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frinnstoh? cool01:25
frinnstill have a look01:25
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horrorStruckstill WRT glibc, it looks like --with-tls (it doesn't even exist as an option anymore, tls is required) and --without-gd (used to prevent building memusagestat i guess, from what i've found - and it's not beeing built anyway - ) can be dropped from the Pkgfile07:15
jaegerare there really only 3 things depending on libpthread-stubs? xorg-xf86-video-nouveau, libdrm, and xorg-libxcb11:03
jaegernot linking, just depending11:03
jaegerjue: is there any specific documentation about current xorg and libpthread-stubs? You said it's no longer used but the upstream packages do still look for it, like xorg-libxcb11:14
jaegerconfigure: error: Package requirements (pthread-stubs xau >= 0.99.2) were not met11:14
jaegerI ask because I don't think we should take it upon ourselves to hack that out of every configure script ourselves when it really should be done upstream11:16
juejaeger: definitely not, I thought that LFS had removed it, but that's wrong, they still have 0.3 in their book11:28
jaegeryeah, I checked there as well11:32
juelooks like libxcb is a bit behind here ...11:33
jaegerIt isn't the only one... I'm trying to purge it from this test system just to see how much work is involved but I'm thinking we should just stick with 0.3 for 3.011:33
jaegerjust for grins:
horrorStrucki did it long time ago and i was a massive pita, lots of blood and sweat were involved11:37
jaegeryeah, pruning .la bullshit always is a pain11:37
horrorStruckin fact, i ended rebuilding a lot of stuff in a chroot11:38
jaegerthe list in that paste isn't even 100% correct because I didn't install all of xorg in this VM, only the xorg deps and a couple apps11:38
jaegerhrmm, this isn't worth the effort, some packages don't even make stripping pthread-stubs from the configure script easy11:42
jaegerlibxcb is rather simple, libdrm is not, for example11:42
horrorStruckthis needs a refresh :P;a=commitdiff;h=50689e8a22c6e974f642dc6d1ee28b75634ce7c511:50
jueindeed :)11:53
teK__why not replace this with copyright since 2006 .. lawyers?11:54
jueis this legally correct?12:01
horrorStrucknot a lawyer but i have never seen this12:02
jaegerno idea12:04
juewell, a simple sed s/2010/2012 is no effort, so we should probably change the date and leave the rest as it is12:08
jaeger$ grep libpthread-stubs *.la | wc -l12:10
jaegernot too painful this time12:10
juehmm, our pkgutils repo is not up-to-date12:12
jueasking Tilman ...12:12
jaegerI'll start assembling the core, opt, and xorg 3.0 trees now12:22
jaegerJust consolidating the ports into the proper trees now, they will need cleanups later12:33
jaegerthings like arch maintainer tags, url updates, prt-get config, ports rsync files, etc.12:40
jaegerI wonder if we'll have to do some maintainer shuffling with the 64-bit switch12:59
jaegerok, the 3.0 branches are created and libpthread-stubs updated13:08
jaegerstarting a bootstrap with the libpthread-stubs update so at least there will be a clean set of packages to use as a baseline13:49
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Romsterhi guys i'll have limited internet for at least the next 3 weeks.
prologicholy shit21:11
prologicdidn't realize you guys had a massive fire21:11
Romsteri'm going insane businesses, where i work, home no net... other than this super crap slow optus 3G21:20
Romsterand i mean slow it's comparable to dialup speeds21:20
Romstercan someone bump opera for me in contrib to 9.11 security issue21:22
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