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juea clear -1 for LTO from me, our compiler/toolchain should work as stable and predictable as possible IMO02:34
juehorrorStruck: nodevtmpfs seems sensible, but why notmpfs?02:52
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horrorStruckjue: i guess it's because it's non-persistent but depending on what you put in there it could cause trouble03:29
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horrorStruckjaeger: rebuilding glibc with libgd will create 2 more binaries memusage and memusagestat. i've been md5summing all files, they're all the same except .a archives so i guess it's safe to say that this is the only implication of libgd.07:37
horrorStruckin conclusion, --without-gd is indeed the sanest default, sorry for the noise :)07:39
horrorStruck^ because i haven't thought about rebuilds on a live system but just was thinking about core07:42
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jaegerno worries about the noise, it's always good to at least consider these things08:02
jaegerif we never looked at changing things it would be pretty boring08:02
jaegerRemoving --with-tls seems fine, though08:11
horrorStruckthanks for this very open minded way of seeing things :) CRUX is awesome for its design but being able to discuss so easily with its developers brings even more awesomeness08:11
horrorStruckjaeger: --with-tls doesnt even exist anymore08:12
jaegerit's easier to check the configure script :)08:13
horrorStruckwell at least like this you have the context08:15
jaegeryeah, it's just not always easy to find specific commits unless you know the subject or commit08:15
* horrorStruck is trying to find whatever excuse08:15
jaegeror get lucky with search terms08:15
horrorStruckjaeger: especially when there's a typo in the commit like this one08:16
jaegeryeah, that doesn't help08:16
jaegerthough I don't see the typo there08:16
jaegerah ha! my font was small, missed that :)08:17
jaegerjue: any other changes we need/want to make before I do another bootstrap?08:29
juejaeger: the binutils update and merging the changes from opt/xorg08:37
jueoh, forgot another thing08:40
juefirefox: split xulrunner from firefox08:40
jaegeragain? :P08:41
juethat one is from frinnst, added to todo3008:41
juedunno why, but I guess it's related to thunderbird?08:43
juejaeger: I'm using binutils 2.23.1 since quite some time here on x86, no issues. But you should do the update for 3.0, because I don't have a x86_64 system here08:46
juenot yet ;)08:46
jaegeralright, I'll give it a try. anything unusual or just a version bump?08:46
jueonly the version bump08:47
frinnstthunderbird, yeah08:59
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c0xhi, who maintain ports/core-x86_64 ?10:11
horrorStruckthat would be frinnst_ i guess. anything x86_64 users should be aware of if i may ask? i just switched my laptop to 64bit this weekend (and it works beautifully so far)10:22
c0xthere is a long standing cosmetic typo in /ports/core-x86_64/filesystem/Pkgfile10:25
c0xln -s ../lib $PKG/lib6410:26
c0xI guess, it must be as "ln -s lib $PKG/lib64"10:26
c0xso, link in / (root dir) shows  lib64 -> lib not a typo lib64 -> ../lib10:28
c0xx86_64 works just fine for me for long time, and I prefer rebuilding all from ports in clean chrooted environment, now its time to go 2.7 -> 2.810:37
c0xfrinnst, thanks a lot ;)11:00
jaegerjue: I'll use a bootstrap to test the new binutils, should be fairly thorough11:53
jaegerno problems so far but it isn't done yet11:54
juejaeger: good, I've merged opt/xorg and added the 3.0 repos to our git-to-rsync stuff on crux.nu11:57
jaegergood deal. you must have done those merges before I updated my trees since I got glib, mesa3d, etc. updates12:15
frinnstlooks like ive got some catching up to do12:18
frinnstbusy at work12:18
frinnstis there a glibc-32 package somewhere?12:22
juefrinnst: checkout the core 3.0 branch12:44
frinnstbut not buildable on a 64bit system, right?12:45
frinnsti have the feeling i need a binary package for that one12:45
jueah, sorry, ignored that you asked for a package and not for a port ;)12:46
frinnstlibpthreadstubs.. what an aweful package :)12:55
frinnstI guess i'll have use for the fixed prt-get version :)12:55
jaegerfrinnst: yeah, it would be tough to build glibc-32 without a LOT of work on pure6412:56
jaegerwell, probably impossible without a lot of work :)12:56
jaegeror without upgrading packages from multilib12:56
frinnstgot a package?12:57
frinnsti guess i could download the multilib iso but that seems wasteful :)12:57
jaegerI could extract them and upload somewhere, I guess13:00
frinnstload average: 26.96, 20.64, 14.8213:17
frinnstis libstdc++-compat still required?14:46
frinnsti can never remember what required it14:46
jaegerI don't think it is anymore but haven't eesearched that yet14:48
frinnsti dont think i've ever used it, even on 32bit installs14:49
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jaegerfrinnst: so what was causing that load average earlier?17:55
jaegerjue: no problems with the binutils bump, I'll push it soon17:55
jaegerok, that's pushed18:13
horrorStruckjaeger: glibc-segfault_in_strncasecmp.patch is i686 only, couldn't it be dropped in 3.0?20:31
jaegerfor glibc, probably, might as well leave it in glibc-32. have any link to info about it? I read what was in it but it's sparse20:52
jaegerit says i386 but doesn't say that it's not useful in x86-6420:52
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