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prologicam I going to be able to build system/iso.git crux 2.8 x86_64 on crux 2.6 (compiled as 32bit) ?00:27
prologicjaeger, the build failed02:42
prologicI'm pretty sure because of how old crux 2.6 is02:42
prologicso I think I'll have to install a crux 2.8 x86_64 kvm guest02:42
prologicthen use that to build a chroot of itself02:42
prologicomg I totally suck05:54
prologicI've been unable to get a freshly installed crux 2.8 x86_64 kvm guest booted05:54
prologicI can't get the SATA?IDE/SCSI modules right05:54
prologicdespite "compiling in" the ones the cd claimed it was using (lspci -k)05:54
prologicata_piix and achi05:54
prologicI give up :(05:54
prologicsomeone wanna have a go? :)05:55
prologicRomster, wanna give this a go?06:01
Romsteri not long got back from colac 247km away from where i live. worked with the doors cover band, i'm tired. and i got darts after work on monday. perhaps after darts or after work tuesday.06:06
prologicall good ;)06:14
prologicI might have solved it by then06:14
prologicjust can't figure out why it can't find the damn block device:/06:14
Romsterwhat i would do is grab 2.8 iso make a chroot with that 2.8 edit glibc Pkgfile to use older kernel headers and supply older kernel headers, then recompile all of core 3 times06:15
Romsterthen pkgadd -u -r /foo the packages to openvz06:16
prologicjust using the 2.8 cd06:16
prologicdon't bother installing anything?06:16
prologicI might try that actually06:16
Romsterwhat i do is make a chroot populate it with the 2.8 iso then edit recompile as needed.06:16
prologicwould I even need to boot to crux 2.8 to do that?06:17
prologicor could I do it against the proxmox host?06:17
prologicas long as I edit glibc, get 2.6.32 kernel headers and recompile everything 3 times06:17
Romsterwell if you got 2.6 working make a chroot in that and do that.06:18
Romsterall i would of done is grab iso.git and edit pkgfiles as needed for glibc then make06:19
Romsterthen supply you with the modified iso06:19
prologicI tried building the iso on crux 2.6 though06:20
prologicand several packages failed to compile06:20
Romstertry my pastebin way of chrooting06:20
prologicg'night :)06:21
Romsteri jsut copy paste till sudo enter password then copy the rest of the lines.06:21
Romsterfew minues if that chroot ready. ports -u edit glibc/Pkgfile cd /usr/ports/core prt-get update -fr *06:22
Romster3 times for good measure06:22
Romstermight be an idea when crux 3.0 gets released to add in a feature request for the slightly older kernel headers requirement if possible.06:23
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frinnstwhats the problem?07:29
frinnstprologic_: cant get it to work?07:30
prologic_am I connected?09:26
prologic_looks like I am09:27
prologic_frinnst, yeah09:27
prologic_having lots of trouble getting anywhere with 2.809:28
prologic_have successfully (thanks to you) gotten 2.7.1 working just fine09:28
prologic_just doing updates on the template now and tweaking it like I did for 2.609:28
jueRomster: it's not necessary to install older kernel headers, just recompile glibc with --enable-kernel=2.6.x and link pkgadd with that new build glibc09:46
prologic_yeah hue I tried this09:47
prologic_not so much with the workie workie09:47
jueRomster: recompiling everything because of that glibc change is useless09:47
prologic_keep running into issues09:47
juewhich issues?09:47
prologic_like glib failing to compile09:48
juewith what errro?09:48
prologic_frinnst actually built a glib against 2.6.32 for me09:48
prologic_which I used in place of crux 2.8's one09:48
jueyou mean glibc?09:48
prologic_but ran into all sorts of segfaults and fatal: too old errors09:48
juedon't mix glib and glibc09:48
juesegfaults of what progs?09:49
prologic_sorry I meant glibc all along09:49
* prologic_ stupid auto correct09:49
prologic_and I'm not sure of the error atm I'll have to try it all again with some fresh ideas09:49
prologic_right now I've successfully gotten a openvz template of 2.7.1 x86_64 working nicely09:50
juesorry, but until now you didn't useful informations09:51
prologic_I know :)09:52
juehave you tried to link pkgadd with the glibc you got from frinnst?09:52
prologic_been trying it on my own to see how far I'd get09:52
prologic_I'll try to dig deeper and paste logs of issues I'm running into09:53
prologic_I did try, but couldn't compile pkgutils09:53
prologic_kept segfaulting09:53
juewhat segfaults?09:53
prologic_let me do it all again tomorrow so I can be more specific :)09:55
prologic_sorry jue09:55
prologic_wasting your time here09:56
juebut keep in mind that you cannot install pkgutils until you have a new build pkgadd, so you have to manually overwrite pkgadd with the new one09:57
prologic_anyway it's late and I have work in the morning10:00
prologic_openvz template of crux 2.7.1 x86_64 is complete though10:00
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frinnsti've started a bootstrap with glibc for older kernels, just because im bored10:13
frinnst2.6.32 or something10:13
jueusing 2.6.32 was my suggestion last time we talked about that ;) ->
frinnstyeah perhaps, but 2.6.32 is *really* old :)10:23
frinnstand i didnt think anybody would have a hard time rebuilding glibc for older kernels, but i guess i was wrong :)10:24
jueyep, seems so :)10:25
prologic<- lack of experience in doing so :)14:09
frinnstbrilliant. VM ran out of space when building..16:27
jaegerblame firefox16:28
frinnstmm.. left it unattended for the entire day16:52
frinnstso typical16:52
Romsterbuilding packages now19:50
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