IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2012-11-09

frinnstlftp needs a "gets" fix03:24
frinnsttek was busy for a week or so, right?03:39
* frinnst slaps teK__ 03:39
frinnstok to fix for you?03:39
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prologicRomster, ping04:08
prologicdo we have something similar to mkarchroot ?04:09
pitilloprologic: for i in iso/crux/core do pkagadd -r /newrootfs ?05:04
frinnstyou might need to touch /var/lib/pkg/db05:10
frinnsti forget05:10
pitilloyes, it's needed too frinnst05:10
frinnstThat was the first thing i ever did with regard to crux btw (interesting trivia!) :)05:11
pitilloit's really versatile for chroot development05:13
frinnstI installed ports on my slackware box05:13
frinnst2.1 i think05:13
pitilloummmm I needed more time to understand how ports worked... the jails came later in my case05:15
frinnstno I installed ports on my live slackware system and manually replaced the slackware packages over time :)05:15
frinnsti removed the last orphaned files from slackware's glibc maybe last year or something :D05:16
pitillosounds great... I moved to CRUX when I was tired about SID... good movement05:16
pitillooh, that sounds messy xD05:17
frinnstheh, yeah but it was fun! :D05:17
frinnstgave me good insight in how crux did thigs05:18
pitillolot of ways to deep in CRUX... I think yours one of the most funniest :D05:19
prologicdoesn't /var/lib/pkg/db need to be filled with something more useful?05:49
prologicor don't we track core?05:49
prologicand yes you're quite right, I should be able to pkgadd -r all the core packages05:49
prologicbtw I'm finally sitting down and creating an openvz template for crux 2.8 x6405:50
prologicI don't have pkgadd on this debian system (proxmox ve 2.2) though05:54
prologicso I'll have to use tar -C chroot -Jxvf $pkg05:54
prologicI can't chroot into this06:04
prologicFATAL: Kernel too OLD06:04
prologicI would not be able to do this06:07
prologicthe openvz kernel being used will be way way older tahn what we use in crux 2.806:07
Romsterno once it's touched you pkgadd stuff it gets filled then06:39
Romsterif course if you don't have pkgutils there your stuffed with that one.06:40
Romsteryou'd have to lower the requirment in glibc and supply older kernel headers.06:41
Romsterbe easer to make the image on a crux system then upload it to the host?06:41
prologicsay that again?06:41
prologicthis is the openvz 2.6.32 kernel06:42
prologicso I don't think I'll be able to run crux 2.8 as a container in it06:42
frinnstsure you can, just recompile glibc06:42
Romsterif you want to chroot on a older kernel to crux you'll probably have to lower the kernel version in glibc.06:42
prologicrecompile glic against the host's 2.6.32 openvz kernel?06:42
Romsteryou can rebuild it all in the iso makefile06:42
frinnstjust edit the glibc/pkgfile06:42
frinnstand manually build it - upload06:43
frinnsti can probably do it for you if you like06:43
prologicok if you can do that06:43
prologicI'll build pkgutils on the host06:43
Romsterhonestly prologic showed me how linux worked and you can't do that task. or just no time too.06:44
prologictime :)06:46
prologicyou get rusty over time06:46
prologic$ ssh root@vz1.bne06:54
prologicssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host06:54
prologicI can't ssh into the host anymore06:54
prologicwhy does ssh do this sometimes :(06:55
Romsterno idea on that one06:58
Romsteri've never experienced that06:58
prologicI do quite freqently06:59
frinnstthe only time sshd acts up is after i've broken it :)07:00
Romsterfrinnst, don't you also need gcc binutils and other deps that those rely on for that also?07:00
frinnstno, you should be fine07:00
frinnstglibc is the overlord of everything :)07:01
Romsteractually you may need to hand bash to prologic too07:01
Romsteri had a fun time once would not work until i recompiled bash07:02
Romsterjust my experience though.07:02
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prologic_ok so I've got your glib built against 2.6.3207:21
prologic_now what?07:21
frinnstinstall/upgrade it07:29
frinnststuff should start working07:29
prologic_hmm hold up07:31
prologic_little confused07:31
prologic_mount the 2.8 iso07:31
prologic_pkgadd -r the packages (will need to build pkgutils on the host)07:31
frinnstyeah, use the package i provided instead of glibc from the iso07:31
frinnstuse the rest from the iso07:31
prologic_and I should be able to chroot into it?07:32
prologic_then rebuild gcc and all it's packages?07:32
frinnstyeah, probably07:32
prologic_we'll see :)07:32
frinnstyou probably dont *need* to rebuild stuff07:32
prologic_so I'll have crux-2.807:32
prologic_but with a glib against an older kernel07:32
prologic_that's ok right? :)07:32
prologic_gotta build pkgutils07:32
