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Romster@seen alan00:04
clbRomster: I have not seen alan.00:04
prologicopenvz has these hook scripts for setting up various important things in a container00:37
prologicI've created a based on arch's one - which is almost identical to the way we maintain a system hostname and hosts00:37
prologicI do have concerns around how I'd go about creating hook scripts for add_ip and del_ip though00:38
prologicwe currently don't have a maintainable way of doing this00:38
Romstermake your own read from a file from /etc/rc.d/net and then use that file00:39
prologicsay that again? :)00:41
Romstersigh. why is it hard for me to explain everything.00:42
prologicit was a little jumbled :)00:42
Romstermake all the services read form a common file then set all the configuration settings in there.00:42
prologicI think you're saying modify /etc/rc.d/net to read from a file in say /etc/net.conf00:42
prologicgood :)00:42
prologicso I'm not so retarded at reading your grammar :)00:43
prologicquestion is ...00:43
prologichow does everyone else feel about this?00:43
prologiccan we make this the norm?00:43
prologicI propose something very very simple00:43
prologicjust a slight structure change to accomodate more programtic ip chagnes00:43
Romsteri don't know there's not many files to exit as is and that adds more abstraction?00:44
prologicI could whip up a prototype rc.d/net00:44
Romsterwhy not examples help.00:44
prologiclet me whip up a working example00:44
prologicand see what you all think00:44
Romsterbut i have no authority on what goes in.00:44
prologicneither do it :)00:45
prologicbut isn't this an oss project? :)00:45
Romsteri'm more of a thorn i guess lol.00:46
Romsterthough i think me being so busy and not being here as often has less annoyed others.00:46
prologicyou're not annoying :)00:55
prologicI think I am :)00:55
Romstertell that to tilman :D00:57
Romstermost of today is gone and i haven't done much ugh00:57
jaegerRomster: it's because you don't use punctuation00:58
jaegerI don't say that to be a jerk, it's a serious answer00:58
jaegerWithout punctuation I often have to reread the sentences several times to parse them. Especially if there are multiple concepts01:02
Romsteri guess i am being too lazy when i type.01:08
prologicyeah I have to agree actually.01:22
prologicnot separating out your sentences on IRC can be difficult for others to understand :)01:22
prologicon another note01:23
prologicI believe I have created what I think is a good overall solution01:23
prologicthat isn't too far from what we have done forever in CRUX's network script01:23
Romstermain problem is my brain thought pattern does not match proper grammar either.01:24
prologictake the time to re-read what you've written before pushing "ENTER" :)01:24
Romsteris anyone testing udev-ng?01:26
prologicthis is wierd01:32
prologicI'm doing this in sh/bash01:32
prologicwhere line contains:01:32
prologic192.168.1.100/24 eth001:32
prologic${a[0]} is
prologicas I expect01:33
prologic${a[1]} is empty01:33
prologicI hate bash01:33
Romstertry a=("$line")01:35
Romsterecho ${a[0]}01:37
Romster192.168.1.100/24 eth001:37
Romsterah it's put it all in one var01:37
Romster echo ${a[0]}01:38
Romsterecho ${a[1]}01:38
prologicfor interface in `cat /etc/net/interfaces`; do01:38
prologic   a=($interface)01:38
Romsterunless you need it like that.01:38
prologicyou've lost me01:38
Romsterbahs is working fine, your jsut used to python01:39
prologicof course :)01:39
Romsterare you trying ot make an array of each element like " eth0" or like "" "eth0"01:39
prologicthe former01:40
prologic/etc/net/interfaces is a file that contains one config per line01:40
prologic192.168.1.100/24 eth001:40
prologic192.168.2.100/24 eth101:40
prologicnot quite01:41
prologicI need to split each line by " "01:41
Romsterah match by \n01:42
Romsterif i can remember the var for that01:43
Romsterlike that01:47
Romsterit took me so long, as i haven't done much bash in awhile.01:48
prologicregarding the work you've done with pkg-clean and safe-build02:00
prologicI want to integrate that with the work I've done (with frinnst's help)02:00
prologicand create a standard set of tools for crux to build chroots and openvz templates02:00
prologicshow 'n tell time02:04
prologicssh -p 2222
prologicPassword: R00tme02:04
prologiccheck out /etc/rc.d/net02:04
prologicand /etc/net/02:04
Romsteri stopped using safe-build it's very messy, and needs a rewrite.02:06
* prologic wonders who the eftel guy is :)02:08
prologicreally? eftel?02:08
prologicthought they went deaded :)02:08
Romsteri've been with them for years.02:08
Romstersince they were called ansonic wlel i joiend up when they were called datafast02:08
Romsterheck no02:08
prologicjaeger, jue, frinnst ... wouldn't mind your feedback on this too02:08
Romsterthee is ever only 1 default rule correct?02:09
Romsteri'd prefer to see interfaces.d directory and then you can add as many files with ip's as needed.02:09
Romsterlike 1-default 2-deluge in /etc/net/interfaces.d/02:10
Romsterthat way it's easy to add rm a file than it is to sed lines in a existing  /etc/net/interfaces file.02:11
Romstermuch like how udev.d rules are.02:11
Romsterso this is a vz container02:11
prologicyes that's a vz container running crux 2.802:14
prologicI'm not sure that a directory of files really buys that much02:14
prologicyou really won't end up with that many interfaces or addresses in reality02:14
prologicI like this approach, because it's still simple02:15
prologiconly more flexible than the current /etc/rc.d/net in CRUX past and present02:15
Romsteronly a suggestion.02:17
Romsterfar easier to add/remove than to sed lines like i did start to do in prt-get aliases but got told off about how i was checking for a existing line and if missing add it... etc.02:18
Romsterturns out easier to have a directory you parse of all files for such a task.02:18
Romstervee is frustrating02:19
prologicI want to see what the other guys think02:22
Romsteryou sure that's wise could aslpode it :P02:40
prologicgood luck :)02:44
prologicyou're essentially in a chroot in an openvz container02:45
prologicRomster, where's this pkg-clean of yours ?02:59
prologicand safe-build?02:59
prologicI wanna play with them now02:59
Romsterromster repo03:19
Romsteri'd advise agenst safe-build it's quite buggy still but if you looked at the code you might learn a bit more bash03:20
Romsteror go what on earth....03:20
prologicI'll just reuse your pkg-cleant hen03:26
*** horrorSt1uck has joined #crux-devel03:26
prologicand rewrite a new mkchroot for crux03:26
prologicwhich I already have really03:26
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Romsterwise choice, i started doing the chroots with a copy paste out of text file03:43
*** horrorSt1uck is now known as horrorStruck03:51
frinnstah, im still not added to the core group06:31
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juefrinnst: sorry, forgot that, done now09:17
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prologicI've completed openvz startup scripts for CRUX20:02
prologicunsure where/how I should package these up though20:02
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