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jueprologic: guess you have to build pkgutils (and deps?) against the "new" glibc, remember that pkgadd it's statically linked, but everything else should IMO02:52
juegood morning btw :)02:52
prologicyeah I think I'll be taking jaeger 's sugestion02:52
jues/should/should work/02:52
prologicof buiolding iso.git on crux 2.6 in a new chroot02:53
prologicextract it out02:53
prologicand voilia02:53
jueIMO that's not really necessary, if you have a working pkgutils02:53
prologicwell actually I kinda do02:55
juewould be interessting to see if my suggestion works, though ;)02:55
prologicI can run the pkgutils from the crux 2.6 iso on this host just fine02:55
prologicso I should be able to build a crux 2.8 x86_64 chroot from that02:55
frinnsthm, anybody else had issues building the latest kmod?05:35
frinnstchecking for xsltproc... no05:35
frinnstconfigure: error: xsltproc command not found, try ./configure --disable-manpages05:35
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/home/ports/pkg/kmod#11-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.05:35
frinnsthm, yeah. seems it depends on libxslt05:36
juefrinnst: thanks, will fix that08:35
juethe whole change is just silly, because already generated man-pages are in the tarball and there's no need to mess around with xsltproc08:45
Amnesiajue: I thought glibc didn't allow static linking o008:51
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jueAmnesia: was always possible, even though a bit critical. The problem is that nsswitch works with dynamic modules, thus the warning at link-time if you use something related to user/groups09:23
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Amnesiajue: do you by any chance know how to increase the delay when sudo/login get invalid credentials supplied?09:24
juesorry, no, nothing in login.defs(5)?09:26
Amnesiawell yep, I edited FAIL_DELAY, but it doesn't seem to take effect09:27
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Amnesialooks like crux doesnt do anything with pam10:13
jaegerCRUX doesn't use PAM by default but you can install it if you wish or if you need it due to some app that only uses PAM10:17
Amnesiajaeger: basically I don10:21
Amnesia't really care 'bout pam10:21
AmnesiaI'd just like to set a delay when people enter incorrect credentials10:21
jueAmnesia: setting FAIL_DELAY works for me10:39
Amnesiawith sudo/su/login o0?10:39
juetested with login10:39
Amnesiahm yeah, login seems to be fine, but what about sudo/su?10:40
Amnesiadon't think it actually does anything with it10:43
Amnesialet's google:D10:43
juewell, su/sudo are complete different things and a delay not realy useful/required because only a valid user can run them10:46
Amnesiatrue that10:47
Amnesiaguess I'll leave it as it is then10:47
Amnesiabtw regarding the tmpfs mount for building using the RAM, how should I interpret the fstab entry..10:48
Amnesiasince the first field is a username10:48
Amnesianone would make more sense to me..10:48
Amnesiabtw, no delay does allow some attacks:)10:49
Amnesiabruteforce attacks for example10:51
jueah, the wiki page is from Danny, talk to Romster about that10:51
Amnesiapkgmk /usr/ports/work tmpfs size=1G,uid=XX,defaults 0 010:51
Amnesiait all makes sense except for the "pkgmk" user part10:52
jaegerjust use none there10:55
Amnesiawhat's the difference:)?10:57
jaegerdoes it even work with pkgmk as the fs_spec?10:57
jaegerI haven't tried it10:57
jaegerif you want the details on what the fields are check the fstab man page10:57
jaegerIt isn't a username10:57
Amnesialet me see :)10:58
Amnesiaboth work10:59
Amnesia(pkgmk too, although the user doesn't exist11:00
Amnesiaguess I could even use foobar as the first field11:00
Amnesiait does^^11:00
jaegerinteresting, never tested that stuff11:48
frinnstgawd fucking gtk3.. 3.6 requires two new libraries useless for anything else and depends on dbus14:23
frinnstwhy do they even bother releasing libraries? why not just release a 1TB tarball that, when compiled, generates a gnome3-all-your-base-are-belong-to-us binary?14:23
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