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frinnststill no reply from Rene Lengwinat02:50
Romsterhmm no good so how long do we wait before saying ports are unmaintained?03:22
frinnstwell it's been two years or so :)03:48
Romsterhmmz think it's safe to say he arn't comming back03:52
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frinnstas I said, i have an interest in seeing sysstat being maintained05:27
jueRomster, frinnst: I'd say go for it, most likely he will never come back05:38
Romsterjue, ok05:38
Romsteri'm only keen in pekwm since i use that all the time nothing else of Rene Lengwinat that i use.05:39
frinnstI dont have commit access to contrib i think05:40
juejaeger: basically very soon, I'd suggest to give us another 2 weeks to relax and to fix some opt ports05:40
juefrinnst: feel free to move it to opt05:40
frinnstjue, jaeger yeah i'd like to maybe look to splitting xulrunner out of the firefox port again05:40
frinnstsince thunderbird now supposedly works with it05:40
frinnstjue: ok05:41
jueteK__: lftp needs the 'gets' fix for 2.8, something like that ->
Romsteri wouldn't mind having  all of contrib working before 3.0 is out05:45
Romsterconfigure: error: *** XInput2 extension not found. Check 'config.log' for more details.05:47
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/gtk3#3.4.4-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.05:47
Romsteri just found this05:47
jueRomster: neither am I05:47
Romsteryeah gtk3 needs xorg-xinput added to dependencies.05:49
Romsterfredrick is who again i forget.05:50
Romsterbug 708 never got done for 2.8 jaeger05:53
Romster@seen rehabdoll05:54
clbRomster: rehabdoll was last seen in #crux-devel 2 years, 30 weeks, 3 days, 12 hours, 30 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: <rehabdoll> where are you putting xorg.conf.d? i placed it in /usr/lib/X11 - allowing it to be populated and then local userstuff in /etc (sort of like udev does)05:54
jueRomster: how about frinnst ;)05:54
Romsterfrinnest could do that bug fix yeah05:55
Romsterhmma is rehabdoll active but not on irc anymore?05:56
jueRomster: frinnst == rehabdoll05:56
Romsterbut it's a totally diferent nick05:56
jueindeed :)05:56
Romsteri'm confusing myself.05:57
Romsterok so frinnst was rehabdoll how did i not see that.05:57
Romsterjue, could you update the nick on assigned to so it's frinnst and not rehabdoll?05:58
Romsteri was about to make a bug for gtk3 but since it's frinnst05:58
* Romster pokes frinnst 05:58
Romstergtk3 needs xorg-xinput05:59
Romstersorry i'm too wound up rushing stuff trying to get ready for the pa show tomorrow night and i'm trying to get some crux stuff done while i'm into other stuff.06:00
Romsterlong weekend takiing monday off and tuesday is a public holiday but working saturday night and wont be back until late sunday06:01
Romsterjue, could you also add a 3.0 target in flyspray06:01
Romsterand if Rene Lengwinat has a ssh key in git may as well remove that too.06:02
jueRomster: cannot rename a user in flyspray, so either frinnst has to create a new user or you have to remember that rehabdoll is now called frinnst ;)06:08
Romsterhmm ok i guess i'll have to remember.06:09
Romsterso much on my mind i even forgot a password that i had memorized for years.06:09
frinnsthm, it must be a buildtime only dep then06:21
frinnstanways, ill have a look06:22
Romsterseems like a build time dep06:22
Romsteri always thought boost was bad but webkit is a killer to compile.06:26
Romsteroh fu firefox just crashed06:27
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jaegerjue: was just curious, not in any rush :)08:32
jaegerRomster: even if rehabdoll weren't frinnst how did you get from rehabdoll to jaeger? :P08:34
Romsteruh jaeger was talking about splitting xulrunner from firefox right?08:41
Romsteroh my bad carry on08:42
Romsterthis is freaking crazy08:43
frinnstyou now need to patch core components to make your crappy software work?10:05
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jaegerjue: FS#710 looks to be implemented, am I missing anything?14:24
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