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juegood morning03:09
juefrinnst: sorry, don't get your problem with gzip03:29
juefrinnst: the only problem is that the link won't work if / and /usr are on different partitions?03:35
juefrinnst: dunno why, but I removed a fix for that problem here ->
juesilly me, I'm puzzled, but it's fixed now03:54
frinnstyeah usr is a btrfs subvol04:12
frinnsthm, new kbd appears to depend on pam?04:12
juelooking at libpcre right now04:13
juewe should probably change pcre a bit: IMO it's no necesaary to install the c++/posix libraries into /lib only libpcre itself04:16
jueanother point is: currently we do not install the prce16 library, I don't know any program that makes use of it but that doesn't mean much cause my program use is very limited ;)04:20
jueFTR, LFS doesn't install it either04:21
frinnstless is more :)04:24
Romsterwhy install it if no one has complained about it?04:24
jueyep, my thought as well04:26
horrorStruckjue: since you're in upgrade mode, wpa_supplicant 1.1 is out, builds and works fine04:39
juehorrorStruck: just committed04:40
horrorStruckyep just saw that thanks04:41
horrorStruckhow about switching to libnl3 for 3.0 ?04:41
juehas something changed since we've talked about that the last time?04:45
Romsteri neec to figure out how to use conkey, else i need top fix gkrellm myself as i was using that the past ~3 years04:47
horrorStrucki'm sorry jue i remember it was discussed but can't remember the reason of not moving to 304:47
Romsternot having a monitor atm is irritating04:47
jueRomster: feel free to take over the gkrellm port if you like04:48
Romsterif i can figure what library i need to add in LDFLAGS04:48
juehorrorStruck: because we need patches for dependent ports?04:48
horrorStruckjue: FWIW, i use on different machines: iw, wpa_supplicant, hostapd, without any patch04:50
horrorStruckthat covers opt + 1 port in contrib04:52
frinnstcan someone purge sysstat from contrib?04:53
horrorStruckremains 3 ports in contrib untested, i'll try in the coming hours04:53
juehorrorStruck: do you have a port for libnl3?04:53
horrorStruckjue: yep04:53
horrorStrucklet me put it somewhere04:54
frinnstor give me +w for opt04:54
frinnsterr, +w for contrib04:55
horrorStruckbut the link is down since a day or two04:55
juefrinnst: done04:56
horrorStruckjue: you can get it on gentoo mirrors or from git directly
frinnstI added Rene Lengwinat's ports to - if someone wants to take a look05:01
horrorStruckIIRC jaeger_ is using /was testing ion305:01
juehorrorStruck: thanks, will give it a try05:02
horrorStruckjue: np05:02
horrorStruckjue: just FTR, the port does not include the provided binaries (--disbale-cli) since i only needed the libs, maybe not the most universal option, but the most minimal05:04
juehorrorStruck: btw, we do not remove static libraries by default05:12
horrorStruckjue: ok noted, thanks05:13
juehorrorStruck: is there any file-conflict between version 1 and 3?05:14
juehorrorStruck: no, can be installed together05:19
juehorrorStruck: hmm, wpa_supplicat complains ->  ../src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c:25:31: fatal error: netlink/genl/genl.h: No such file or directory05:21
horrorStruckjue: i have this in my defconfig:
horrorStruckjue: i've created a for-jue repo with the whole "stack" if you want to have a look at the neeeded options:
horrorStruckbut now i really have to go and prepare those meatballs before wifee gets mad :P05:24
jueok, take care :)05:24
Romsterwomen take priority over everything else D05:24
jaegerI was playing with i3 rather than ion3 but I don't intend to use it full-time07:55
juejaeger: i3 is nice, thanks for the tip, even though I switched back to spectrwm for unknown reasons08:27
juejaeger: any problems wrt 3.0?08:29
jaegernot so far08:38
* jue waits for a iso to test ;)08:40
jaegerheh, ok, I'll make one08:40
juecool, thanks :)08:46
jaegerI get this with kbd: NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/resizecons09:14
juethat's strange because we explicit remove that file in our Pkgfile?09:23
horrorStruckjue: there's a typo09:26
horrorStruckah no sorry09:27
frinnsthm, no we only remove the man?09:30
frinnstyeah I get it too now09:31
frinnstresizecons got put back in here:;a=commitdiff;h=8d621b6e9436c32de81bd03a75285a86b1ff9e1709:32
frinnstno, sorry09:32
frinnstkbd differs between 2.8 and 3.0 rsync09:37
frinnstpushed it again09:42
jueahh, now I see, core_x86_64, which was merged into 3.0, is different09:42
juefor some reason we don't have the remove there09:43
frinnstI wonder why? :)09:43
horrorStruckif i believe LFS it's because resizecons wasn't build on x86_64 until now, which means the x86_64 specific port is obsolete now09:44
juekbd 1.15.3 only installs resizecons for i?86 cpus, 1.15.4 detects for x86_64 too09:46
frinnstyeah and the core/kbd port tried to remove a nonexisting file09:46
juesee configure.ac09:46
jaegerhrmm... I suppose setup-helper will need to inject glibc-32 during an upgrade15:27
jaegerjue: tdb-man-X.Y.Z.tar.xz needs a version bump or update18:47
jaegerjue: uploading an ISO to, will take a little while18:59
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