prologic_all the 2.8 packages are in tar.xz07:33
frinnstpkgadd is available from the iso, no?07:33
frinnstin the squashfs image07:34
prologic_yeah it is07:35
prologic_however it's built against newer glib :)07:35
frinnstglibc, not glib :)07:36
frinnstah, right07:36
prologic_yeah stupid auto correct :)07:36
prologic_I meant glibc07:36
prologic_using XChat Azure on my mb air07:37
frinnstheh, no worries. Amnesia confused the two a day or so ago and that led to trouble :)07:41
prologic_what does pkgutils depend on?07:44
prologic_what libraries/headers do I need?07:44
prologic_that's right07:46
prologic_wasn't obvious looking at the sources:)07:46
prologic_less errors now07:47
frinnstwhat are you compiling on? debian?07:48
frinnstlibarchive depends on gzip, bzip2, xz etc07:48
frinnstand you probably need the -devel packages of the deps07:49
prologic_yeah debian sqeeze07:49
prologic_I hate binary systems :)07:50
prologic_hmm no wait07:51
prologic_it already installed those07:52
prologic_as they're dependencies for libarchive07:52
frinnstyou could install the debian libarchive packages and hope they are new enough :)07:52
jaegerthey're usually not07:52
jaegerbest to build libarchive from source07:53
prologic_that doesn't sound like fun07:55
jaegerIt's not hard07:55
prologic_not saying it is :)07:55
prologic_just don't want to cruft up this proxmox ve host any more than I have to :)07:55
prologic_perhaps I should run ip a crux-2.8 kvm test07:56
jaegerinstall it to /opt/crux-tools or something07:56
prologic_use that to build my crux-2.8 vz container with glib against 2.6.3207:56
prologic_then copy it over to the host07:56
jaegerman... can't get ssh X forwarding to work today at all08:01
jaegerno matter what I do I keep getting "xauth key data not generated"08:01
frinnstssh -Y ?08:02
jaegerI want it to work properly, not work around it with -Y :D08:02
frinnstbah :)08:02
jaegerIt used to be that if ForwardX11 and XAuthLocation were set properly, it worked. now I have no idea why it won't08:03
* prologic_ works around debian's old crap08:03
frinnstwhat os/distro are you forwarding from?08:04
prologic_convert all the .xz to .gz :)08:04
jaegercrux to crux, both 2.8 multilib08:04
frinnstoh? i usually have no problems with that08:04
frinnstredhat on the other hand..08:05
jaegerYeah, it's bizarre as hell08:05
jaegerFor some reason the laptop has locked up twice as well while I've been testing08:36
*** prologic_ has quit IRC08:40
prologicwe're almost there08:45
prologicholy shit09:16
prologicit works :)09:16
prologicwe have crux-2.8 amd64 openvz templte09:16
prologic# crux09:16
prologicCRUX version 2.8 x86_6409:16
prologicthanks to frinnst09:23
prologicthe only thing that needs improving on is creating a set of crux-specific dist scripts for adding/deleting ip addresses09:33
prologicprt-get: reinstalling pkgutils 5.35.2-109:49
prologicFATAL: kernel too old09:49
prologicgot some problems inside the CT09:50
prologic# pkgadd -u -f pkgutils#5.35.2-1.pkg.tar.gz09:53
prologicFATAL: kernel too old09:53
prologicSegmentation fault09:53
prologicthis 2.6 64b isn't working so well09:53
prologicwho's around?19:30
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*** __mavrick61 has joined #crux-devel21:41
jaegerI was not around, just got home22:33
prologicah hi :)22:44
prologicneed some guideline on getting a 2.8 x86_64 template working22:45
prologicmy first attempt - not so good :)22:45
prologicbut at least I've managed to create a perfectly working 2.6 template now22:45
jaegerit's probably going to be far easier to get 2.8 compiled with glibc built against the older kernel from a 2.6 machine than to do the same from a 2.8 machine22:47
prologicI already have a working 2.6 template22:49
prologiccouldn't I just bump all the ports?22:49
prologicand rebuild everything inside the container22:49
prologicor even inside the chroot22:49
jaegerI would suggest using iso.git22:49
prologicand build it on the host?22:49
jaegerwell, wherever that 2.6 install is22:50
prologicso build iso.git inside my 2.6 container? :)22:50
jaegeror a 2.7 install if you have one somewhere22:51
prologicthat actually kinda makes a lot of sense22:51
prologicit should just work too22:51
prologicdid you want to see the result of this 2.6 template? have a play?22:51
jaegerI don't have a need for it, myself, but I'm sure it could be useful for someone22:52
jaegerI don't have any openvz stuff22:52
prologicbut thanks for the suggestion22:52
prologicI think I'll give that a go22:52
prologicideally I want the latest software :)22:52
prologiceven if it's not the latest kernel - that's not so impoertant22:52
jaegerI've got a pretty fair amount of experience with that build process, figured I'd suggest it22:52

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