IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2012-12-06

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horrorStruckjue: maybe you saw it already but kmod-12 is out, bugfixes only release, builds fine, still loads modules ;)05:51
juehorrorStruck: yeah, saw it. We have a ck4up setup on with all core ports, so it's unlikely that we miss an update. Anyway, thanks for the hint.06:31
juehorrorStruck: running kmod here since yesterday, will commit it together with others later06:32
horrorStruckjue: oh ok, i didnt know about the core ck4up setup, sorry. BTW, if you're testing some ports for various reasons before sending them to core, count me in to use a jue-testing repo.06:40
juehorrorStruck: no worries and thanks for the offer :)06:43
juebtw, current eudev seems to work without bigger regression, at least my laptop boots with it and I'm able to link other stuff against libudev ;)06:48
horrorStruckencouraging news, i haven't been testing again since last time, it looked like they needed some time to put things in place. i'll have another look06:52
jueif you like I can tar-up the port for you?06:53
horrorStruckok, with pleasure, thanks :)06:54
horrorStruck--enable-split-usr <--- made some people happy i guess06:59
Romsterwhy does that need to be a option when it should be a default.07:05
jaegerbecause systemd07:08
horrorStruckbuild fails with glibc git master07:11
juejaeger: 3.0 works really well for me, I've build nearly everything I need, no problems at all07:17
jaegerjue: glad to hear it :)08:03
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rmullAnybody know about s6?
jaegerfirst I've heard of it08:33
rmullSomeone from the suckless tribe just plugged it on their mailing list08:33
rmullFirst I've heard of it too, so I can't say anything technical about it08:33
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juefrinnst: got a error with harfbuzz ->    MISSING -rw-r--r-- root/root usr/include/harfbuzz/hb-icu.h11:31
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frinnstI need to setup a clean vm for 3.016:02
frinnstbut not to night, just got home from the x-mas party :)16:02
frinnstscrew it, sober enough. fixed17:32
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