IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2012-11-27

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juejaeger: looks good to me, I'd suggest to bump the version after FS#60310:08
juejaeger: is there something left we have to do before you can start building a first iso?10:24
horrorStruckthere may be some few patches to add to glibc10:30
juehorrorStruck: which ones?10:34
horrorStruckand --without-gd and --with-lts could be removed10:36
jueI saw that commit but don't think it's really relevant in practice10:37
juebut, yes, the configure clean-up is nice10:38
horrorStruckjue: yeah right, it looks like it could only be triggered in very special cases10:40
juehorrorStruck: btw, I thought that they have fixed eudev because I had locally added introspection.m4 into eudev/m4 and forgot that ;)10:42
horrorStruckhehe i was *really* wondering wtf was happening with my machine :P10:45
jueshame on me :)10:48
horrorStruckdifficult with my skills to criticize but eudev development seems a bit amateurish10:50
jueyeah, my thoughts as well10:50
horrorStruckbbs, 10 minutes left to buy a 6 pack :O10:51
horrorStruck$name-segfault_in_strncasecmp.patch could be dropped too, it's i686 only11:23
horrorStruckwell, not from glibc-3211:23
horrorStruckoh and most important thing ever, remove the -n option from line 53 of rc.shutdown :P11:25
horrorStrucklfs uses umount -a -d -r -t notmpfs,nosysfs,nodevtmpfs,noproc11:37
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jaegerwhat would be the reasoning for removing --without-gd from glibc's Pkgfile?19:29
jaegerit's still valid as far as I can tell19:29
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jaegerand regarding --with-lts I'm guessing you meant --with-tls?19:37
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horrorStruckjaeger: yes :)19:39
horrorStruck--without-gd is still valid but i guess we used it as per LFS instructions i.e. to prevent memusagestat to be built? because memusagestat is not being built anyway19:43
jaegerIs that the only thing it does? Because someone could easily build with gd support later without knowing they've done so, I guess19:44
Romstermuch like gcc could be rebuit with elfutils for LTO support19:45
Romsterbeen meaning to ask fi gcc can have LTO and elfutils put in core19:46
horrorStrucktalking about gcc, --with-x options is for java only, we could drop that19:47
horrorStruckRomster: i dont think elfutils are required anymore for LTO19:55
horrorStruckjaeger: i have to go to work but i'll dig into the --without-gd option, my guess is that it's doing not much :)19:56
jaegerI've heard mixed reviews of LTO, doesn't sound like it's a great idea19:59
Romsterworked on the majority of ports and those that it did break compile you just omit the LTO off the flags to build without it20:02
Romsteranyways back to work later.20:02
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