IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2012-11-12

Romsterand frinnst beats me to it why do i even try00:52
prologicfrinnst, you are all kinds of awesome dude!01:08
prologicif this all works - which I'm sure will :)01:27
prologicI'll throw you $50 for your efforts :)01:27
frinnstits pretty much the stock 2.8 release. I had to bump cairo because the build-env is up to date03:08
frinnstbut i guess gfx-libraries are less than useful :)03:09
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prologicmost definately :)05:53
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prologic_frinnst, I am so grateful - thanks :)07:02
prologic_so far working perfectly07:02
prologic_got a paypal account?07:02
frinnstno, dont worry about it07:14
prologic_In insist :)07:19
frinnstbut I dont have a paypal account07:20
prologic_have we got decent source mirrors anywhere?07:52
horrorStruckgentoo has many08:07
Romster lists some.08:08
prologic_first time playing with this feature08:30
prologic_I notice it's very simplistic08:30
prologic_sorry Romster08:32
prologic_no workie workie for your small collection of sources :)08:32
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jaegerhrmm... wonder why distcc worked great yesterday and today it keeps saying: (dcc_get_hostlist) Warning: no hostlist is set; can't distribute work08:39
jaegerif I export DISTCC_HOSTS in my user's environment it starts working again, even with the settings in pkgmk.conf08:40
jaegerI guess it's not sufficient to set it in pkgmk.conf without export08:43
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Romstersmall collection lol.... i practically have all the source files, no idea what your doing wrong.15:49
Romsterfrinnst, i take it that libstdc++-compat is useless on x86_6419:07
jaegerI've been wondering about that, should remove it if it's not useful for anything19:14
jaegerthough I'd guess there's a 64-bit version19:14
Romsterbut then mutlilib may use it too.19:26
jaegerin its current form it's probably not used but I never removed it, never did the research19:28
Romsterthe majority if any ever need that anymore19:28
jaegerjust did a quick search on my laptop, nothing is linked against any of the libs it provides19:32
jaegerthough honestly I didn't expect to find any on multilib19:33
jaegerhrmm... I wonder why my crond isn't sending me ck4up mails19:52
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jaegerMight as well combine some of these init fixes with an updated ISO while I'm testing21:49
* jaeger bootstraps21:49

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