IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2012-11-16

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Romsterkeyboard like that zenwalkuser trying to use Japanese04:10
jueyou can type and display everthing04:10
juethat's what I mean with 'don't confuse NLS and locales'04:10
jueCRUX is full UTF-8 capable04:11
Romsterok so why is zenwalkuser having a hard time.04:11
juewhat we remove is only the translations for program messages/menus04:12
Romsteri know that NLS is for displaying strings of text in programs in there own language. and has nothing todo with the locales in glibc.04:12
frinnst :)04:13
jueok ;)04:13
frinnstIm not really sure what he's trying to do tbh04:13
Romsteris that serious...04:13
frinnstdont think so :)04:13
Romsteryeah some larger keys someone has just sat them there and done there own gliphs on them.04:14
Romsterjue, i just feel it's discrimination agenst other languages makes me feel dirty when someone asks how to do x in crux. ah well i only need english so wont affect me in any way04:16
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Romsteraustralia used to use the imperal system until 196604:22
Romsterthen we converted to metric...  but no the usa is too stupid to.04:23
frinnstthey tried in the 80's i think04:23
frinnstdidnt go well :)04:23
Romsterunited nations not so united with the rest of the world04:23
Romsteroh i never herd about that.04:24
Romsterso it's harder to relarn to move the decimal point than converting between inches feet yards miles04:25
Romsteri know some of my imperial measurements too like cubic feetm since books are in that and i'd prefer them to be in cubic meters04:26
Romsterguess it's being selfish having everything in metric.04:27
Romstermost of you are Swedish?04:31
Romsterbut good with English, shame the rest of the world would learn English.04:32
frinnstfew swedes around these days.. just me and niklaswe i think04:36
jueif you mean the crux team with 'you' no, we are two from germany and each one from usa, swedish, australia and spain04:36
juesorry, sweden04:37
Romsterby Australia your talking about me or is there another.04:37
jueof course you :)04:37
frinnstmaverick is a swede too :)04:37
Romsteryeah i meant the crux team04:38
frinnstfrom the same county as me too04:38
jueindeed, mavrick should count as well04:38
Romstermaverick is charlie frim the datacenter iirc.04:39
Romsternice person but he don't talk much04:39
Romsteri guess he has tons todo being a sysadmin04:40
jueRomster: btw, p5-html-parser isn't yet updated for perl 5.16, thanks04:47
Romsterugh i thought i did all ports in opt for new pearl04:54
Romstermight of been a port i picked up late...04:57
Romsterfixed jue04:58
Romsteri have got to get on 2.8 asap else i'm gonna keep missing stuff.05:00
Romsteryou generate the man pages for iputils now?05:05
Romsteriputils doesn't even use autotools yet... guess they see no need too.05:06
jueyeah, since quite some time; you need opensp, p5-sgmls and docbook-sgml to generate the man-pages05:07
Romsterouch bit too much for core.05:38
Romsterpretty silly why don't they ship pregenerated man pages.05:38
Romsterwould make sense specially for such a important core port05:39
Romsterbe ok if they offered a option to rebuild man pages but off by default.05:39
Romsteri know i should tell them that. not you.05:40
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jaegeryay, my ck4up mails are working again, I need to update nvidia08:18
jaegercan't do it right now but I'll get it today08:19
jaegerregarding the keyboard image that frinnst linked earlier, I wonder if that might actually be a real thing08:19
jaegerthe reason I say that is because I expect most users are probably entering japanese characters by sounds, not by literal character glyph08:20
jaegerso I suppose someone could have made a keyboard to do just that08:20
jaeger <-- for counterpoint08:21
frinnstwill i be added to the ck4up list? i get so few mails in the morning :)08:46
frinnstI cant update ports in the morning during weekdays, but it might give me an opportunity to get a head start with testing updates08:47
jaegergood call, you should be added. in this case I was referring to my personal ck4up but yeah08:55
jaegerok, added08:57
jaegerhrmm... I wonder if the nvidia vdpau libs are correctly installed10:01
jaegerneed to figure out a good way to test that10:01
jaegerfrinnst: <-- if you want to test10:25
jaegerfrinnst: I only had multilib installs here at work to test so I went ahead and patched my changes to x86_64 as well, hence that diff :)10:33
jaegerIt works well for me with a quick wine test10:38
jaegerAnyone with an x86 install and nvidia hardware willing to test the x86 diff for me?10:45
frinnstjaeger: I dont have nvidia hardware, pedja maintains the x86_64 port13:43
jaegerAh, I guess I didn't look closely at the Pkgfile, sorry13:46
pedjajaeger: is there a problem with nvidia port, apart from the fact it is outdated? :)16:20
jaegerpedja: no, I was just looking for someone else to test it to make sure I didn't break anything16:21
pedjaI'll try to update and test it tomorrow, but I don't see anything weird in your diff.16:24
pedjafew more libs, but thats it.16:24
pedjabtw, for multilib you used vanilla .run, with compat32 libs, right?16:25
pedjawhen crux-3.0 is out, since it can be converted to multilib, will there be two nvidia ports, one standard and one -compat32?16:26
jaegermultilib uses the x86_64 nvidia port and a 32-bit nvidia-32 port16:27
pedjaboth of them?16:27
jaegeronly if you install both16:28
jaegermy point is there's not a multilib port of the 64-bit driver, it just uses the x86_64 one16:28
pedjax86_64 driver has two versions, one with and one without compat32 libs.16:30
jaegeryes, but I'm not using the one with 32-bit libs16:31
jaegerthe 'nvidia' port in multilib is the opt-x86_64 one16:31
