IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2012-11-07

juegood morning01:40
Romsterhmm does this mean i don't need -j1 on webkit now?01:45
Romstermorning jue01:45
jueRomster: added the requested fix to make ;)01:45
Romsterthank you :) i see that.01:46
Romsteri also wonder why they didn't add that sooner to make 2.8301:46
Romsteror are they like vim only release rarely.01:47
jueyeah, seems so, the 3.82 release was in 201001:49
jueand they are still using cvs ...01:49
Romsternoticed that.01:50
jueI've imported it into a git repo to be able to export the patches proberly01:51
Romsteri know there is svn to git but i've not seen any cvs to git01:53
jueit's part of default git (git-cvsimport), the only additional stuff you need is cvsps01:55
Romsterprobably rarely ever need that but handy to know02:00
Romsterbtw jue thanks for the make patches that fixed the -j1 on webkit.05:45
Romsterwont take 10 years to compile now for others :)05:46
jaegergah, keep getting mails from the duckduckgo people08:54
jaegerwe don't "integrate search engines into crux", go away08:59
frinnsthuh, what?09:15
jaegerhow much work was it to get gitweb to show a different default branch?09:36
jaegerI'd like to do that with mine as well09:36
jaegerjue: there was some limited discussion about it recently but I didn't follow up with you, do you want me to take over opt/nvidia?09:41
juejaeger: yeah, would be helpful because I no longer needs it10:06
jueI'm happy with nouveau ;)10:06
teK__jaeger: ok wrt git-svn + wrt the default branch in gitweb10:21
jueteK__: irssi needs a footprint-fix for perl 5.1610:56
jueteK__: if you are too busy ATM, I can commit it for you?10:57
jaegerI'll have to check that out a bit later, trying to fix my kernel config and have no X at the moment11:01
juejaeger: sorry if I was a bit unlcear wrt the nvidia port11:29
jaegerjue: no worries, I should have followed up that conversation13:04
jaegerteK__: that drupal stuff is unrelated as far as I can tell, did read that :)13:04
jaegerI guess what I could do is figure out which version of gitweb we have installed on and diff the original vs. that installation13:09
jaegerjue: Most of the time you see those ck4up messages before I do due to timezone, but if I see one and you haven't acted on it yet I'll start doing some more of those updates so you don't have to do all the work13:14
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teK__jue: will do it tomorrow if you can't wait just go ahead. sorry for any inconveniance caused20:32
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