IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2012-11-29

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frinnstjaeger: i was doing lots of building :)01:34
frinnstthanks to libpthread-stubs01:36
juegood morning02:02
juejaeger, horrorStruck: we should keep the patch for glibc, IMO it's a good thing to have most similar version of a port. Note that we might see a i686 version of 3.0 ...02:12
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jaegerfrinnst: is the xulrunner split something you're doing?18:07
frinnstnot sure18:07
frinnstill look into it more this weekend18:08
frinnstall mozilla projects are so volotile.. dunno what the best option is18:08
jaegerI'll test doing a 2.8 to multilib upgrade tomorrow if I have time, for what that's worth18:09
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jaegerjue: any thoughts on libstdc++-compat? I think it's safe to remove, I never even bothered to look for 64-bit versions of the libs for multilib19:26
Romsteri had removed that in the past off my system and i don't think even any of the binary only stuff even broke.19:53
jaegerIt's definitely not a problem for anything multilib that I've used yet20:10
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