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prologicRomster,  you don't have 2.6 sources :)00:44
prologicfrinnst, at least let me buy you an iTunes gift voucher or something? :)00:45
prologicguys how do we feel about making Python 3.3 the standard for the python crux port?00:56
prologic2.7 is end of life00:56
prologicat least for CRUX 3.000:57
frinnstI dont use itunes :)00:59
prologicamazon gift card?01:00
frinnstI dont have an amazon account :)01:02
frinnstbut you could donate it to FSF if you insist01:03
prologicfine I will :)01:03
prologicdoes crux even have a donation bin?01:04
frinnstno, hosting is sponsored01:04
prologicwell you're a pain :)01:05
prologicbut an absolute legend :)01:05
prologicI will donate to the FSF though01:05
prologicgood idea :)01:05
jueprologic: why? Most/all stuff depends on python 2.x and the only "advantage" of using 3.x, from a distro POV, is that we have to patch a lot of ports if 'python' points to 3.x01:22
prologicmy recommendation would be to start shipping python 3 by default01:24
prologicwith an opt port of python2 for backwards compatibility01:24
prologicthe 2.x branch of python is now end of life01:24
juewell, you've read what I wrote above ;)01:24
prologicI have01:25
prologicwe could get into an argument over this01:25
prologicbut we should/could just support both01:25
prologicI'd say symlink /usr/bin/python as python3 by default01:25
prologicand install both as /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python201:26
prologiclike other distros do01:26
jueI've nothing against a python3 port, as a first start01:26
prologicthe user can always change the symlink01:26
prologicI maintain that :)01:26
prologicor at least have been for a while01:26
prologicshould update it though to 3.301:26
prologicbut persnoally I wouldn't mind seeing crux 3.0 ship python301:26
jueother ports on our ISO are depending on python, that's the reason why python is on the ISO01:32
juebtw, 3.0 is mostly the same as 2.8, but for x86_6401:33
jueit's not planned to do greater changes with it, besides the arch switch oc01:34
prologichmm ok01:40
prologicthen 3.101:40
prologicand btw if we adopt python 3.3 as the new standard01:40
prologicI'm happy (as a python dev) to update everything we depend on python 2 for01:40
juewell, not _we_ should update something, but upstream, you can start sending pathes to glib, xorg-xcb and others ... ;)01:44
jueIMO the whole transition to 3 will take quite some more time01:48
jueprologic: don't get me wrong, I've nothing against python 3, but I've to lock from a different POV to it01:50
juegrr, s/lock/look/01:59
Romsterprologic, why should i have them obsolete ones.... i may have them in if your lucky02:10
prologicjue, hmm02:32
prologicI didn't realize upstream ports dependend on it so much02:32
prologicI see your POV02:32
prologicin that case I'll just continue to maintain python302:33
Romsterjust look at arch lots of stuff sed python/python202:33
prologicRomster, because it's still useful to run CRUX 2.6/2.7 :)02:33
prologicI'm going to be building a build/testing environment soon02:33
Romsterit would be easier to keep the default for python as python2 for now and install python3 and sed for those few that use python302:33
prologicI think we should just leave it alone02:35
prologicI'm convinced by jue's comments ;)02:35
frinnstjaeger: did you fix tilmans issues with two cd-drives?03:26
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jaegerfrinnst: yes, will be testing that today.06:51
frinnstcool, call^H^H^H^Hpush me^H^Hit maybe?06:52
jaegeryeah, will do after I test. :)07:36
jaegerjue: want me to update tzdata or do you already have it queued to push?07:41
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juejaeger: not yet, please go for it10:02
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jaegerinteresting, something possible wrong with a git post-update hook? has a "" in it13:41
jueindeed, that looks weird14:18
juefor some reason the temporary directory kde/ wasn't moved to kde/2.8, running the post-update hook manually fixed it14:29
jaegerhow odd14:31
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jaegeradding some SD/MMC support to the ISO as well19:08
jaegerhaven't finished testing that yet, though19:09
RomsterSD would be handy19:26
Romsterwasn't that cdrom issue for tilman not frinnst19:27
Romsterjaeger, since your the ssd expert i'm looking at buying one of these Intel 330 Series 120GB SSD any good or better 120-128GiB SSD's about19:48
Romsteri'll use it on my desktop and do a fresh install of crux 2.8 multilib rest of space i'll set some aside for ccache19:49
Romsteri'll probably have to use ext4 for ssd trim support too i'd imagine19:50
Romsterafk work19:59
jaegerit was for tilman but frinnst expressed interest in it20:01
jaegerThe 330 series seem good. If you can find one for a decent price around you the Samsung 830s are also fantastic right now but nothing wrong with the 330s20:02
jaegerIf you care specifically about what controller is in it, know that Intel switched away from their own controller to a SandForce 2281 for the 33020:03
jaegerIt's rock-solid but if you have a specific thing for intel I figure you should know20:03
jaegerIf I were buying a 120-128GB SSD today I'd buy a samsung 830 (not 840) first but I wouldn't turn down the intel 330 at all if it were the best deal20:06
jaegerlooks like there's $6 difference20:07
rmullHow can I ignore the return value from a command inside a Pkgfile so that the pkgmk continues?21:24
rmullI'm assuming the build is failing because one of the steps fails21:24
rmull(I don't actually know that it's the case for sure)21:24
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rmullHmm, managed to work around it by wrapping it inside if [ $(...) ]; then...fi22:13

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