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frinnstno, i never really tried01:29
frinnsttilman has played with it more01:29
frinnsti just unpacked the deb to see if it would run, but it required lots of 32bit libs so i never tried any further :)01:30
Romsterjaeger, and me probably have most of them 32bit libs done already frinnst01:39
Romsterand if not nogagplz probale has in the emulators repo01:40
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jaegerfrinnst: I hacked a bunch of shit together last night and got it working but since I'm not in the beta I can't actually USE it08:18
frinnsttilman is, iirc08:22
frinnstdunno if he got it working on crux, or if he surrendered to ubuntu or whatever :)08:23
jaegerah :)08:25
frinnstand also: bummer08:30
frinnstPsychonauts? I'll have to add you :)08:31
jaegerIt was worth a try08:31
jaegergreat game :) I haven't played it in several years but I loved it08:31
frinnstoh sorry, read it as your acconunt name first :)08:31
jaegerah, hehe08:31
* frinnst has never played TF208:31
frinnstnot even when it was a quakemod08:32
jaegernor have I08:32
jaegerit's in the list of supported linux games, though08:32
jaegerI couldn't actually test if I got all the libraries it needed, sound and all, because I can't run a game, but at least the UI did start08:50
pitilloyeah jaeger, I checked the list and I saw it growing09:31
pitillooh sorry, wrong window09:31
* jaeger tries to remember how to do git merge10:30
jaegerI guess I want to cherry-pick in this case, there are other commits in 2.8 that I don't want to put into 3.0, perhaps10:34
jaegeror maybe it's safe to merge, seems like the others are util-linux dep updates and a wine update10:35
jaegerI'll hold off on that until someone better with git takes a look10:36
juejaeger: what's the problem?10:54
jaegerI'm just not 100% sure a merge is safe based on the git output, didn't want to get extra crap in the repo10:56
jaegerI did a grub2 update in 2.8 that I wanted to merge into 3.0 but it looks like there are other 2.8 changes that will get pulled in as well10:56
jaegernamely your util-linux-ng -> util-linux updates and a wine update10:56
jaegeras far as I can tell they're safe to merge but wanted to make sure since I haven't done a merge in a long time10:56
juethat's already merged10:57
jaegerlast one I see in opt 3.0 is pango from 2 days ago10:58
juebut you might have a not up-to-date local checkout10:58
jaegerin gitweb, too10:58
jueok, so do a 'git checkout 3.0 ; git fetch; git rebase origin/3.0' first10:59
jaegeryeah, did that. the latest commit in 3.0 is commit f550a0ecacb97e1d9ee14f543fe19d29f181704e11:00
juehmm, that's the pango commit ....11:01
jaegergitweb matches this11:01
juejaeger: I can do the merge if you like?11:02
jaegerso it looks to me like no merge happened after the wine update or the util-linux deps fixes, is that correct?11:02
jaegerjust want to make sure I understand the output11:02
jueyep, that's correct11:02
juejaeger: btw, I really like contrib/tig, it's a nice ncurses git-browser11:04
jaegerI'll check it out11:04
jueif you start it with 'tig --all' you see all active branches at once11:05
jaegerahead by 6 commits after the merge, hrmm11:06
jaegerclearly I'm missing something11:06
juesomething committed localy but not pushed?11:08
jaegerthat was after a rebase11:08
jaegeryou mind doing the merge?11:08
jaegermaybe you'll see what I'm missing11:08
juesure, can do it11:09
jaegerthanks, appreciate it11:09
juedone, only your grub changes has been merged11:10
jaegerwhat command do you use to merge?11:10
juegit checkout 3.0 ; git pull . 2.811:11
jaegerah. so 'git merge 2.8' clearly does something else11:11
jueyep, 'git pull' is simpler to use, because it does a fetch/merge with one command11:13
juejaeger: btw, guess our iso.git isn't updated yet?11:36
jaegernot yet, though I can push those changes tonight if you like11:38
jueyeah, please do it11:39
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jaegerjue: ok, pushed the initial 3.0 changeset to system/iso.git17:15
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