the only "advanced" feature I really require from my nvidia card08:58
jaegerjue: I wouldn't mind taking nvidia if you want to offload it. I have mostly nvidia hardware09:44
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jaegerRomster: an easy update for xscreensaver, libungif -> giflib dependency10:49
juejaeger: many thanks :)11:48
juermull: dunno, but might might be that we need vdpau support for that11:49
rmulljue: I asked in their irc channel, nothing yet supposedly11:53
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Romsteri have all nvidia hardware here too.20:53
Romsterfixed jaeger20:59
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jaegerjue: when should we start the 3.0 work?21:55
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