IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-12-01

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frinnstfucking wierdness after the reinstall/restore12:44
frinnstunable to play sound via spdif and flash never launches/crashes12:45
frinnsthm, gzip supposedly installs /usr/bin/uncompress13:06
frinnstbut not for me13:06
frinnstusr/bin/uncompress link to bin/gunzip13:08
frinnstpkgadd: could not install usr/bin/uncompress: Can't create '/usr/bin/uncompress'13:08
frinnstso, either remove uncompress or do the ln in the Pkgfile13:21
frinnstpushed ca-certificates to 3.013:29
frinnstfeel free to tweak13:30
jaegerhow odd13:50
jaegerfrinnst: it looks ok to me13:58
jaegerca-certificates, not the gzip thing13:58
frinnstwee, sound started to work14:11
frinnstalsa is one fucked up project14:11
frinnstoptions snd-hda-intel model=auto14:12
frinnstflash is still broken14:17
frinnstfuck it, enough time spent on this stupid crap14:26
frinnstcool, now the audio died again14:43
frinnstw t f14:43
frinnstand it's returned14:48
frinnstfucking insane14:48
jaegerwhat hardware?15:01
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jaegerwell, that's a lot of different sound cards :)16:44
jaegerrealtek, etc.16:45
frinnstyeah, realtek17:01
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