pedjaI understand :)16:31
pedjai'll test it tomorrow, or on sunday, if gods of hangover give me a break.16:32
jaegerno problem :)16:32
pedjait is a festive season here, lots of food and even more alcohol.16:33
pedjait is more pagan then ortodox tradition, but it is fun most of the time :)16:35
jaegerfun is good16:35
pedjared vine is good, hangover from it not so much ;)16:36
pedjai am getting old...16:36
pedjathanks for the tip on nvidia update, btw16:37
pedjait was a crazy week16:37
jaegerno problem at all16:37
pedjaand congrats on a old/new POTUS16:38
jaegerI was updating the 32-bit nvidia port but only had 64-bit crux here to test so I made that diff as well :)16:38
jaegerheh, thanks16:38
pedjahe is cool, I watched Jon Stewart interview (best source on american politics).16:39
jaegerindeed, hehe16:40
pedjahave you read his 'America, the book'?16:40
jaegernot yet, I've seen it16:41
pedjai have an audiobook, he is awesome.16:41
pedjalate dinner, then bed.good night.16:41
jaegertake care16:42
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Guest74034holy shit18:44
Guest74034we have a huge storm righ tnow18:44
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prologicas I was saying18:45
prologichuge storm right now18:45
prologicthank goodness for MacBooks with lots of battery power18:45
prologicand 3G via Personal Hotspot :)18:46
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prologicas it turns out arch already has one19:44
prologicwhich they bororwed from debian19:44
prologicso i'm going to liberally borrow their port as well19:44
horrorStruckprologic: i have one already20:02
prologicoh realy?20:05
prologicdo you publish your ports anywhere?20:05
horrorStruckprologic: only thing to do is to add proper dependency in the Pkgfile20:06
horrorStruckprologic: not yet but i will20:06
prologicthrow up a repo on bitbucket20:06
prologicand get it into portdb already20:06
prologicwhy does it need run-poarts anyway?20:06
horrorStruckyep but i have to clean the hige mess it is ATM20:06
horrorStrucki guess it's to generate the certs20:07
prologicwell I'll create some ports based on yours20:08
prologicand put it up on my repo20:08
horrorStruckbut yeah run-parts is not crucial20:14
horrorStruckbut it's needed by the update-ca-certificates script provided by debian20:14
prologicports created20:17
prologicthe only question remains20:18
prologichow do you make these CA certs work20:18
prologicgit doesn't pick them up for example20:19
prologic git clone
prologicCloning into GateOne...20:19
prologicerror: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details:20:19
prologicerror:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed while accessing
horrorStruckyou installed them using the above ports? did you run update-ca-certificates --fresh20:20
horrorStruck/etc/ssl/certs is populated?20:22
rmullfrinnst: Any chance we could get an opt/glib version bump?20:25
rmullor would that break something20:26
prologicbump it and find out? :)20:26
prologic# pwd20:27
prologic# ls -1 | wc -l20:27
prologichorrorStruck, that would be affirmative20:27
prologicmaybe github uses some weird ca?20:27
prologicor self-signed ca20:27
horrorStruckworks for me at least20:28
prologicyou can clone ghat git repo above without error?20:28
frinnstglib? its the latest version20:30
frinnstodd numbers are unstable20:30
prologichorrorStruck, you dn't have to recompile anything to make this work? :)20:30
horrorStruckprologic: i dont remember doing so20:31
horrorStruckgood night frinnst20:31
horrorStruckprologic: rm -rf /etc/ssl/certs/* && update-ca-certificates --fresh20:33
prologicyeah ok20:33
prologic# update-ca-certificates --fresh20:34
prologicClearing symlinks in /etc/ssl/certs...done.20:34
prologicUpdating certificates in /etc/ssl/certs... 159 added, 0 removed; done.20:34
prologicRunning hooks in /etc/ca-certificates/update.d....done.20:34
prologic$ git clone
prologicCloning into GateOne...20:34
prologicerror: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details:20:34
prologicerror:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed while accessing
prologicstill no go20:34
prologicI'm on CRUX 2.620:34
prologicdoes that matter?20:34
horrorStruckno idea20:34
horrorStruckshot in the dark: rebuild curl20:35
rmullfrinnst: 2.35 is the latest20:36
rmullI'm trying to build the newest webkit but I need a newer libsoup which needs a newer glib -_-20:36
rmulloh, odd numbers are unstable? okay20:36
horrorStruckprologic: rebuild curl with --with-ca-bundle=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt may help20:39
prologicI'll try rebuild curl first20:40
prologicI really need to upgrade to 2820:40
prologicbut I promised myself I woudln't do so until we refitted the office and got 2 new desktops20:40
horrorStruckmeans you're using 2.8 ports with 2.6 toolchain or you haven't updated anything since 2.7 release?20:44
prologicI haven't updated since 2.720:44
horrorStruckplease tell me you're at least patching security vulns :P20:45
horrorStruckif not, do not wait for the desktops :P20:46
horrorStruckprologic: i just tried, rebuild curl and it will work21:00
prologicawesome :)21:07
prologicmight put that in a README for the port21:07
prologicI don't worry about security vulnerabilties21:08
horrorStruckare you surei can see that :P21:08
prologicyou have buckely's chance of getting into my home network21:08
horrorStruckhmm but your network speaks with outside world21:08
prologicof course21:09
prologicsweet rebuilding curl worked21:10
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Romsteris alan still around?23:30
Romsterjue, could you add a 2.8 and 3.0 target to flyspray or anyone else that's got access to do that.23:33
Romsterfor Reported Version23:33

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