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Romsteri did 2.8 branch on conttrib git.01:29
Romstershouldn't things like changes like that be in a README with the port?01:31
prologicwhat sort of changes?01:34
Romsterlike the udev change that requires them kernel config additions.01:34
Romsterfirefox is shitting me it becomes unresponsive if left open for a week.01:35
prologicthings like that should belong in the release notes for that version of crux01:35
prologicand it doesn't hurt adding it to the README either01:35
Romsterwhat if they are done later after release?01:36
Romsterthat's what i was getting at.01:39
Romsterjaeger>... a handy reference of those things on the website would be nice01:40
Romsteri suggest using README01:40
prologicI think Wiki + README01:43
prologicbut README just have the latest information required01:43
juehorrorStruck: why, do you need ldns for something else?01:46
jueRomster: looks like we need a -j1 for both make calls in clisp01:54
Romsterdidn't the last make update fix that issue...01:57
jueRomster: no, it's not always a make problem01:57
juebut I just tried to build the port, nothing more, dunno why it fails01:59
juejaeger: sounds like a good idea02:05
jueRomster: wrt udev README, what should we write there?02:12
Romsterwell the point is moo since going ot crux 2.8 now02:13
Romsterwhy was it clips built fine before but not now.... what has changed. this is why we need a build bot to check after every commit.02:14
juewe should probably extent our handbook a bit and write more about the kernel configuration, but where to start and end here?02:15
juebut yes, it's a fact that most new users have problems configuring the kernel02:16
juein case of udev a link to the original udev README would probably help ->
jueRomster: we did the make update after you've added clisp, so that might be the reason?02:29
prologiceven old users have trouble configuring kernels :(02:33
* prologic <---02:33
prologicyou'd think after 12+ years I'd have gotten the hang of figuring out what modules you'd need for what hardware - but no02:34
prologicI wish there was an auto configurator02:34
diverseprologic: hardware changes all the time ;)02:36
prologicI know02:36
prologicI hate it :)02:36
prologicwe should have unified apis for all hardware02:36
teK__developers could add a lookuptable lscpi<>kernel module or something..02:36
prologicno matter old or new :)02:36
prologicteK__, now that would be all kinds of awesome02:36
prologicif it works :)02:36
teK__thought about that some times, too02:37
prologicI'd even build the tool myself if such a tool doesn't exist02:37
prologicI've always though there has to be a way to grok /proc/cpuinfo and lspci and auto configure the bare minimum options to get a kernel booted02:37
teK__it lives and dies by the kernel dev's support02:37
prologicthe other day I tried to get crux 2.8 running as a kvm guest on proxmox 2.202:38
prologicand for the life of me I couldn't figure out what modules I was missing for the SATA/IDE hw02:38
prologicdespite looking carefully through lspci and even lspci -k and matching up what the cd had loaded02:39
prologicso I gave up - but frinnst thankfully went to all the effort of building a crux 2.8 iso against an older kernel02:39
Romsteryeah that's always fun, i got so peed off once i sed all the m to y off the iso config to get a box to boot.02:40
prologicnice trick02:41
teK__make allyesconfig... ;]02:41
teK__I wonder what size this kernel would have02:42
Romstermaybe jue, may even be other bugs in there build system.02:42
prologicso a kernel auto configurator02:42
prologicthere's no such tool right?02:42
prologicno-one has seen one or heard of one?02:42
Romsteri looked many moons ago02:43
Romsteri recall one but it was way out of date and broken but don't ask me where i found it.02:43
Romsterlong since erased from my memory.02:43
frinnsthm, anybody ever run crux as a hyperv guest?02:47
frinnstseems no nic is attached for some reason02:47
prologicnot i02:51
prologicrunning crux as vz guests though :)02:51
frinnsthm, the new progress bars for filecopy in windows2012 is very nifty02:53
frinnstyou get a graph in the progressbar, showing peaks and dips02:53
prologicsorry hard for me to get excited about windows :)02:56
prologicI haven't used it since 200102:56
horrorStruckjue: no but the "problem" is they receive updates independently02:58
jueyeah, that's right but not really a problem02:59
prologicspeaking of CA(s)03:01
prologicwe should start shipping CRUX with some well known/trusted CA(s) out of the box?03:01
juehorrorStruck: in the past they always bundled ldns with unbound and I like it to have a resolver without external deps ;)03:02
horrorStruckjue: you're the boss :P03:03
frinnstheh, well it feels kind of pointless maintaining a library that's only used by one port03:13
frinnstbut these days thunderbird can be built with external xulrunner so i'll have to revisit it again03:13
jueprologic: why not, if we find a volunteer to create and maintain such a CA port ;)03:14
prologicoh :)03:20
prologicyou mean me!03:20
prologicwhy not03:20
prologicsomeone throw my key at already03:21
prologicI may as well start maintaining python 3.3 and mythtv03:21
frinnststupid hyperv vlan adsfgfasd03:27
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jaegerRomster: I was referring to something more inclusive. instead of changes to a single port this page would have all the BIG ones since the release of the current version07:53
jaegerlike the kmod+udev+devtmpfs stuff in 2.7, etc.07:53
jaegerprologic: there's already a rudimentary lookup table, so to speak07:54
jaegerprologic: lspci -k | grep "in use"07:55
jaegerfrinnst: that kaishi dude in #crux was running it on hyper-v, I think07:55
frinnstyeah. I've installed it on hyperv now too.. no issues :)07:56
jaegerok :)07:57
horrorStruckprologic: there's also localmodconfig. never tried it.08:02
frinnsthyperv doesnt present a physical nic to the vm - you have to use the hyperv driver08:39
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