IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2012-11-19

prologichey jue, jaeger, frinnst, and others01:06
prologiccan I get your opinion/feedback on modifying the way our /etc/rc.d/net works for future releases of CRUX?01:07
frinnstwhat are you thinking?02:10
prologicoh hey frinnst05:31
prologicif you have a few mins05:31
prologicssh -p 2222
prologicPassword: R00tme05:31
prologichave a look at /etc/rc.d/net05:31
prologicand /etc/net/interfaces and /etc/net/routes05:31
prologiclave me some comments/feedback05:31
Romsteroh i got an idea, lets make a honeypot decoy system too many failed attempts to ssh  get pointed to the honeypot05:42
frinnstwhats the point? to make it easier to add new nics?05:44
frinnstI wonder how many users actually use /etc/rc.d/net and how much they change it05:45
frinnstpersonally i do /etc/rc.d/ethN05:45
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jueprologic: I don't see a need for that, e.g. most people will have only one NIC and/or call dhcpcd in their /etc/rc.d/net11:30
juesplitting out the loopback interface might be something more useful11:33
juebecause you sometimes do not want a real network connection but you almost ever needs the loopback11:34
juejaeger: nice howto of the graphical-boot-with-grub thing :)11:39
jaegerprologic: I tend to agree... perhaps a wiki page for it rather than changing crux's defaults?11:40
jaegerjue: thanks11:40
jaegerI also linked a screenshot in #crux but forgot to include that link in the email11:40
jaegernot that it was required11:40
jaegeralso "top right" should have been "top left" but oh well :)11:41
rmullRomster: Any chance you will be moving the webkit port to webkit2/gtk3, or should I handle it on my own?16:00
Romstermy firewall has 3 nicks in it jue but that's not really the average users use.19:29
Romsterrmull, when i get around to testing it.19:31
Romsterok i'm ordering the intel series 330 120GB i'l be able to install crux 2.8 multilib later this week.19:32
Romstermy first SSD19:45
Romsterwont be my last either i got other systems i'll eventually do too19:45
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